Dusty Baker

first_imgDusty Baker is the current manager of the Cincinnati Reds as we all know. The 63 year-old former major leaguer is in his 20th year as a NL Manager. He spent 10 years in San Francisco where the Giants won 840 games. As you can see, this was an 84 win average per year. He won his only pennant while managing the Giants. He then was hired by the Chicago Cubs where he stayed 4 years and won 322 games or an average of 80.5 wins per year. He then was hired by the Reds and is in his 6th season there. He continues his winning ways as he already has won 445 games. This is still an average above 80 per year. For his 19+ years he has won 1607 games (as of May 20th) for a career winning average of .526. His team has an average finish about 2.6 or some where between 2nd and third. His main detractors say that for all this winning, he has only won that one pennant. It is all about your perspective as to how well Dusty has done. On one side, he wins more than he loses, so your team is usually in the pennant race. On the other side, he doesn’t win the big ones often enough. All I know is, I think I would rather have a Dusty Baker manage for me over some one-time wonder that wins one pennant and then loses for the next 5 years.last_img read more

Messer Supports Military Action Against Syria

first_imgIndiana 6th District Congressman Luke Messer is supportive of a military strike on Syria.The Republican Congressman serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. After reviewing multiple confidential documents, he believes a military strike is warranted.Messer has been critical of President Obama and says the president needs to do more to convince the American people and members of Congress that a military strike is the right action to take.The House Foreign Affairs Committee heard members of the Obama Administration make their case for an attack on Wednesday. The committee approved a resolution to authorize limited force on Syria, paving the way for a full vote on the floor of the Senate early next week in response to alleged chemical weapons use in Syria.last_img read more