Duck drama at Teddy Hall

first_imgTeddy Hall students were needed to escort a duck and her ducklings back to the river after they appeared in a college pond.Margery Infield, who led the rescue operation, said, “Catching the ducklings was pretty tricky (they are surprisingly agile), but the worst part was trying to entice the very angry mother to follow us down to the river. She went berserk — unsurprising given we’d caught 13 of her children and put them in a shoebox – and chased us confusedly down the High Street, nearly getting run over!“Fortunately, disaster was averted (no duck on the dinner menu that evening) and all the ducklings were reunited with their mum in Christ Church Meadows. It was an eggsellent result!”This is the second year of duck drama at Teddy Hall – last year, a duck led her ducklings into the college basement, and once again had to be restored to the river by a team of students.The ducks were unavailable for comment.last_img read more