Johnson Charles is ready for CPL17 Cricket Tournament

first_imgThe St Lucia Stars had the most successful cricket season last year. Much of that success was as a result of Johnson Charles’s impressive season with the bat.Definitely excited“2016 was a big year and 2017 is definitely going to have more hype and I am looking forward to doing my thing. I am definitely excited and you know the excitement is immeasurable.” Johnson said as we count down the days to the opening match at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground,” Charles said.When asked about what is required for the Stars to go all the way this year Charles was confident. “All we have to do now is maintain and improve on our performances. It is going to take a lot of work because all teams are coming after us. It is a hard competition. So, we just have to maintain and give our all.”Confident in his teamCharles is full of belief in his team and his own abilities. “Last year I was number two in the run scoring charts. So, this year I am just looking to start at number two and get up there to number one. It will take a lot of hard work because every batsman is coming out there to perform and get the most runs.”Speaking about the development Hero CPL and the changes players faced in the opening years, Charles said: “When we started in the first year you could have seen that guys were not really into T20 and did not really know much about the game, but as it progressed you could see everybody getting a lot better in their games and game planning.Hero CPL pushed career“Hero CPL has pushed my T20 career forward in that it has exposed me to more of the world stage and it has definitely marketed my name. It has helped me a lot and I am hoping to use this as far as possible.”last_img read more

EDITORIAL: Time to legislate

first_imgDepending on who or what side their support is on, Americans are either elated or disappointed by the summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the alleged collusion by the Donald Trump campaign with Russia during the 2016 general elections.On Sunday, the US Department of Justice through Attorney General William Barr, released a four-page summary of the report, which seems to vindicate President Donald Trump and members of his 2016 campaign from criminal involvement and collusion with Russia. In the summary, however, Mueller was unable to exonerate Trump from possible obstruction of justice.Summary is inconclusiveCritics of the summary of the 22-month investigation find it inconclusive. There are also concerns that Mueller left the investigation to the Attorney General, the president’s political appointee, to conclude there was no collusion; while leaving the matter of obstruction of justice vague. Mueller has been criticized for “shunting” his ultimate responsibility. On the other hand, there’s also confusion and concern among some of Trump’s supporters regarding the report’s statement that it “does not exonerate the president from obstruction of justice”.Release full Mueller report to Congress Clearing some of the questions raised from the brief summary seems dependent on Congress being made privy to Mueller’s full report. Already, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are requesting the full report.Could lead to more polarizationNot having access to the report only leads to speculations and misinterpretations, and even more polarization in an already polarized nation. Americans deserve full disclosure, not more doubt and innuendos.  Since Trump’s election in November 2016, the country has been embroiled in persistent controversy as to the legitimacy of the election. A special counsel was appointed to investigate the possibility of collusion and interference, and finally their investigation is over. Nonetheless, a welcome reliefBut despite the limited information from the report, it is a welcome relief that Mueller at least has finished his portion of the saga.  However, there is likely to be fallout from the summary put out by AG Barr as people anticipate the full disclosure of the report.It’s fair to say months of speculating on the possible outcome of Mueller’s investigation has sacrificed attention to issues that directly address the daily life of most Americans.Crucial issues not being dealt with effectively Critical issues including immigration, affordable healthcare, minimum wage, education, women affairs, Social Security, infrastructural repairs and manufacturing, have not been given the full attention due. During this period, the nation have been held hostage by hullabaloos between Democrats and Republicans, and controversies involving the Trump administration.Last November, Democrats won a significant majority in the House of Representatives, with the new representatives promising to address these and other issues when seated. Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems she is keen on getting legislation done but to some extent its being over taken by the specter of the investigations.With the 2020 election campaign underway; and the likelihood that Democrats will be pressing for release of the Mueller report, there’s a real possibility the interests of voters could continue to be left unresolved. But the election campaign must be left to those members of Congress who are seeking reelection or the presidency. And, while the importance of getting access to Mueller’s report is understood, this mustn’t be prioritized over the people’s interest.Politicians should always be aware that if issues affecting the people are not addressed, they risk the people not voting, or if they do, voting against them.last_img read more

U.S. Census 2020 – Stand Up And Be Counted

first_imgMIAMI, Florida – The next decennial U.S. national survey or census begins on April 1, 2020. This important survey not only counts how many people live in America but determines allocation of federal benefits.However, there are indications that if a coordinated and effective promotional campaign isn’t maintained until Census Day, April 1, several communities, including the black community, could be undercounted in the census.Earlier this month, results of a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found black Americans are roughly twice as likely as their white counterparts to be doubtful about participating in the 2020 census. In the survey, a combined 26 percent of black respondents said they might not, probably would not, or definitely would not, participate in the census, compared to 21 percent of Hispanics who said the same, and 12 percent of white Americans.Should the results of this survey hold true during next year’s census, it could result in communities with significant black populations, including Caribbean-Americans, being undercounted.When communities are undercounted in the U.S. Census, it is usually to the detriment of residents, since the census data is used to determine how an annual federal allocation of $800 billion will be apportioned across the U.S. for the next 10 years.Florida is budgeted to receive $45 billion annually in federal funding, but the amount allocated to respective political districts depends on the population size of the district counted during the 2020 census.It would be rather unfortunate—after the coordinated community effort to have the Trump administration reverse its plan to place a citizenship question on the census questionnaire—for America’s black population to be undercounted. A primary argument for pushing for the removal of the citizenship question was that it could result in several minority and immigrant communities being undercounted.According to the Center on Poverty and Inequality of the Leadership Conference Educational Fund, the black population has been historically undercounted in past censuses, disadvantaging families, communities, and neighborhoods. The 2010 Census undercounted the African-American population by more than 800,000. Approximately 7 percent of African-American children were overlooked by that census, roughly twice the rate for non-Hispanic White children; and African-American men have been historically undercounted in greater numbers than men of other racial or ethnic groups.The reasons given why some aspects of the black population are regarded as “hard to count” tracks in the U.S. Census include poverty, lack of homeownership, and immigration insecurity.It’s also ironic that although through proper counting of the black population more benefits can be accrued to help the poor, former censuses saw very low participation by low-income individuals. The overburdened poor have little interest in a survey in which they do not understand nor trust the outcome.Also, in past censuses people who rent homes were harder to count than homeowners. Renters tend to relocate more frequently and are more difficult for census takers to find.Immigrants who are not citizens tend to be particularly suspicious of the census, fearing the information taken by the government could in some way affect their future residential status.Besides a serious mistrust for the census, a primary reason for the undercounting of black and other minority communities is ignorance of the benefits derived from the census.Many programs that impact African- and Caribbean-Americans are dependent on the data derived from the census. It’s this data that allocate federal funding for:Education and childcare – Helping low-income students to meet state academic standards, assist students with disabilities, assist preschoolers from low-income families to participate in the Head Start program, and help low-income parents obtain childcare so they can work or further their education.Food and Nutrition – Food stamps and other benefits under the Supplemental National Assistance Program (SNAP), and meals for students under the National School Lunch Program.Healthcare and Housing – Health coverage for low-income families under Medicaid, and housing assistance under the Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers Program.In addition to these benefits, it’s the proper counting of communities through the census that determine the number of political representatives from the community that sit in the U.S. Congress.It’s vital that South Florida community organizations collaborate with municipalities, like some have already done in joining the Miami-Dade Counts 2020 initiative, to encourage residents to participate in the 2020 Census.The black community, traditionally one of America’s more economically challenged, often complain about the lack of access to, or inadequacy of federal benefits. It’s important the community be aware if they stand up and are counted in the 2020 Census there’s a better chance more of these benefits will become accessible.last_img read more

Chris Gayle Says He wants to Play Cricket for the Next…

first_imgKINGSTON, Jamaica – West Indies veteran Chris Gayle recently dismissed rumors of retirement, saying that he wants to continue playing cricket until he is 45-years-old.The 40-year-old batsman is currently playing for Chattogram Challengers in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). In an interview with Dhaka, Gayle said that he sees himself giving five more years to the sport.“A lot of people still want see Chris Gayle out there in the middle. I still have that love for the game and that passion for the game as well. And I would love to carry on as long as possible”, he said.“Even in franchise cricket, I am still playing a few games here and there around the globe because I still feel I have a lot to offer. The body is feeling good. And I am sure I am getting younger as days go on.”As to how long he might want to carry on, Gayle, who turned 40 in September, joked that he could keep going for five more years.“Forty-five is a good number. Yeah, we can target 45. Let’s target 45, that’s a good number.”In February 2019, 40-year-old batsman announced his retirement from One-Day Internationals (ODI) in February but reversed his decision after the World Cup. Gayle has not played an ODI since his 301st game for West Indies against India in August 2019.He did, however, indicate that he is available for this year’s Twenty20 World Cup in Australia from October 18 to November 15.“The door is open for a chance. Let’s see what happens,” Gayle said when asked about selection for the World Cup. “We’ll see what happens. We have some bright youngsters ahead of you as well. I will leave the options open to hear back from [the selectors].”last_img read more

Jamaican High Commissioner to UK Appeals for Caribbean Nationals to Get…

first_imgLONDON, England – Amid another mass deportation of Caribbean nationals from the United Kingdom, Jamaica’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Seth George Ramocan, says persons to be deported should be entitled to the due process of the law.“The individuals who are being deported have a right to be heard, they have a right to have access to their lawyers, they have rights for any possibility or privileges for making applications to determine their rights to remain…before that flight departs,” Ramocan said in a recent interview.He acknowledged during the interview that the state had the right “to determine whether that person would be allowed to remain in the country” saying that he was in discussions also with a legal voluntary group involved in the community on the matter.”His comments come after the Uk’s Home Office announced a charter flight with deportees is scheduled to arrive in Jamaica on February 11. This is the second charter flight to depart Jamaica from the UK since the Windrush Scandal broke in 2018.In February 2019, 29 criminals were deported on the charter flight to Jamaica, all with a combined sentence of 150 years, or an average prison term of five years (according to the Home Office).Following the Home Office’s announcement of this week’s flight, hundreds of protesters lined outside of the office to protest the decision.Karen Doyle, from national organisation Movement for Justice, told British media that the protest “was a powerful demonstration of how people feel about these unjust mass deportation charter flights”.While the Home Office, Ramocan, and the British High Commissioner to Jamaica, Asif Ahmad, have all assured that the deportees are not members of the Windrush generation, lawyers say some passengers could be victims of trafficking and county lines exploitation.The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) says some have lived in the UK for the majority of their lives and are being disproportionately punished for minor crimes.Since 2018, the British government faced a serious backlash about the treatment of the Windrush generation – named after a ship that brought people to the United Kingdom from the Caribbean in 1948. It emerged that thousands of long-term UK residents were denied access to services, held in detention or removed despite living legally in the country for decades.last_img read more

Betting Odds For August 12, 2017

first_imgThe MastermindRelatedSouthampton FC vs Tottenham HotspurJune 30, 2017Similar postBetting Odds For August 11, 2017August 11, 2017In “Europe”Betting Odds For August 19, 2017August 19, 2017In “England” England : Premier LeagueChelsea FC vs Burnley. (home team to score first goal)The defending champions of the English Premier League will start their defense campaign with a tie against lowly rated Burnley. Having lost the final of the community shield tie played last weekend to Arsenal FC, Chelsea should be braced up for this one.Burnley are not known for having good away runs of late, but I feel that the team will give this tie their best shot and see what it will bring in form of points to the team.The Blues (Chelsea FC) should be the more offensive team in this tie, thus I am calling this one : “Chelsea FC to score the first goal” as the team will be playing at home and with the support of the Stamford Bridge fans, this should not be impossible. Scotland : Championship Dundee Utd vs Queen of the South. (1x/12)The Scottish Championship is a league where lots of goals are scored and most of the matches played in this league don’t usually end in draws.The meaning of my call for this tie which is “1x/12”, is that the home team should either draw or win the first half and the entirety of the tie should not end in a draw. This is a unique option in betting that I feel should be explored by the fans of this forum.All odds when calculated amounted to a little above the 3 odd multiplier. England : Premier LeagueBrighton vs Manchester City. (away win)With the huge number of summer signings made by Manchester City this summer, Pep will have no reason not to guide the team to at least a silver ware success this season. There is so much optimism in the camp of “the sky blues” that they could win the league this season.Brighton just gained promotion into the English Premier League and will be hoping to cause an upset in this tie. The club finished second behind Newcastle United in the English Championship last season. Pep and his lads know that this is a must win tie, if they are to prove to the rest of the world that they will be genuine title contenders this season.My call for this one is an away win for Manchester City. France : Ligue 1Bordeaux vs Metz. (12 & under 4.5)This tie could be categorised as one of those “French league mid-table classic ties”, where any of the teams can win it. Bordeaux are the overwhelming favourites for this tie according to the book makers, but in ties like this, one can’t be too sure of that.Metz ruffled some feathers last season in the league, so an upset should not be ruled out.My calls on this tie, are for any of the teams to win and under 4.5 goals.last_img read more

Hugo Broos Still In Charge Of Cameroon National Team, Laughs Over Resignation Rumours

first_imgHugo Broos HAS NOT resigned his position as coach of Cameroon’s national team, despite reports, especially in Nigerian media that he has thrown in the towel.Sources in Cameroon have referred to the reports as “mere rumours”, and there’s no truth to it. In fact, when asked about the reports, Broos, who is already back in Cameroon preparing for the visit of Nigeria’s Super Eagles “laughed over it”.This is not the first time though that there have been reports of the 65-year-old resignation. After a 2-1 friendly defeat to Guinea in March, Broos openly lambasted the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) over unpaid salaries and poor welfare, claiming “this is the last straw” and that he was “wondering if he could continue” as the Lions coach.Broos stayed on after that, but the unrest and instability in FECAFOOT have not been fully attended to, which led to FIFA appointing a normalisation committee to take charge of the Association.Cameroon sits second in group B despite Friday’s 4-0 loss to Nigeria.They host Nigeria’s Super Eagles in Yaounde on Monday, however, Hugo Broos has already written off the country’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup in Russia.“There is no hope. We have to win three games and Nigeria have to lose three games. That’s not possible.”“The second leg is no longer important. We don’t have a chance to reach the World Cup. Russia 2018 won’t happen for us.”The Belgian is expected to take charge of training for the Indomitable Lions at 5:00 pm today.RelatedAUDIO: Cameroon Coach Admits Losing To A Better Nigerian SideSeptember 2, 2017In “Africa”AUDIO: We Can’t Afford To Lose To Nigeria – Cameroon Coach, Hugo BroosAugust 31, 2017In “Africa”Siasia In The Running For Vacant Cameroon Managerial PostApril 24, 2018In “Africa”last_img read more

Ladbrokes seeks to extend key SPFL sponsorship

first_imgShare FSB selects Glenn Elliott as new COO August 12, 2020 Bookies Corner: Trump Presidency sinks as US 2020 enters its 100 day countdown July 29, 2020 Submit GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 Related Articles Share StumbleUpon FTSE-listed Ladbrokes Coral has informed that it will extend Ladbrokes title sponsorship of all Scottish professional football divisions, by agreeing on further terms with the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL).Ladbrokes has acted as SPFL lead sponsor since 2015. The bookmaker detailed that it wanted to extend its existing £2 million a year sponsorship agreement with SPFL for the upcoming 2017/18 season.Ladbrokes Coral CEO, Jim Mullen has stated that corporate governance is happy with the progress and coverage its SPFL sponsorship, which is one of the firm’s biggest marketing initiatives.“We are passionate about the game and our love of football has helped to make the past two seasons hugely rewarding. “Our customers and colleagues know that Ladbrokes and Scottish football make great partners and we are proud to extend our partnership with the SPFL.” Mullen detailedThe betting firm’s contribution to Scottish football has been noted by league stakeholders, who have supported the sponsor’s investment in grassroots and social initiatives within all levels of the sport.Updating the media and investors, Ladbrokes marketing stated that it expects to confirm its sponsorship renewal within the coming days.last_img read more

Steven Gerrard signs up for Betsafe backed Star Sixes

first_img StumbleUpon Related Articles Betsson sees strong prospects in disrupted Kenya June 19, 2020 Share FavBet’s Alex Hleb deal: “When contract is just a piece of paper” June 19, 2020 Andy McCue returns to betting with Betsson AB June 22, 2020 Submit Share Former Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard is just one of the star names pulling on their national jerseys again as part of the inaugural Star Sixes tournament in London, backed by Betsafe.Betsafe has been confirmed as the official Principal Partner of the six-a-side football tournament, which will be shown live on Sky Sports from the O2 Arena (13-16 July).The Betsson Group subsidiary has digital rights across the Star Sixes website, which includes prominent branding, banner inventory and a betting tab linking to the Betsafe website.The company will also be able to publish official Star Sixes footage and stills to promote its association with the tournament, including an exclusive right to transmit a live broadcast feed of the action.Organised by Pitch International (London), in partnership with sports management agency Football Champions Tour, Star Sixes will see a collection of star names across 12 nations compete in the international six-a-side tournament for the Star Sixes trophy.England, Brazil, Germany, Spain and France will be in action, represented by the likes of Gerrard, Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand, Roberto Carlos, Michael Ballack, Carles Puyol and Robert Pires. Deco and Jay-Jay Okocha will also be playing for Portugal and Nigeria respectively.Neil Bailey, CEO of Star Sixes, said: “We’re delighted to welcome such an established global gaming brand as Betsafe on board as our official Principal Partner.“Star Sixes is best described as a world cup for legends, so it’s only fitting we’re teaming up with a company that is a world leader in its industry.“We’re looking forward to working closely with Betsafe as we build up to what should be a gripping tournament for football fans across the globe.”Nicola Fitton, Managing Director for Betsafe, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be the official Principal Partner for Star Sixes. With such a stellar line-up of football legends from around the world, this tournament will be the hottest ticket in town this summer.”Every Star Sixes player is a fully-capped former international, with each country selecting a ten-man squad. The competition will feature a group phase followed by knockout stages, including penalty shootouts, culminating in the Star Sixes Final with the trophy at stake.last_img read more

SIS appoints Sandra McWilliams as new Sales lead

first_img SIS upgrades streaming network with Phenix solutions  June 3, 2020 Submit Sandra McWilliamsIndustry horse and greyhound racing content provider SIS has confirmed the appointment of Sandra McWilliams as its new Sales Director.An e-commerce sales expert, McWilliams joins SIS from international payments provider Equiniti, where she held the position of Sales Director for International Payments (2016-2017). McWilliams has prior industry experience, having led sales and commercial development  for gaming & betting sectors at Experian UK (2010-2014)McWilliams joins SIS executive team, as the company plans to expand its international footprint, whilst further strengthening its core partnerships in the UK and Ireland.SIS Commercial Director Paul Witten commented on the appointment of McWilliams: “We’re delighted to welcome Sandra to SIS and I believe that she is a valuable asset for the company.”“She has a wealth of experience working in sales and has prior knowledge of the betting industry, which will prove to be invaluable as we continue to develop our customer base globally.”McWilliams commented on joining SIS: I’m thrilled to have joined SIS and look forward to working with one of the industry’s most recognised brands.“SIS has a strong heritage and I look forward to working with the team to help provide optimal betting solutions for our customers, and to growing both our domestic and international customer base.” SIS reintroduces Towcester service as it resumes full greyhound schedule May 27, 2020 StumbleUpon SIS grows Latin American footprint through Betcris deal August 12, 2020 Related Articles Share Sharelast_img read more