Caveman Bob by Relax Gaming

first_img Companies: Relax Gaming Topics: Casino & games Slots AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitter You can download the First Look Games affiliate pack for this game here! 28th May 2019 | By Aaron Noy Casino & games Caveman Bob is the latest three-world adventure from Relax Gaming where cavemen and mammoths roam the Earth. This 5×3 video slot offers varied volatility and features. Trigger Bob’s Wheel of the fortune, Hand of Bob or Mammoth Re-spins for wins of up to 500x bet. Caveman Bob is the latest three-world adventure from Relax Gaming where cavemen and mammoths roam the Earth. This 5×3 video slot offers varied volatility and features. Trigger Bob’s Wheel of the fortune, Hand of Bob or Mammoth Re-spins for wins of up to 500x bet. Caveman Bob by Relax Gaming Subscribe to the iGaming newsletter Email Addresslast_img read more

Breaking down walls in the town of Apopka

first_img TAGS10th StreetJerichoRemnant Christian Center Previous articleHow I met Charlie DanielsNext articleDonna’s Deals: Tax Season Software Deals Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR  “When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city… and they devoted the city to the Lord.”   Joshua 6:20-21The Remnant Christian Center is new in town. It was last November that they had their first service in Apopka, but they are already having an impact. This afternoon, approximately 100 members of their church and the community marched two miles from Apopka Memorial Middle School to 10th street.They called it Jericho: Intercession Walk for the City of Apopka.And the end point of the march had as much symbolism as the name.10th Street in South Apopka is the dividing line between the city and unincorporated Orange County. There is not a literal wall on 10th Street, but in many ways, there is a metaphorical one that rivals the infamous wall that protected Jericho. The violence that takes place on or around 10th Street rivals the violence the ancient Biblical town in Canaan experienced.But for the Remnant Church, this march was the beginning of a shout-out to God to end the violence.“We believe that the “spiritual walls of Jericho” will come down in our city thru concentrated prayer over our city,” said Remnant Lead Pastor George Sotolongo. “We claim Apopka for The Lord Jesus and believe God will end any violence or any spiritual darkness in our city. Each of us prayed as we walked to see God open the heavens over Apopka and to believe God that Apopka would be restored to its spiritual destiny.  I was happy to see the great unity of not only other churches but the diversity of cultures coming together under one purpose. That purpose is to make Jesus known in the city of Apopka, along with His love and Mercy.”Sotolongo was pleased with the spirit of the two-mile walk, and the potential for harmony in Apopka’s future. “The prayer walk went amazing,” he said. “Each person had a sheet of paper with several scriptures to choose from, along with praying with they felt from the Lord in their own heart for the city of Apopka. We all gathered together in unity and prayed that violence would end and over Apopka. That darkness would cease in Apopka! That hate, division, and racism would end in Apopka. That Apopka would be a place where healing and restoration can take place as the name of the Lord is magnified over our city. We Prayed for the restoration of families, and we had a very powerful and historic moment with the family of Camari Dennison (The six-year-old boy that was run over and ultimately died on January 1 of this year on 10th St. in Apopka).  The Dennison family walked with us for the entire 2 miles and prayed with us for restoration and healing of families and healing for the city of Apopka.”According to Sotolongo, the group took communion together and thanked the Lord for answering their prayer and believed that something powerful started today in the spirit realm over Apopka. They worshiped and sang a song together.“We all said the name of Jesus seven times (out loud and in unison),” he said. “Then let out a big shout of victory to the Lord. It was amazing. You could hear the sound of the shout over two or three blocks away.”Photos courtesy of Michelle Bankson. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Gov. DeSantis says new moment-of-silence law in public schools protects religious freedom UF/IFAS in Apopka will temporarily house District staff; saves almost $400,000 Please enter your name here Please enter your comment! Florida gas prices jump 12 cents; most expensive since 2014 LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.last_img read more

Cost to move Highland Manor could reach one million dollars

first_img Hahaha…..aren’t you sweet! Reply Mama Mia The City of Apopka council meeting where Ms. Hahn attended and talked back and forth with the mayor was on March 2, 2016. You can listen to the audio or read the minutes which recorded in writing their discussion. You can find this info on up at the top of the page and go to that date of the council meeting. She wanted the Connelly home for her organization, after the mayor told her he had a home that was vacant and suitable possibly, and the mayor was discussing the possibility of declaring the Connelly home surplus property. Now, it is said the Connelly home was not up to par, after checking it out. So Glenn Irby talked about the Highland Manor could be moved to the same site as where the Connelly property sits currently and it was stated it will have to be demolished, the Connelly home that is on a facebook posting. So all I can say is go figure…………just trying to figure the chit chat out, I am not saying anything for sure. just speculating, and scratching my head as to why there, with not enough parking or land at Dream Lake, for that big home????? Are they serious, or will it go to the wrecking ball? I came in like a wrecking ball…………. Please enter your comment! Seriously I urge you all to go ahead and vote for the city center. Then I will have somewhere to ride my bike to. That is, if I don’t get run over trying to get to it when it is completed. Or if the developer doesn’t take too long to complete it, as I am not getting any younger, and might have to trade my bike for a hover-round. Wheewwwweeee…….!!!! Heeheee!!!! Support conservation and fish with NEW Florida specialty license plate Mama Mia July 16, 2016 at 4:34 pm Reply I have heard the Dream Lake location mentioned before. While it would look nice there, I question why? The last I heard was a lady had wanted the Connelly home for a non-profit. Okay, so the Connelly home won’t do for the non-profit for the reasons Glenn mentions in the article above. However the same lady with the non-profit, had previously had her sights set on the Highland Manor home, at least according to some of her Facebook postings I read. She did indicate that was probably not going to happen, but that she would love the Highland Manor home for her non-profit. So what public purpose would the Highland Manor be used for, if moved to Dream Lake? There is not enough parking there now, hardly, for something like it is used for currently, so I am curious as to what the home could be used for on that site at Dream Lake, that would warrant a million dollar plus move????? What happened to talk about moving it to Station Street, and having yet another city center? Restaurant, museum, other…..? Or Edward’s Field? Fickle as a fiddle, and getting hard to follow, all the multiple proposals. regarding everything city related. I think this talk is nothing but a diversion to draw the focus off of what will ultimately happen to the home, which is the wrecking ball, bulldozer, or backhoe, in which the debris will be hauled off to WHICH dump??? LOL Mama Mia Reply Mama Mia Mama Mia Reply Mama Mia Free webinar for job seekers on best interview answers, hosted by Goodwill June 11 T Terry July 18, 2016 at 5:43 pm Mama Mia You have entered an incorrect email address! Please enter your email address here July 17, 2016 at 8:51 pm TAGSApopka City CouncilGlenn IrbyHighland Manor Previous articleDeputy of the Year is WorthyNext articleOn This Day: Nixon announces trip to China Denise Connell RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR July 17, 2016 at 10:03 am July 15, 2016 at 4:41 pm Mama Mia Reply July 16, 2016 at 10:26 am Mama Mia Historic Highland Manor, Apopka, FL Reply Let’s call on one of our former Apopka High School athletes who have gone pro and are making some big $$$$$$ and maybe the city might even name the house for them for a large portion of the home’s moving costs. We will put it out there for thought, and see if there are any takers! Who should we contact that is making the major bucks now as a pro and is from Apopka? Hey, doesn’t have to be a pro athlete, can be another highly successful person from our area and appreciates our city’s unique history and wants to preserve our history. Okay the lady with the non-profit that wanted the Connelly house on Dream Lake was Mitzi Lee Hahn, Founder. You can see one of her postings here on the Apopka Voice. When you finish reading this, go back to the other articles, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, to “show more” and when the next page comes up, go to the top and click onto the “most popular” articles of the Apopka Voice, and scroll down to the article about the Highland Manor, and on to people’s comments, and her posting is there on down a little. That is the only way I know how to tell you to find her posting. July 15, 2016 at 4:27 pm July 16, 2016 at 4:09 pm Mama Mia I like that idea Danielle. Please enter your name here July 15, 2016 at 3:36 am I had hoped if the Highland Manor was going to be saved that it would be a community gathering place for all kinds of events and happenings, and would have the full banquet facilities, kitchen, stage, and full bar (hiccup!) We will have to wait and see what goes…… July 16, 2016 at 3:54 pm July 18, 2016 at 12:05 pm Reply MARILYN Kavanagh I don’t remember the name of the non-profit that the lady had, nor her name. She came and spoke at one of the city council meetings, about her non-profit, and was wanting to put her non-profit in the Connelly home on Dream Lake. It was a women’s based non-profit for women to gather, craft, sew, communicate, pray, support each other, and hob-nob and other missions. Maybe she will see this, and respond, and get all the info correct. If I remember correctly her non-profit is operating over on Roger Williams Road near Lovell School, at the big church there, which I can’t recall the name of the church right off-hand. Is it the Nazarene church, I can’t remember? That was what she said, except maybe I got the church wrong, don’t know……… July 17, 2016 at 9:50 pm Regarding the channel 9 investigation of Apopka and other government entities having so much vacant unused lands that were bought up and being held, how about this ? The inventory that was done of the city owned properties, or is being done currently by Apopka officials, is to determine what unused properties that they can deem “surplus property” to either sell, keep, or donate? Maybe they are getting their “house” in order to do something! The land at the Connelly home was talked about at the March 2, 2016 city council meeting, and there was talk about to “donate” the surplus land there, when at that council meeting , the lady wanted the home for her organization which I believe was a non-profit. So the Connelly home is not feasible for the organization now, so what gives? All of a sudden there is talk of moving the Manor to Dream Lake. Another thought, maybe the Highland Manor is going to be moved to a city owned unused property, and it might become the new UCF Incubator Building! The current UCF Incubator building sits where the new city center is suppose to go in, on that side of the road, is what I thought they said. Unless the old Barnhill Restaurant will be torn down, and the Highland Manor moved there, but I don’t think so. Maybe the Highland Manor will be moved to Dream Lake and serve as the new UCF Incubator Building. If so, UCF should share major moving costs! July 15, 2016 at 4:31 pm 18 COMMENTS July 18, 2016 at 6:17 pm Reply Reply Reply The Anatomy of Fear July 15, 2016 at 6:23 pm Bettie Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mama Mia I will move the house to give back to the city that gave to me momma mia I don’t know why they want to move it in the first place. They only mention that it takes up too much land? So what are you gonna do with that land? Build another roadway/exit to 441? Can’t the city just leave it be and have it historically preserved and used as a museum? Am I being too negative by calling the city center proposal a “pig in the poke” ? No, I am not, because the first drawings of the city center appearance was generic, and not a true representation of the city center. The next set of renderings were not a true representation of what the actual buildings will look like either. The actual representations of the buildings and such will only be when the agreement is set. I assume that means when the city council votes and approves the contract, if that is what they will do. The company is expecting the council to vote and approve of the city center before they actually can see the true representations of what the actual buildings will look like at the city center. How would you like to plunk down say $ 300,000 for a new home for yourself and only get to see what it will look like after you agree to sign the dotted line and agree to buy it site unseen???? That is crazy. Reply Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Mama Mia For months it’s been debated in social media, polled on news sites and discussed in City Council meetings – what should be done with the Highland Manor?“… I’m concerned with the issue of the house (Highland Manor),” said Apopka City Commissioner Doug Bankson at the July 6th City Council meeting. “I don’t know where that stands. I don’t know if they’re going to move it. I don’t want to be cornered and make a snap decision and suddenly realize it’s over.”No need to worry any longer. There will be no snap decisions as it applies to the historic site. The handwriting is on the wall.Jeff Mc Fadden, the Managing Director for Taurus Southern Investments, spoke in almost certain language about the Manor’s fate at a July 13th workshop.“I just don’t believe there is a way to keep the Highland Manor in its current site. It just sprawls and it takes up too much land.”At the July 6th meeting, Commissioner Kyle Becker made a prophetic statement, and a request of City Administrator Glenn Irby.“… We have to assume the Manor is going to be moved,” said Becker. “I would like to see a very high level rough estimate of how we can move it. We have to know that.”“I can arrange to get some pricing,” Irby said.Later that week, Irby secured estimates not only for the move, but a more comprehensive budget of costs associated with moving the Manor from its current location, to a prospective new home where the Connelly house currently sits at Park Avenue on Dream Lake. According to Irby, the Connelly house is not in good condition and does not meet ADA requirements for use by the public and would be cost prohibitive to retrofit those needs.The itemized estimate to move the Manor and prepare/clear the sites is:New Foundation: $35,000-$80,000Electrical: $15,000-$80,00Water/Sewer Connections: MinimalHVAC: $50,000-$75,000Restrooms (2): $128,000Demolish and Dispose of the Connelly property: $10,000-$15,000Demolish and dispose of the addition on the Highland Manor property: $10,000-$15,000Move Highland Manor to Connelly property $100,000-$150,000Build a 2,000 square foot addition onto the house once moved and include an elevator $500,000Storage and protection of materials inside the Highland Manor $15,000All totaled = $863,000 to $1,058,000The City Council is scheduled to vote on the City Center Development Agreement at the July 20th meeting. Or will the city council members see the newest renderings of what the actual buildings of the city center will look like, before they have the vote? When the “agreement is set” is actually kind of vague wording to me, about the appearance of the actual buildings. Just saying……. Whatever, I actually think they should go ahead and vote for the city center, as hard as that is for me to say, because so many people have their hopes built up, BUT when it comes time later to determine what to do with the Highland Manor…….IT NEEDS TO BE SAVED, and kept city owned, for all to use!!!! Do not sit there and vote in favor of the city center, if you all have no intentions of saving the historic home! If nothing else, it could be moved to Edward’s Field, and start incorporating other community projects along with it, there on the site. Then maybe we will have some old Apopka and some new Apopka, a nice balance for all. The city center vote is approaching…………..soon! I’m going to cut this computer off for now, it is getting darker and darker in my house, and the loud thunder and lightning is scary to me! Reply July 15, 2016 at 4:07 pm I agree to leave it where it is . Someone should make it a bed and breakfastfast. We don’t have one and Apopka is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s a perfect place. Reply Mama Mia Mama Mia The city council does not have to worry one little bit about a bank wanting to open 8 service lanes at the new city center such as Chase, the example they used. Of course not, because we already have a Bank of America in town that has about that many lanes plus a walk up service window, and they closed them ALL down! All I know after listening to the audio of the city center workshop, is if the first restaurant to open with a drive through at the city center is Taco Bell…..heads are going to roll! A nail salon with how many nail stations? 60! For real? Did I hear that correctly? Did they do an inventory of how many nail salons are in Apopka currently? Another Mexican restaurant? Oh dear god. Also, Florida Vernacular style was explained, and it makes whats new look like it has been there forever. So we are going to do away with old, to create new, that looks old…… that is progress. What about a chocolate shop? I love chocolate. What about a fancy dog groomer salon? Also what about businesses that might be open all night long? Will that be allowed? Will there be any restrooms around the walking area, other than inside the businesses? What happened to the talk about putting fish in the pond to eat the scum on top of the pond? LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply The Highland Manor home if moved should be moved a little bit further down Park Avenue and set down on the lot the city owns at Park and Sandpiper across from the Circle K Store. That is a nice size lot with some pretty trees which would have a lot of room for parking and for whatever the use of the home will be. Maybe a dinner theater……or new community event center? Also, there could be a bike trail substation out along the frontage to stop in and get water, air for the bikes, etc. and then Orange County will be extending the West Orange Trail down Welch to the state park. The home there and the bike trail could all be tied together in some sort of way for families to enjoy. Reply Reply July 18, 2016 at 6:03 pm Why didn’t you city slicker staffers put those latest renderings of the city center and attach them onto the packet with the contract on the agenda of the city center workshop. I saw the packet from the city center workshop. and no problem, but when I downloaded the rendering below the city emblem on your city homepage, that is far as I got, because I can’t get the Acrobat Reader D to work because I don’t know what file it is in, or where the heck the download is……X%!!&^#$#!&!!!! You all are suppose to make it easy for residents to view your stuff. Plus my computer service has been crappy all day, flashing on and off constantly, and is getting worse every day! I am ready to throw it all in the nearest lake! Danielle Lewis Reply Reply July 15, 2016 at 1:28 pmlast_img read more

House of January / Studio-Gaon

first_imgArchDaily ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Houses Save this picture!© Youngchae Park+ 35 Share 2011 House of January / Studio-GaonSave this projectSaveHouse of January / Studio-Gaon CopyHouses•Jeonju-si, South Korea Photographs:  Youngchae ParkSave this picture!© Youngchae ParkRecommended ProductsDoorsSky-FrameInsulated Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame ArcDoorsAir-LuxPivoting DoorEnclosures / Double Skin FacadesAlucoilStructural Honeycomb Panels – LarcoreWoodStructureCraftEngineering – Architectural & FreeformText description provided by the architects. The house sits in a village called Banwall on the outskirts of Jeonju, one of the most calm and beautiful city of Korea. With a pine forest on north and an orchard on south, what is most peculiar about the site is on the west, shouldering to a graveyard for some family clan. This graveyard also defines the outer boundary of the village. The village name Banwall (meaning Half-moon) is also profound, signifying the moment of when the distinction between moon waning and waxing becomes blur. Remote over the village on the east, is the stadium where FIFA Worldcup game was held 11 years ago. Turning to the far south-east, ‘Moak mountain’ (meaning a huge mountain) is visible to the naked eye. Save this picture!© Youngchae ParkThe house had to be erected on several crossings of demarcation; between the dead and living; between various levels of ground; between old job and new beginning for the client… Designing the house was like making a gate that transcends the boundaries. We hoped the house would embrace a peaceful and unrestricted life like a character in a forgotten story book. Save this picture!© Youngchae ParkThe house posits naturally according to the slow slope from south to east. Split in two, one with wooden exterior incorporates domestic life, whereas the other finished in red brick encompasses recreation and repose of the user couple. One faces due south, the other turns itself a little to the east, properly facing the far mountain. The two departs in the middle to leave space for a Madang that has no definite shape of its own. Save this picture!© Youngchae ParkThis Madang, the in-between space, works both as a buffer and also as an active division simultaneously. But it is in essence an empty space, hiding its existence. More relations will be encouraged as time passes and lessen conflicts at the same time. It is a space that has meaning only because it is not filled. The ‘Maru’ (Korean terrace) that faces this Madang is a distinctive Korean spatial element that is neither inside or outside. Or rather it is a demarcation between interior and exterior. Save this picture!© Youngchae ParkWe have come to call this house . The house sits were the village begins. The house is a new embarking point for the clients. It is at both demarcation of nature and dwelling, of life and death. So is January the demarcating moment between the old and the next. Save this picture!© Youngchae ParkA Korean poet once cried, “On each and every boundary, the flowers abound generously.” With a nearby apple orchard that symbolizes harvest, sitting between the place of the living and of dead, we hope the house will act as a venue where the boundaries meet and interact, like a time in January. Save this picture!First Floor PlanProject gallerySee allShow lessArtist Antonio Pio Saracino & Salt ‘N Pepa to Unveil Arches of Hope InstallationArticlesBANKMED Headquarters Winning Proposal / John Robertson ArchitectsArticles Share “COPY” Projects South Korea Area:  126 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project House of January / Studio-Gaon Architects: studio_GAON Area Area of this architecture project Year:  Photographs ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard “COPY” CopyAbout this officestudio_GAONOfficeFollowProductsWoodBrick#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesDabasJeonju-siWoodHouses3D ModelingSouth KoreaPublished on January 16, 2013Cite: “House of January / Studio-Gaon” 16 Jan 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Read commentsBrowse the CatalogPartitionsSkyfoldChoosing the Skyfold Wall for Your SpaceVinyl Walls3MVinyl Finish – DI-NOC™ SandShowerhansgroheShowers – Raindance SelectWoodEGGERTimberSignage / Display SystemsGoppionDisplay Case – Bre-ClassMetallicsTrimoMetal Panels for Roofs – Trimoterm SNVLightsLouis PoulsenOutdoor Lighting – Flindt PlazaStonesMikado QuartzQuartz Slab – MarbleWoodStructureCraftEngineering – Long-Span StructuresWoodBlumer LehmannAssembly and Logistics of Wood ProjectsHandlesKarcher DesignDoor Handle Madeira ER45Chairs / Benches / CouchesArperModular Sofa – LoopMore products »Read commentsSave想阅读文章的中文版本吗?一月房/Studio Gaon事务所是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my streamlast_img read more

San José de la Sierra Building / German del Rio, Nicolas del R…

first_img Photographs 2018 Chile San José de la Sierra Building / German del Rio, Nicolas del Rio, Roberto FariasSave this projectSaveSan José de la Sierra Building / German del Rio, Nicolas del Rio, Roberto Farias “COPY” Apartments Manufacturers: ALMAD, Anwo, DOM, Hunter Douglas, ORIANA PONZINIOwner:Inmobiliaria MAGALConstruction:Constructora MAGAL. Roberto GorodischerStructural Engineering:Canepa IngenierosLandscape:Francisca PiwonkaInterior Design:Enrique ConchaLightning:Maria Jose SanchezApartment Area:388-834 m2.Author Architectes:German del Rio, Nicolás del Rio, Roberto FaríasCollaborators:Magdalena Besomi, Víctor Arancibia, Juan Gigoux, Felipe CamusCity:Las CondesCountry:ChileMore SpecsLess SpecsSave this picture!© Nico SaiehRecommended ProductsMetallicsSculptformClick-on Battens in Ivanhoe ApartmentsLightsLonghiLamp – AkileleMetallicsKriskadecorMetal Fabric – Outdoor CladdingFiber Cements / CementsRieder GroupFacade Panels – concrete skinText description provided by the architects. San Jose de la Sierra is a development of eight high-end apartments within a three story exposed concrete building.Save this picture!© Nico SaiehIn 2016 were challenged to provide a housing alternative that had to convey both the opening and freedom of a house with the security of a flat. The site was in a changing neighborhood of large properties in the foothills of the Andes, a common situation of an expanding city that needs to provide more density within the city boundaries.  Save this picture!© Nico SaiehWe delivered a monolithic concrete volume aiming for the idea of a single large property, a manor under which all dwellers would find themselves comfortable with their share without being singled out. Save this picture!© Nico SaiehThe office reinforced the design concept with a semi-regular array of openings in three orientations that hide the diverse room destinations each one has, i.e.bedroom, kitchen or bathroom portray the same window size and finishing with different privacy solutions. Save this picture!© Nico SaiehThis array often found in classical examples of architecture is altered with three adjacent expressive staircases that organise and bring hierarchy to the different access halls. The volume brakes and towers as it climbs and winds through the rather inclined Andean terrain.Save this picture!© Nico SaiehAnother idea represented by the building is to express the mass. We receded the installation of all window frames showing a robust wall edge highlighting the use of board marked concrete. The outcome is one the hides the glazing shine from the first approach to the edifice, even more when the semi-translucent shutters are closed. The shade cast over the openings is a distinctive image from all facades but particularly from the sun oriented north façade that contains the balconies and terraces. The concrete is meant to weather and age with grace as the vegetation will be taking over in time, with large built-in planters designed in the building’s top perimeter.Save this picture!Cortesía de DRAASave this picture!Cortesía de DRAAThe San Jose Building is likely to become a unique housing block within the local market for its specific sector, where the strength of a stark conceptual design meets architecture to bring a unit that conveys a number of enhancing oriented solutions.Save this picture!© Nico SaiehProject gallerySee allShow lessPelli Clarke Pelli Details Competition-Winning Proposal for the Chengdu Natural Hist…Articles11 Must-See Exhibitions at the 2018 Venice BiennaleArticlesProject locationAddress:Calle San José de La Sierra 780, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana, ChileLocation to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Share ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard CopyApartments•Las Condes, Chile San José de la Sierra Building / German del Rio, Nicolas del Rio, Roberto Farias Architects: German del Rio, Nicolas del Rio, Roberto Farias Area Area of this architecture projectcenter_img Save this picture!© Nico SaiehCurated by Danae Santibañez Share Area:  4897 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project Photographer:  Nico Saieh, Courtesy of DRAA Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project Year:  Projects ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard “COPY” ArchDaily CopyAbout this officeNicolas del RioOfficeFollowGerman del RioOfficeFollowRoberto FariasOfficeFollowProductsGlassConcrete#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousingApartmentsLas CondesChilePublished on June 07, 2018Cite: “San José de la Sierra Building / German del Rio, Nicolas del Rio, Roberto Farias” [Edificio San José de la Sierra / German del Rio, Nicolas del Rio, Roberto Farias] 07 Jun 2018. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Browse the CatalogAluminium CompositesTechnowoodWood Siding in KSR Villa BodrumRailing / BalustradesMitrexIntegrated Photovoltaic Railing – BIPV RailingMetal PanelsAurubisCopper Surface: Nordic DécorWindowsAir-LuxSliding Window – CorneringWoodBruagRoom Acoustics – Interior Cladding PanelsSinksBradley Corporation USASinks – Frequency® FL-SeriesMetal PanelsTrimoInternal Walls – Trimoterm, Qbiss OneGlassSolarluxWintergarden – SDL Akzent plusSystems / Prefabricated PanelsInvestwoodCement Bonded Particle Board – VirocPaintKEIMMineral Paint in Hunters Point LibraryCabinetsburgbadMid-Height Cabinet – EssentoSignage / Display SystemsGlasbau HahnMuseum Display CasesMore products »Save世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! 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An appeal to the movement on why unity is needed to defend J20 resisters

first_imgOn Jan. 20, more than 200 people protesting Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., were arrested by highly militarized cops who sprayed them with chemical agents and then detained them in the cold rain for many hours. They were charged with Felony Riot Act, which carries 10 years and a $25,000 fine. As one arrestee from International Workers of the World in Baltimore told Workers World, “[Prosecutor] Kirkhoff has never prosecuted protesters before. She does a lot of homicide cases. She specifically asked for this case. My lawyer said it would be ‘consistent with her personality’ if she had a political axe to grind.”Neo-Nazis (also known as alt-right) are licking their chops at the prospect of more than 200 front-line fighters spending years in jail instead of in the streets shutting down their rallies. Alt-right spokesman and Brietbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was slated to speak at the University of California, Berkeley Feb. 1, but massive protests caused the university to cancel last minute. There was one arrest. Donald Trump, in response, threatened to pull federal funding from the university.The next day, legions of cops arrested 11 freedom fighters at New York University. Anti-fascist activists were trying to shut down white supremacist and VICE brand creator Gavin McInnes from speaking. Inside the safety of a building, McInnes was captured on film crying while making a report to the cops. A Workers World Party member reported, “The vibe in the crowd was a unified front against fascism. It was good to see young communists and anarchists working together. For example, we commandeered a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat from a hubristic white male who decided to walk through our crowd. We worked together to take his hat and start that f*cker on fire, using communist flyers and an anarchist’s lighter.”The right wing knows its best champion is the state. Killer cops who gun down thousands each year and lock up millions of Black and Brown people take no issue with white supremacists or neo-Nazis. Go to a Klan rally to see for yourself who the cops are protecting and serving. After the murder of Alton Sterling this past summer, Black Lives Matter activists were hunted through the streets of Baton Rouge, La., tackled and beaten by cops. The streets of D.C. on Jan. 20 were mainly bereft of right-wing paramilitaries, such as Bikers for Trump, because they knew, rightly so, that the state was now in the hands of out and proud neo-Nazis. The cops were the real fascistic paramilitaries.Many whites, finding themselves for the first time on the other side of a police baton, chanted at cops during airport shutdowns against the Muslim Ban beginning Jan. 4: “Take off your riot gear! I don’t see no riot here!” This is an erroneous chant  that could be misunderstood as separating the new masses in the streets from the struggles at Standing Rock and in Ferguson, Mo. It is right to resist, and whether they realize it yet or not, they are standing against the same state as the Black Lives Matter movement and the Water Protectors.Now the state wants to bring heavy charges against J20 resisters. Different collectives and affinity groups have started raising money, and the strategy seems to be using busy public defenders. Since defendants come from all over the country, it’s difficult to get everyone in the same room for a meeting, much less to agree on a unified legal strategy. The fear is that while some white defendants may be able to secure decent legal representation, those who are poor or of color may not be able to do that. What an absolute tragedy it would be to have what was a multinational, multigender group of freedom fighters split as they are on the job, at school or in the eyes of the cops.Unions were created so that individual workers could unite to form one fist against the bosses. Collectively presenting demands and undertaking direct action were the only way to defeat the bosses. Defense committees work in much the same way. Instead of saying “everyone for themselves,” defendants unite to come up with a common political, tactical and logistic strategy. Instead of a handful of people in New York organizing separately from a handful of people in Baltimore, all can agree on common principles and basic ground rules, such as no snitching and transparency about defense funds and how they are used.These issues and tasks may be difficult to undertake, but the clock is ticking as hearings have already begun and will continue over the coming weeks and months. Taking on the most notorious empire on the face of the planet is no easy task, but it’s up to us to do it. The state is united in its purpose to smash resistance to white supremacy and imperialism, and that means first smashing unity between freedom fighters in the streets. We must show unified support for these defendants, and the defendants themselves must show unity among their ranks. A single individual is nothing to a state that spends billions tearing up whole societies both at home and abroad. We are stronger together — not just in our action, but in our defense of one another.Please show support for those arrested on Jan. 20. Encourage unity and demand that ALL CHARGES are dropped by signing the petition at thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

BASF, Corteva File Separate Motions to Intervene With Dicamba Decision

first_img By Ashley Davenport – Jun 15, 2020 Facebook Twitter Corteva and BASF have filed motions to intervene in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to vacate federal registrations of three dicamba-based herbicides.Corteva and BASF became involved in the lawsuit on June 3, when the Ninth Circuit vacated EPA’s registration of Bayer’s XtendiMax, BASF’s Enginia, and Corteva’s FeXapan herbicides.BASF decided to intervene after “careful consideration,” citing the impact it has on farmers during “this critical application time, when farmers now have less than a month to protect millions of acres under threat from resistant weeds.”“Farming is difficult even in the best of times and remains challenging,” said Paul Rea, senior vice president of BASF Agricultural Solutions North America. “Making this decision now, when weed resistance continues to threaten farming operations, is disastrous for our customers. Farmers have counted on applications of dicamba-based products to control troublesome weeds for decades, and they continue to need these tools now and in the future.”Corteva is seeking to “preserve its rights and to support the rights of customers to use the impacted dicamba weed control technologies.”Last week, EPA ruled that farmers and retailers could use existing stocks that were on hand June 3, the day of the ruling, until July 31. SHARE BASF, Corteva File Separate Motions to Intervene With Dicamba Decision SHARE Previous articleNCGA Launches Farm to Virtual Fair ContestNext articleIndiana Corn, Soybean Growers Focusing on Replanting Ashley Davenport Home Indiana Agriculture News BASF, Corteva File Separate Motions to Intervene With Dicamba Decision Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Rainn Wilson talks about Life’s Big Questions

first_imgTCU places second in the National Student Advertising Competition, the highest in school history Laura Belpedio ReddIt Linkedin Actor Rainn Wilson spoke to hundreds of students Friday night at the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom. (Sam Bruton) printRainn Wilson, known for his role as Dwight Schrute on the NBC comedy series “The Office,” talked to TCU students about his path to finding purpose..Hundreds of students filled the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom the event hosted by theEnd.Students were anxious to see Wilson as they waited in a line that wrapped around 3 flights of stairs and out the door.“I’m most excited to see THE Dwight Schrute and for him to impart his wisdom on the TCU community,” freshman pre-business major Tad Dawson said.The Emmy-nominated actor began his performance with some jokes but told the audience he wanted to have a serious conversation about his project SoulPancake.Wilson recounted his childhood and his personal journey.“I had a strange Bohemian upbringing,” Wilson said. “My mom and dad were, kind of, hippies and we were always talking about life’s big questions.”Wilson said the most turbulent time in his life came when he went to college at NYU. He said he explored his love for acting while at the university, but lost his faith and found himself unhappy.Throughout college Wilson said he experienced highs and lows, but eventually found sense and clarity through his religion.While practicing his religion the comedian said he found a purpose and created SoulPancake.Wilson said he created a website and YouTube channel to explore life’s big questions, celebrate humanity, and champion creativity.“SoulPancake is the accumulation and reflection of my life’s journey,” Wilson said. “Here people gather to become inspired.”Wilson closed the night by saying, “It’s been an extraordinary journey and I wish you all an extraordinary journey as well.” Facebook + posts TCU hosts first ever Arbor Day Laura Belpedio Rising trend of local distilleries coincides with popularity of TCU’s Science and History of Whiskey Course Laura is a senior journalism major and sociology minor from Kansas City, Missouri. She has a passion for entertainment and hot Cheetos. You can find her causing havoc in the convergence lab. Laura Belpedio Facebook Laura Belpedio Dr. Mike Slattery: The man behind TCU’s Rhino Initiative Previous articleCampus Lookbook: sunny with a chance of styleNext articleTCU Sigma Kappa raises $1,500 for Alzheimer’s Association Laura Belpedio RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Laura Belpedio Twitter Linkedin Rising trend of local distilleries coincides with popularity of TCU’s Science and History of Whiskey Course Twitter World Oceans Day shines spotlight on marine plastic pollution ReddIt Welcome TCU Class of 2025last_img read more

Indian media conglomerate seeks colossal damages for two satirical videos

first_img to go further February 19, 2021 Indian media conglomerate seeks colossal damages for two satirical videos IndiaAsia – Pacific Online freedomsMedia independence Internet RSF_en IndiaAsia – Pacific Online freedomsMedia independence Internet Don’t confuse irony with defamation Follow the news on India In rural India, journalists face choice between covering pandemic and survival “We urge the Mumbai high court’s judges to dismiss this absurd BCCL complaint,” said Daniel Bastard, the head of RSF’s Asia-Pacific desk. “As well as satire, the work done by Newslaundry’s journalists is based on indisputable facts, and irony should not be confused with defamation. It is healthy for the press to investigate itself in a democracy. By filing this suit, BCCL’s management is posing a dangerous threat to free speech and is clearly siding against the press freedom camp.” Using satire to make your point In a civil suit filed on 19 January, The Times Group is seeking the astronomical sum of 1 billion rupees (11.4 million euros) in damages for two videos posted on Newslaundry’s site that allegedly defamed Navika Kumar and Rahul Shivshankar, respectively the group editor and the editor-in-chief of its TV news channel Times Now TV. RSF reached a member of The Times Group defence team, lawyer Vijay Hiremath, but he refused to comment. March 3, 2021 Find out more News Organisation Pande, TV Newsance’s presenter, confirmed to RSF that every broadcast is preceded by thorough research and is based on the facts. “TV Newsance is media critique show that relies on humour and satire to get a point across. This would have been amply clear to The Times Group lawyers had they read our disclaimer right at the beginning of each episode.” News She added: “We simply highlighted how The Times Group reported on [Sushant Singh Rajpu’s suicide] and the ethical and journalistic questions around it. It’s not clear what The Times Group means when they say our show is ‘beyond the realm of satire’ but it’ll be entertaining to see them elaborate on this point in court.” June 10, 2021 Find out more The suit filed by BCCL’s lawyers, who did not respond when RSF tried to reach them, describes the content of the two videos as “false, baseless and highly defamatory.” As well as seeking damages, the suit calls for Newslaundry to remove the videos and issue an apology. Help by sharing this information India: RSF denounces “systemic repression” of Manipur’s media RSF demands release of detained Indian journalist Siddique Kappan, hospitalised with Covid-19 News News India is ranked 142nd out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index. April 27, 2021 Find out more TV Newsance show and its presenter Manisha Pande (center) are put under pressure by The Times Group’s lawyers (image: Daniel Bastard). In the other video, broadcast on 4 December, presenter Meghnad S. explained how several TV channels had recently tried to rig their ratings. While he was talking, the photos of many TV journalists, including Navika Kumar, were displayed. Newslaundry legal representative Nipun Katyal told RSF that the site would not comply with any of BCCL’s demands. “The allegations made by The Times Group are baseless,” he said. “As a webportal specialising in covering the media, it’s my client’s job to criticize the media and point out their failings.” Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the Mumbai high court to dismiss the absurd defamation suit that Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited (BCCL), a huge Indian media conglomerate better known as The Times Group, has brought against Newslaundry, a news website that provides satirical and investigative coverage of India’s media. The court is due to begin hearing the case on 22 February. Receive email alerts In one of the videos, an episode in Newslaundry’s weekly satirical show TV Newsance broadcast on 12 October, presenter Manisha Pande mocked Times Now TV’s coverage of the case of Rhea Chakraborty, a Bollywood actress who was pilloried by some mainstream media outlets after being wrongfully accused of inciting fellow actor Sushant Singh Rajput to take his own life last year.last_img read more

Popular Tops #2 Drive Is Back on Top, After Three Tries

first_imgCommunity News Popular Tops #2 Drive Is Back on Top, After Three Tries From STAFF REPORTS Published on Monday, April 4, 2016 | 2:23 pm Subscribe Top of the News Name (required)  Mail (required) (not be published)  Website  0 commentsShareShareTweetSharePin it Community News A popular Pasadena fast-food restaurant has been allowed to reopen days after it was closed by the city’s health department for a number of major violations of cleanliness and food safety standards.Tops Drive No. 2 at 1792 E. Walnut Street was closed on March 29 after inspectors reported observing live and dead cockroaches near one of the food storage areas in the facility.Inspectors also said they saw employees not following safe food-handling guidelines, including not properly washing hands and using soiled wiping cloths on food contact surfaces.The restaurant was given a score of 47 during the inspection, way below the minimum passing score of 85 points.The next day, March 30, inspectors came back to examine progress but said they still found cockroaches and ordered the facility to seal all holes, cracks and crevices, and to obtain a pest control manager.In a separate follow-up on the same day, inspectors reported finding the health department closure placard had been covered with another sign saying “We Are Closed.” That is prohibited, they said.Inspectors also said posted health inspection summary reports had been taken down, which is also a separate violation.Finally on March 31, another inspection was conducted at the owner’s request to verify all requested corrections had been implemented.Tops Drive In No. 2 was given a score of 94 after inspectors saw all major violations have been corrected, and the permit to operate was reinstated. First Heatwave Expected Next Week EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT | FOOD & DRINK | THE ARTS | REAL ESTATE | HOME & GARDEN | WELLNESS | SOCIAL SCENE | GETAWAYS | PARENTS & KIDS More Cool Stuff Community Newscenter_img HerbeautyAmazing Sparks Of On-Screen Chemistry From The 90-sHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyRemove Belly Fat Without Going Under The KnifeHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyIs It Normal To Date Your BFF’s Ex?HerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyRub This All Over Your Body And He’s Guaranteed To Swoon Over YouHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeauty6 Strong Female TV Characters Who Deserve To Have A SpinoffHerbeautyHerbeautyHerbeautyInstall These Measures To Keep Your Household Safe From Covid19HerbeautyHerbeauty Pasadena Will Allow Vaccinated People to Go Without Masks in Most Settings Starting on Tuesday Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free.Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. Pasadena’s ‘626 Day’ Aims to Celebrate City, Boost Local Economy Make a comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Business News faithfernandez More » ShareTweetShare on Google+Pin on PinterestSend with WhatsApp,Donald CommunityPCC- COMMUNITYVirtual Schools PasadenaHomes Solve Community/Gov/Pub SafetyPasadena Public WorksPASADENA EVENTS & ACTIVITIES CALENDARClick here for Movie Showtimes Home of the Week: Unique Pasadena Home Located on Madeline Drive, Pasadenalast_img read more