WWII Vet Doie Barnes Receives Accolades on 99th Birthday

first_imgDoie Barnes enjoys the celebration.Ocean City American Legion Post 524 Adjutant Jack Hagan said Barnes was an asset to the post and a local treasure.“I have all the respect in the world for her,” Hagan said. “It’s great she is able to be so active and that she was recognized. I’m extremely proud to call Doie my friend, and prouder still that she is a member of our post.”Jennifer Bowman, presented Barnes with a homemade chocolate cake featuring a large “99” decoration. A jubilant crowd helps World War II veteran Doie Barnes celebrate her 99th birthday. Video courtesy of Ian CrowleyBarnes refuses to discuss details of her duties and assignment, citing the classified nature of her work.However, one of her veteran friends said she worked in the Marines Intelligence Agency at various military bases.“All these many years after the war, and the way things played out, that secrecy could go by the wayside,” Caserta said. “But Doie is old school. She doesn’t want to talk about it and we respect that. Many veterans don’t want to discuss what they went through.”At the ceremony, Barnes, who is still mentally and physically strong, gave several understated “thank you” comments, but mostly smiled and modestly accepted her moment. She appeared to be overwhelmed and humbled by the attention.World War II veterans Doie Barnes, left, and Joe Caserta, in white shirt, salute the flag during the ceremony.“Some balloons and a happy birthday sign were placed on her scooter,” said Caserta. “But she was very surprised (at the formal recognition). It was a really nice thing the city did for her.”City official Michael Allegretto and City Council members Keith Hartzell and Mike DeVlieger presented Barnes with a key to the city.Ocean City resident and noted baker, Jennifer Bowman, presented Barnes with a homemade chocolate cake featuring a large “99” decoration.Jennifer Bowman presents Doie Barnes with a chocolate birthday cake.“I heard that she loves chocolate and even pours chocolate milk over her chocolate cereal,” Bowman said.“There’s hope for us all if someone can look that great at 99 after eating all that chocolate,” Bowman added with a laugh.Caserta, himself a highly decorated Army tank commander who landed in Normandy, France, in the D-Day invasion and went on to serve in Belgium and Germany until the conclusion of the war in Europe, had high praise for his friend.“There probably aren’t many female members of the Corps from World War II who are still around,” he said. “She is very spry and active. She’ll go for a walk with her walker and cover a large distance.”center_img By TIM KELLYOcean City’s summer tradition of conducting flag-raising ceremonies at the Water Park across from the Music Pier is always special.Thursday morning’s event took on added significance as the city paid tribute to Marine Corps veteran Doie Barnes, on her 99th birthday.“It was a very nice thing to do for a wonderful person,” said her friend and fellow World War II veteran Joe Caserta, 98. “She appreciated it a great deal.”Barnes, of Ocean City, was one of the first women to join the Corps after the Marine Corps Women’s Reserve was established in 1942.last_img read more

Cuomo Blames Feds For COVID-19 Issues And Impact In New York

first_imgImage via New York State Governor Pool Feed.ALBANY — In remarks during Monday’s virus update, Gov. Andrew Cuomo foisted the blame on the Trump administration and the federal government for COVID-19 issues in New York.“The COVID problem in New York was a direct result of the negligence of the federal government. If this was a private situation, the state could sue the federal government for negligence. Gross negligence. The federal government is responsible for public health and international monitoring of public health,” Cuomo charged.He said the federal government, not state governments, are responsible for “public health, homeland security, track diseases around the world and make sure you know where they are and make sure you know if they’re coming here. That’s the federal job. You know what they did? They failed. They failed. You know how you know that? They admitted it. They admitted it. They said China virus. The virus came from China. The virus was in China in December. They don’t take action until March.”Cuomo challenged lawmakers to not provide funding for the MTA and come home seeking votes. “Now, you cost New Yorkers lives and you cost New Yorkers billions of dollars and now to add insult to injury, you want to say you’re not going to provide federal funds to help alleviate the damage that you caused? That’s going to be the imposition? It’s reprehensible,” Cuomo said.“Let those Congress people produce no federal funds and then come home to New York and run for re-election in November and let’s see what happens,” Cuomo said.Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Employers given Feb. 15 deadline to update tax tables

first_img 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Hello folks,This morning I’ve decided that the most important thing I can tell you about is a change to the  tax table.   Take some coffee; here goes.Moving at the speed of a midterm election, the Trump Administration yesterday unveiled new withholding tables to be used by employers no later than February 15 2018.  The tables reflect the rate changes made in the tax cut legislation passed by Congress in December. Many voters, I mean employees, wouldn’t otherwise see the direct benefit of the tax cuts until they file their tax returns next year.The W-4 is the form you filled out when you started your job in which you indicated the federal income tax you wanted withheld from your paycheck. You might not have bothered looking at it since then and you should take this opportunity to review your withholdings and see if it is time to make some changes. In a reflection of just how quickly the Treasury Department wants people to see the impact of tax reform on their paychecks, the IRS is coming out with the withholding tables even as it has not completed an update to the W-4. continue reading »last_img read more

Thursday begins with Biden still on the brink, but with the final results expected within hours

first_img– Advertisement – The vote from Georgia came in a series of small batches as volunteers worked overnight. And with each batch, the gap grew smaller. In the early morning hours, the last batch counted brought the difference between Trump and Biden down to just 18,500 votes out of just under five million counted. As of 8 AM ET, there were reported to be approximately 51,000 still uncounted ballots in Georgia, mostly from areas around Atlanta and Savannah. To pull ahead, Biden needs to take these votes at a rate of 68%, but that’s actually lower than the rate of the last few batches to come down, which had been closed to 75% Biden. It’s dead certain that Georgia is heading for a finish that is going to be within 0.1% of the vote … but it’s not absolutely sure which way. In any case, the counting there should be actually finished, officials say, this morning.In Pennsylvania, it’s not going to be close. Rather than reporting what’s left in fits and starts, Pennsylvania has apparently opted to make an announcement covering the whole remaining batch. At 10PM last night, the Pennsylvania Department of State office’s unofficial tally of outstanding mail ballots was 763,311. If that vote continues to go for Biden at the same rate as the mail-in vote that has been counted to far, it would represent a  381,000 vote net gain for Biden. Which would put Biden with a win somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 votes. That means there’s considerable room for these ballots to be more Trump-friendly and still give Biden a sizable victory. Of everything still out there, Pennsylvania probably looks the best to not only secure a win, but do so at a margin that’s unassailable.- Advertisement – Arizona also did some overnight counting and, as expected, the results there favored Trump. These are mostly mail-in ballots that were delivered directly to drop boxes on the final two days before the election, a period in which Republicans in the state were being warned to get in votes to counter a widely reported Democratic surge. Consider this the flip side of that exciting reporting about the high level of Democratic early voting. As a result, the largest batch that Arizona counted on Wednesday night was actually 18 points in Trump’s favor. On Thursday morning, Biden continues to hold a 68,500 vote edge in the state. There are still enough votes out there that, if they came in for Trump at the same margin as the last batch, could flip it into the red column. However, some analysts believe what remains is going to be less of a boost for Trump. In any case, like Georgia, Arizona looks to be close.Nevada is essentially where it was on Wednesday— for that matter, where it was on Tuesday— with Biden holding a slim 8,000 vote edge and about a quarter of the vote remaining to be counted. MOst of the votes still outstanding appear to be from Clark County, which should be a good thing for Biden. In any case, Nevada has promised to finally let the world in on how people there voted some time today.North Carolina is … still there. Just chillin’. Trump leads in the state by just under 78,000 votes. He’ll probably keep it, but it’s simply unclear what kind of votes are left.- Advertisement –center_img If Biden holds Arizona, then a single other state, any state at all, would do. Biden could take Arizona and Nevada, and that would bring him to 270 exactly. Anything else is gravy. Of the five remaining states on the map, Biden just needs to get two. It looks very much as if he’ll get them.How certain does Biden’s victory seem to be? On Wednesday evening, a singular notice appeared for anyone flying in the area of Wilmington, Delaware. A particular area, centered on a particular home, is now considered “National Defense Airspace.”last_img read more

Women’s hockey: Rookie netminder proves she can fill big skates of her predecessors

first_imgAs current University of Wisconsin women’s hockey netminder Ann-Renée Desbiens advances into her final season of eligibility, speculation arises as to who head coach Mark Johnson will entrust to protect the UW goal at the beginning of next season.There is some heavy competition for the highly-coveted spot, with Johnson recruiting two goaltenders out of high school and adding a third walk-on goaltender for the 2016-17 season. With three people vying for one position, it seems like there might finally be a clear frontrunner, the freshman from Oakville, Ontario: Nikki Cece.Cece committed to Wisconsin back in 2014, stating via Twitter that she planned on joining the Badgers in 2016. During her final season with the Oakville Hornets, Cece boasted a .923 save percentage and an average of 1.75 goals allowed per game. Those stats changed dramatically during the postseason, when Cece improved to a .959 save percentage and an average of .95 goals allowed per game. The freshman always knew she wanted to be a Badger, and her early commitment is certainly a good indication of the passion that this young goaltender will show on the ice. One of the top reasons for Cece’s desire to be a Badger was the great netminders that came before her.“I’ve been looking at this school for a while,” Cece said. “It was always my dream school, knowing that all these elite goalies came here before me and developed and there’s been great coaches. That was a huge reason why I wanted to come here, and it’s definitely been a huge honor to put on the jersey.”Netminders like Jessie Vetter, Alex Rigsby and Desbiens were just some of the people that Cece spent much of her formative career looking up to. With these inspirations, it was clear that Wisconsin would be the only choice for this young star.Of course, joining a team with a history of successful goaltenders, especially with a record-breaking one currently at the helm, Desbiens, is an intimidating feat. But when Cece finally got the chance to step in the net for the first time against the University of Minnesota-Duluth, she was elated at the vote of confidence that Johnson bestowed upon her.“It feels pretty good, because I know that there’s some big shoes to fill,” Cece said. “[Desbiens] is an amazing goalie, and it feels good that he felt confident enough to put me in. I just stepped in, played my game, and tried to do the best that I could.”Women’s hockey: Desbiens sets Wisconsin shutout record with 40No. 1 University of Wisconsin women’s hockey goalie Ann-Renee Desbiens set the school record and moved into second on the Read…Though Cece and the Badgers lost their first game of the series, a sense of determination could be seen in the young goaltender, who buckled down and whose performance improved dramatically overnight. UW would come back to win the next night, and Cece would be able to notch her first career win, a much-deserved win against the No. 3 nationally ranked team.With a rough start to her career at Wisconsin, the rookie impressed Johnson with how she handled herself against such a tough team. Even though the record might not have been exactly what Johnson wanted, he told UW Athletics that he was still happy with the results.“[Cece] gave us an opportunity [against Duluth],” Johnson said. “She had 26 saves, and that’s a good way to start a career. The test was tough, the challenge was tough, but if we come out and score some goals, it’s a different momentum.”Cece’s bounce back between games helped the young goaltender instill more confidence in her playing, something that she would need the very next week when she would again be asked to step in as goaltender, this time against Cornell University.In a weekend sweep of Cornell over Thanksgiving, 3-0 and 5-2, Cece stopped 23 of 25 shots in her second and third career wins. The 3-0 blanket performance on Friday was the rookie’s first career shutout, coming at a perfect time for the Badgers as they approach a home series against rival, No. 2 University of Minnesota, this week.Women’s hockey: No. 1 Badgers suffer first loss of season to Minnesota-DuluthThe University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team experienced their first loss this weekend against the University of Minnesota-Duluth — a dismal Read…With the rest of the season ahead of her, and a potential to guard the Wisconsin net for the next three years, Cece isn’t going to be sitting by idly in the meantime. For now, one of this young hopeful’s goals is to keep improving gradually, so that if and when she finally does get the call to step up, she can say that she is ready to compete.“Personal goals for me is just to compete every day,” Cece said. “I know we have great coaches here and there’s great players on the ice, and they’re always pushing me to get better. I think that I just need to make sure that I am competing every second on the ice and make sure that I am doing the little things right so that I can get better by the end of the season.”While the newcomer has made an early stamp on the Wisconsin lineup this season, the team’s biggest test, Minnesota, will give her a look at what playoff hockey will be like. The Gophers knocked off the Badgers in the national semifinals a year ago, and Cece should combine with Desbiens to provide a dominant force in net.The Minnesota series tips on Saturday and Sunday at LaBahn Arena in Madison at 3:30 p.m. CT and 2 p.m., respectively. Look for Cece to make her first step in the historic rivalry in her first season as a Badger.last_img read more