Univ to end Oxford ‘spotty neek’ stereotype by introducing skincare reps

first_imgUniversity College is set to elect two skincare representatives, after a motion establishing the position was passed at their last JCR meeting.The motion stated that the representatives, who will be given positions on the general committee, will be introduced to cater for student “skincare, shaving, grooming and general cellular wellbeing”.The motion was proposed by Francis Kerrigan and seconded by Anjelica Smerin. They felt it was necessary to help “banish the stereotype of ‘the spotty neek’ for Oxford”. They argued this was particularly problematic as exam season approaches and skin issues worsen. Elections will be held in seventh week.The reps’ responsibilities range from spreading awareness of “issues surrounding pores, hydration and chapped lips” to weekly livestream videos to discuss “grooming regimes, face masks, shaving, and moisturising.”Smerin claimed such videos had been popular in the past, with rumours that the first one will deal with the controversies surrounding chemical exfoliation.The motion was amended to make sure the videos are recorded and saved rather than livestreamed to ensure that they are permanently accessible for students.Kerrigan and Smerin have also promised to provide skincare consultations, and have stated “Kerrigan and Smerin Skincare Ltd Common Room Representatives reserves the right for any elected individual to be dismissed”, should they themselves deem the representative incapable of carrying out this role.last_img read more

Krispy Kreme targets Millennials to build UK presence

first_imgKrispy Kreme is to extend its presence in the UK, targeting Millennials and ‘smart snackers’. The brand told Marketing Week it was important to ‘reinvigorate’ the brand. It also said it wanted to boost its brand awareness, as YouGov Brand Index figures showed the brand was at the bottom of the rankings – a measure of a range of metrics, including quality, value and impression, compared to 24 competitors.Krispy Kreme’s marketing manager Alison Reeves told the publication: “There are lots of competitors coming in all the time, so it was important to reinvigorate what we’re about.“Millennials are one of our target groups, who we like to call ‘smart snackers’. They want to grab a snack and go, and they’re a big market for us. By focusing on Millennials, we can then build on that relationship to take the brand through the years,”“We’re going to focus more on the doughnut towers during Q4 of this year, when the wedding shows come up. This September/October time, we’ll be doing a big expansion on wedding press, which isn’t something you might expect from us.”The doughnut firm has been in the UK since 2003, and is said to be opening six more stores in the next few months. It has 500 concessions in Tesco stores, plus 55 standalone stores.last_img read more