Gallery: A construction update for Dryden and Lansing

first_img As for the townhomes now under construction, it’s likely that while the exterior finishes and details will differ as they have in all of the townhome strings at the Heights of Lansing development, these will likely be 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath 2200-2400 square-foot units intended for sale in the upper 300k – lower 400k range. Units include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, electric heat pumps and other premium and/or eco-friendly features. Expect these stick-built townhouses to be ready for occupancy sometime next spring. Also underway in the village is the renovation of a fire-damaged structure at 3 North Street into three apartments, and the next phase of Maple Ridge on the west end of the village. The second phase approval is for an additional dozen homes, but ultimately owner Paul Simonet foresees up to 60 single-family homes if future phases are approved and built out (the first phase was built out over several years, so those future phases are a long way down the road). One maybe wishes they had gone with a more visually interesting color palate for the vinyl siding, which is two shades of grey and a tan, but chances are, it was whatever they could get that was durable and cheap in bulk. The early renders showed a different if still soft color palate. Taking a walk through the East Pointe Apartments, it appears half of the townhouse strings (7 of 14, 70 of 140 units) are ready for occupancy and in the process of being leased out. The remaining seven are fully framed, wrapped in Tyvek, and fitted with windows (garage and entry doors don’t appear to come until later), so it looks Park Grove Realty has them on track for completion by the end of the year – looking at the stages of construction for each string, it seems another pair will come onto the market every month, with the last finishing up in late fall. For the interview with the development team, you can check out our July walkthrough here. Now to head west down the road to Lansing. The airport is continuing its expansion. The expanded passenger entry and ticket counter is almost ready to go, and from the photos on the airport’s website, the new gate is framed and sheathed, with some exposed steel studs remaining on the clerestory roof and rough openings for windows and gate exits. The customs facility construction contract was awarded to Streeter Associates in June; perhaps because of the controversy it has stirred, the airport doesn’t highlight it in its construction updates, and it’s tucked far enough into the airport property that it’s not highly visible to visitors. The new entry canopy is a later component of the multi-phase airport renovation and 15,600 square-foot expansion. Lansing Meadows (Oakcrest Road) Tre Bella’s Dance Studio (Lewis Street) A site visit on Friday had some landscapers on site, and a small crew power washing the construction dust off the vertical lap siding. The final product is true to the renderings (that’s less common than one might think), the biggest difference I can see is that the picnic pavilion used unpainted wood and corner brackets in the renders, and it’s painted without brackets in the final product. ITHACA, N.Y. — It’s time to pass a few minutes of your day with the monthly construction roundup. This month, it’s back to the towns of Lansing and Dryden. Both towns have a number of projects finishing up, just getting underway, and somewhere in between. Here’s a look at what’s going up out in bobcat and purple lion country. Brian Crandall Local architect Claudia Brenner designed the new facility, with Lansing’s Dende Engineering on board as a structural engineering consultant, T.G. Miller once again for surveying and civil engineering work, Jade Stone Engineering PLLC of Watertown for mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and engineering, Ithaca’s TWMLA is doing the landscape architecture and Albany’s Ran Fire Protection Engineering planned out the sprinklers and other fire suppression systems. The buildings are not yet complete, but Milton Meadows is accepting applications for its 71 units (the 72nd is for an on-site manager). Income qualifications are 50-80% of area median income with first preference to veterans. Specifics on the income levels, monthly rent and associated details can be found at the end of this post, and online on the NYS Homes and Community Renewal website here. Tompkins-Cortland Community College Arthur Kuckes Childcare Center 802 Dryden Road (Ivy Ridge Townhomes) After the exhausting, dramatic twists and turns of years of debate and consternation, it looks like the Lansing Meadows is finally happening. As Dan Veaner summed up at The Lansing Star, the project has been incubating for nine years, gone through nine or 10 significant revisions, and has probably led to an ulcer or two among the village of Lansing planning board, Board of Trustees, and the Tompkins County IDA, who were ready to take developer Eric Goetzmann to court to “claw back” a PILOT amounting to $2.3 million because he had yet to fulfill his obligations. Phase one buildout. Another project to move into the “complete” column. The $6.5 million, 9,875 square foot Arthur Kuckes Childcare Center has opened its doors for its young occupants. Only signage, exterior landscaping and play areas remain on the to-do list. Interest in the new childcare facility has been strong enough that the facility is already full and has a waiting list, proof positive that affordable and flexible childcare options are in great need in Tompkins County.center_img On a related note, the new NYS Department of Transportation facility on Warren Road has been delayed because the state received only one bid for its construction, and the big came in too high for what they were comfortable spending on the project. It will be re-bid in the hopes of finding someone who’s a little closer to the state’s intended construction budget. On the western edge of Dryden and the eastern edge of Cornell’s campus, Maifly Development and its contractor, Granger Construction of East Syracuse, are wrapping up the suburban Pittsburgh’s 42-unit, 108 bedroom townhouse project, dubbed “Ivy Ridge.” You might be wondering, why would a Pittsburgh-area company take an interest in Tompkins County? The firm focuses on college towns, and the person who heads it is a Cornell alumnus. Maifly is in growth mode and purchased the under-construction project from the original developer, Ithaca’s Modern Living Rentals, in a $2.075 million deal in September 2018. The Dryden rumor mill says Maifly looked at buying neighboring properties for a second development, but there are no indications that this has been pursued further. (Also, some of you might be wondering about Trinitas – at last check, they still have yet to submit an infrastructure study to the town, so that proposal is on hold for now). The nine apartment buildings generally progressed in the same order as their addresses. 1 Robin’s Way (42 Auburn Road), the community center, is essentially done. 2 Robin’s Way, the southeast corner building with eight one-bedroom units, will be ready for occupancy by the end of the month. In this southern portion, the lighting and sidewalks have been installed/poured and even the grass seed has been laid. From there, buildings go backwards in the construction timeline – vinyl siding (probably Certainteed), a couple varieties of housewrap (Tyvek and a second blue-faced material), window and door fitting, and framing. 10 Robin’s Way, another building with eight one-bedroom units, is just getting its shingles attached to the roof, and is otherwise fully framed but not much further along than that. 10 Robin’s Way will be ready for occupancy in the December time-frame, about three months later than first anticipated. East Pointe Apartments and the Heights of Lansing (Bomax Drive) In the end, the Planning Board agreed to 12 units of senior rental housing in four one-story triplex buildings, to be completed by July 2020. A second phase, with another two triplex units, will be built in late 2020 for completion in early 2021, for a total of 18 units of senior housing. These will face a one-way road, Lansing Meadows Drive, that will serve the development and enter and exit from Oakcrest Road. All units will be two bedrooms. The two end units in each building will be 1252 square feet with a 395 square foot garage. The center units in each triplex will be 1,114 square feet with a 251 square foot garage. Tompkins County Airport Expansion Next door, IJ Construction has started construction on the next six-string of for-sale townhomes, given the strong sales they enjoyed with the six-string they just completed. It looks like “FOR SALE” signs are left in front of two of the six, with a “SOLD” in front of a third. The other three (the three on the right) sold earlier in the summer in the $395k-$400k range, according to country records. Milton Meadows (42 Auburn Road) STREAM and John Snyder Architects designed the townhouse strings, GMB Consulting Services did the LEED score analysis, Ithaca’s T.G. Miller P.C. handled land surveying, Taitem Engineering for the mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, and Marathon Engineering tackled the civil engineering work – Marathon’s Adam Fishel shepherded the project through the town boards. M&T Bank provided the $8.6 million construction loan. At this point, it looks like the slab foundation has been built and poured. Concrete masonry unit walls and a poured slab with underground utility connections poking out through the cured concrete. Site preparation for the other triplexes is underway, though they don’t appear to be any further than site clearing and dirt pads at this point. Still, its welcome progress for what’s been a massive hassle for all parties involved. The Village of Dryden doesn’t have nearly as much construction activity as the town, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few smaller projects underway. Tre Bella’s Dance Studio is putting the finishing touches on its new 5,000 square-foot studio at the intersection of Lewis Street and Brookside Drive. The sidewalk is being poured and some of the steel siding has yet to be attached to the exterior, but Tre Bella’s expects to have the new studio ready for its first dancing feet in just a few weeks. 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