Thursday begins with Biden still on the brink, but with the final results expected within hours

first_img– Advertisement – The vote from Georgia came in a series of small batches as volunteers worked overnight. And with each batch, the gap grew smaller. In the early morning hours, the last batch counted brought the difference between Trump and Biden down to just 18,500 votes out of just under five million counted. As of 8 AM ET, there were reported to be approximately 51,000 still uncounted ballots in Georgia, mostly from areas around Atlanta and Savannah. To pull ahead, Biden needs to take these votes at a rate of 68%, but that’s actually lower than the rate of the last few batches to come down, which had been closed to 75% Biden. It’s dead certain that Georgia is heading for a finish that is going to be within 0.1% of the vote … but it’s not absolutely sure which way. In any case, the counting there should be actually finished, officials say, this morning.In Pennsylvania, it’s not going to be close. Rather than reporting what’s left in fits and starts, Pennsylvania has apparently opted to make an announcement covering the whole remaining batch. At 10PM last night, the Pennsylvania Department of State office’s unofficial tally of outstanding mail ballots was 763,311. If that vote continues to go for Biden at the same rate as the mail-in vote that has been counted to far, it would represent a  381,000 vote net gain for Biden. Which would put Biden with a win somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 votes. That means there’s considerable room for these ballots to be more Trump-friendly and still give Biden a sizable victory. Of everything still out there, Pennsylvania probably looks the best to not only secure a win, but do so at a margin that’s unassailable.- Advertisement – Arizona also did some overnight counting and, as expected, the results there favored Trump. These are mostly mail-in ballots that were delivered directly to drop boxes on the final two days before the election, a period in which Republicans in the state were being warned to get in votes to counter a widely reported Democratic surge. Consider this the flip side of that exciting reporting about the high level of Democratic early voting. As a result, the largest batch that Arizona counted on Wednesday night was actually 18 points in Trump’s favor. On Thursday morning, Biden continues to hold a 68,500 vote edge in the state. There are still enough votes out there that, if they came in for Trump at the same margin as the last batch, could flip it into the red column. However, some analysts believe what remains is going to be less of a boost for Trump. In any case, like Georgia, Arizona looks to be close.Nevada is essentially where it was on Wednesday— for that matter, where it was on Tuesday— with Biden holding a slim 8,000 vote edge and about a quarter of the vote remaining to be counted. MOst of the votes still outstanding appear to be from Clark County, which should be a good thing for Biden. In any case, Nevada has promised to finally let the world in on how people there voted some time today.North Carolina is … still there. Just chillin’. Trump leads in the state by just under 78,000 votes. He’ll probably keep it, but it’s simply unclear what kind of votes are left.- Advertisement –center_img If Biden holds Arizona, then a single other state, any state at all, would do. Biden could take Arizona and Nevada, and that would bring him to 270 exactly. Anything else is gravy. Of the five remaining states on the map, Biden just needs to get two. It looks very much as if he’ll get them.How certain does Biden’s victory seem to be? On Wednesday evening, a singular notice appeared for anyone flying in the area of Wilmington, Delaware. A particular area, centered on a particular home, is now considered “National Defense Airspace.”last_img read more

Racist, QAnon-promoting Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene launches string of conspiracy tweets

first_imgMmm-hmm. But it’s not just that Greene is a QAnon promoter. That bit is only part of an extensive list of conspiracy claims Greene has adopted. Greene has made numerous racist videos and rants condemning Black and Hispanic Americans, Muslims, and Soros. She speculated that the Charlottesville rally of white nationalists that resulted in violence and the death of one counterprotester was an “inside job” meant to discredit the right, speculated that the Las Vegas mass shooting was staged by the government in order to justify new gun laws, and promoted “Pizzagate” claims of a Hillary Clinton-connected sex trafficking ring run from the basement of a pizza restaurant that has no basement. She adopted Seth Rich conspiracy theories alleging the Obama administration was secretly behind his murder.Greene also claimed that there was no “evidence” of a “so-called plane” crashing into the Pentagon during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and that President Barack Obama “is a Muslim” who “opened up our borders to an invasion by Muslims.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement – She is also willing to act on her conspiratorial delusions. She responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusals to provide funding for Donald Trump’s demanded “border wall” by accusing Pelosi of “crimes of treason” that are “punishable by death.” In February of 2019 she filmed herself inside the Capitol attempting to harass Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who she claimed were not legitimate congresspersons because they used the Quran to take their oaths of office rather than Bibles.Screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Facebook post threatening Democratic members of Congress.In September, Greene posted to Facebook an image of herself holding an assault rifle next to pictures of Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar, declaring that “Hate America leftists want to take this country down,” and that “Americans must take our country back.”It is an error to say that Marjorie Taylor Greene is a QAnon adherent. Greene has been a conspiracy theorist on the level of Alex Jones about everything, QAnon-related or not, and has especially wallowed in racist, white nationalist, and militia claims from the far-far-right. Greene is an advocate for propaganda and fascism.- Advertisement – Despite her anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and racist conspiracy-peddling, however, Greene has not only not faced few Republican Party denunciations but was quickly embraced by the party. Donald Trump is especially enamored of her.That is the state of Republicanism today. Violence-peddling conspiratorial racists are not only the party’s target audience; they are the party itself. A generation of conspiracy peddling and win-at-all-cost propagandizing has resulted in the election of Republican lawmakers whose Republican foundations are the conspiracy theories past conservatives nurtured in their attempts to inflame the gullible.Now Greene will be headed to Congress, though it remains to be seen whether she lasts a full term—or even a few months—before committing some breach requiring her expulsion. With that in mind, we check in on conservatism’s “future Republican star” just after winning her election:- Advertisement –last_img read more

US election 2020: Who is ahead in the states still counting?

first_imgHow many votes are still to be counted: Officials say there are about 190,000 ballots remaining. – Advertisement – When will we learn more? State officials said they hoped to count the “overwhelming majority” of the outstanding votes by the end of Thursday. That raises the possibility of a projection on Friday morning. Let’s see. The race for the White House is coming down to who wins the few remaining battleground states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona. A win in just Pennsylvania or two of the other four remaining states would be enough to confirm Mr Biden as president-elect, barring any legal challenge. ARIZONA – 11 electoral votes Interactive results map Where things stand: Biden still has a lead of about 43,000 – but Trump has been gaining steadily throughout the day. Section divider

Twitter sends Cornyn to civics class, teaches him about Puerto Rico, and gives him a MAGA dunce cap

first_imgxOh for fuck’s sake, we coulda had @mjhegar.I bet she knows that Puerto Rico doesn’t vote for President.6 more years of this fucking guy.— Holly Figueroa O’Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) November 13, 2020 xThats your problem. YOU DON’T THINK.— 🇨🇦Sharon Sikala🇨🇦 (@SharonSikala) November 13, 2020I guess Cornyn’s fake Oxford degree didn’t help him with learning anything about the United States.Control of the U.S. Senate is at stake. We can’t do anything about John Cornyn, but we can win in Georgia! We need you to phonebank, textbank, and do other crucial work necessary for Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock to win seats in Georgia. Click to find the activity best for you.We’ve got one last shot at booting Senate Republicans from power in January. Please give $3 right now to send the GOP packing. – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Raw Story ran the story with this headline that says it all: “‘Half-wit’ Texas senator mocked for not knowing Puerto Rico can’t vote in the presidential election.”As an elected official Cornyn should probably know that since it isn’t a state, Puerto Rico doesn’t get a say in the U.S. presidential election[…]Cornyn was ridiculed for not knowing the rules for the state, something typically taught in middle school civics classes around the country.Here’s Cornyn’s tweet:- Advertisement – xI fixed the election map for you, to include Puerto Rico’s 80 electoral votes. Dream the dream.— Duke Mauerman (@Duke_Mauerman) November 13, 2020After getting soundly ratioed, Cornyn attempted a clean-up on Aisle Stupid.- Advertisement – xAnother example of why it is prudent to let the process run its course: Thousands of Uncounted Votes Found a Week After Election in Puerto Rico— Senator John Cornyn (@JohnCornyn) November 12, 2020Here are some responses:xWhose turn is it to tell him?— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) November 12, 2020last_img read more

Peru impeachment protests: Clashes with police with police turn deadly

first_img– Advertisement – Last year, the president dissolved Congress, arguing that lawmakers were obstructing his anti-corruption agenda. A new Congress was elected in January, but tension remained high between the legislative and the executive, with Mr Vizcarra accusing lawmakers of fostering “chaos and disorder”.last_img

Flu-related hospitalizations have risen among elderly

first_imgSep 23, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – The graying of America is leading to an increase in hospital stays related to influenza, according to a research report in the Sep 15 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.Many flu-related hospitalizations occur among the elderly, and the number of such hospitalizations has increased “substantially” in the last 20 years as the population has aged, say William W. Thompson, PhD, of the National Immunization Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and six other researchers.They estimate that more than 200,000 respiratory and circulatory hospitalizations are associated with the flu each year in the United States, substantially more than previous estimates of hospitalizations attributed specifically to pneumonia and flu.While national mortality estimates have been important for influenza planning, the article says those estimates don’t fully reflect the incidence of severe flu infections, because many severe illnesses aren’t fatal.The study drew upon 22 years’ worth of data in the National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS). Using the NHDS data, as well as flu surveillance data from World Health Organization collaborating laboratories, the researchers estimated the annual average numbers of hospitalizations for primary and any listed pneumonia and influenza and for overall respiratory hospitalizations from 1979-80 through 2000-01.The investigators found that people 85 and older had the highest rates of flu-linked hospitalizations, at 1,194.9 hospitalizations per 100,000. Children younger than 5 had the same rates of flu-associated hospitalization as people aged 50 to 64 years. People between the ages of 5 and 49 had the lowest rates of flu-related hospitalizations, the study showed.The data link the dominant type of flu in a given season and hospitalization rates. When A(H3N2) viruses predominated, there were 43.5 primary pneumonia and influenza and 99.0 primary respiratory and circulatory hospitalizations per 100,000 person-years associated with flu viruses. When B viruses were predominant, the respective hospitalization rates were 37.7 and 81.4. When A(H1N1) predominated, 22.6 pneumonia and flu and 55.9 respiratory and circulatory hospitalizations were found per 100,000 person-years.The increase in flu-related hospitalizations and deaths was due to several factors, including the prevalence of A(H3N2) viruses in many recent flu seasons and a trend for longer flu seasons during the 1990s, the article adds.The findings highlight the need to improve flu prevention among the very young and the very old, the authors conclude. Recommendations for flu vaccine for high-risk individuals, household contacts of high-risk people, healthcare workers, and young children must be implemented, they write.One limitation of the study is that NHDS data don’t include patients’ previous health history or vaccination status, which could be used to measure vaccine effectiveness, the authors write.Thompson WW, Shay DK, Weintraub E, et al. Influenza-associated hospitalizations in the United States. JAMA 2004:292(11):1333-40 [Abstract]last_img read more

Officials fear avian flu may become endemic in Turkey

first_imgJan 13, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – The rapid spread of avian influenza across Turkey in recent days has generated criticism of the country’s response to the disease and concern that the virus may become too well-established to eradicate any time soon.H5N1 avian flu has been found in birds in 11 of Turkeys’ 81 provinces and is suspected in 14 more, Turkish Agriculture Minister Mehdi Eker said yesterday. In addition, 18 human cases have been reported, of which four have been recognized so far by the World Health Organization (WHO).The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned yesterday that the disease could become endemic in Turkey and that it poses a serious risk to Turkey’s neighbors.”The virus may be spreading despite the control measures already taken,” Juan Lubroth, senior FAO animal health officer, said in an FAO statement.Turkey’s first poultry outbreak of avian flu was reported near the northwestern town of Balikesir early in October. The disease resurfaced in mid-December at the other end of the country, in Igdir province, near the Armenian border. The outbreak was confirmed as avian flu on Dec 26, according to a Turkish report to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). The first two human cases were reported on Jan 4.Joseph Domenech, the FAO’s chief of veterinary services, criticized the pace of Turkey’s response. “Their detection was not early enough, so the virus was able to spread for weeks,” he said, as quoted in a Jan 12 New York Times report.The FAO said Turkey’s neighbors should get ready to apply surveillance and control measures and to make sure the public is well informed about the risk.Entrenchment of the virus in Turkey carries high risks because of the country’s location on the doorstep of Europe and on bird migration routes to Africa, Domenech said.Turkish officials have denied they were slow in responding to the outbreaks, according to an Agence France-Press (AFP) report yesterday. Eker said culling of poultry began immediately after infected birds were reported Dec 15.But according to the New York Times story, local residents said authorities “waited for weeks” to investigate the outbreaks that began in mid-December.United Nations officials said yesterday that Turkish authorities were now taking the problem seriously, according to a Jan 12 New York Times report. Dr. Marc Danzon, WHO regional director for Europe, called the government’s current measures “correct and proper.” Speaking at a news conference in Ankara, he said there was no reason to avoid travel to Turkey.Turkey will soon get some financial aid for its avian flu battle, according to reports today. The European Union (EU), worried about the outbreaks in Turkey, pledged 4 million euros (about $4.8 million) to help Turkey fight the virus, AFP reported.The EU also announced today its intention to grant up to 80 million euros (about $100 million) to help developing countries fight avian flu. The pledge is to be formally announced next week at a conference of donor countries in Beijing. The meeting is expected to draw officials from 90 countries and 25 international organizations, according to AFP.Also today, Eker, the Turkish agriculture minister, said his country would receive $35 million under a World Bank Program to improve its “technical capacity” for fighting avian flu, an AFP report said. He said the money includes $15 million in loans and the rest in grants.See also:Jan 11 FAO statement Commission map of avian flu outbreaks and human cases in Turkey read more

NEWS SCAN: Anthrax vaccine, import food safety, H5N1 lab exposure, Egyptian avian flu controls, HHS webinar, Congo Ebola outbreak ends

first_imgFeb 17, 2009Researchers develop oral anthrax vaccineUsing bacteria commonly found in yogurt as a delivery vehicle, researchers are developing an oral anthrax vaccine, according to a study to be published this week in the online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study in mice showed that the oral anthrax vaccine was almost as effective as the injectable version.[Feb 16 North Carolina State University press release]Counterfeiting, adulteration threaten import food safetyBurgeoning international trade is overwhelming the oversight of food safety in many nations, experts warned yesterday at an imported food safety symposium at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. They added that food adulteration and counterfeiting from overseas is likely to continue, given demand for inexpensive food. Improving risk-based inspections, the detection of signals of contamination, immediate response to outbreaks, and risk communications may help reduce food contamination, the experts said.[Feb 16 Michigan State University press release]Czech lab workers exposed to H5N1Lab employees working with ferrets in the Czech Republic were treated with oseltamivir (Tamiflu) recently after they handled flu vaccine that had been contaminated with the H5N1 avian influenza virus, according to media reports today. Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), citing a Czech newspaper, said that the vaccine was made by Baxter. Representatives from the company reportedly said the vaccine was likely contaminated during packaging in Austria.Egypt implements new H5N1 controlsAnimal health officials in Egypt closed 71 poultry farms in Kalyubiyah governorate for 6 months, according to a report on the country’s H5N1 disease-control efforts that was recently posted on the Web site of Egypt-based Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection and Response (SAIDR). At a Jan 17 meeting of northern governorates, authorities decided to extend poultry vaccination to urban and surrounding areas to further reduce human exposure to the virus.Webinar to probe mental health pandemic planningMental health components of pandemic planning is the topic of tomorrow’s US Health and Human Services (HHS) PlanFirst Webcast, which will be held at 2 pm (EST).Congo says Ebola outbreak is overThe recent Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ended, the nation’s health ministry announced yesterday. The last person who had a confirmed infection died on Jan 1, according to a statement today from the World Health Organization (WHO). Authorities reported 32 cases, including 15 deaths, which include confirmed, probable, and suspect cases.[Feb 17 WHO statement]last_img read more