How can we start the new optimization

Optimization of

, is to build the website frame, including navigation bar, book, map, 404 pages, 301 redirect, delete dead links etc.. The deleted are deleted, which should not be used do not use a good website framework for search engine crawlers will love, and a good framework for users will love, looks comfortable, easy to use, the webmaster to think, can also discuss with the programmer.

fourth: optimization of

website optimization structureThe optimization of the structure of the

chain, we all know this, but now I love Shanghai foreign chain requirements is also high, from the green radish algorithm, you know, let alone the chain webmaster anxious enough. Now we have the chain from the "fine". Not from the "quantity". For example: in the famous blog (such as Tianya, Sina, NetEase, etc.), several well-known Forum (such as MOP, why, Admin5, Chinaz Shanghai, etc.) as well as their own industry chain can do forum. At the same time, the chain is not to be forgotten. The chain is in the whole. read more

The two level domain name website have to say something

1, two primary domain name and associated with very large


this is often seen, many people feel that the weight of the two level domain name will inherit the primary domain, so the primary domain weight high after that quickly resolve a two level domain name, want to take a shortcut, the result of being snubbed. Also said in front of the two level domain do website is a separate station, will not get what domain from there, to do a good job in this station, also need a step by step to do. Some people may ask, why love some of Shanghai’s two level domain name, such as: library, know, Wikipedia and other how the weights are so high? This is the love of Shanghai step by step to optimize the accumulation of out, and not the original resolution out is this result, and you only see the good, the other two love domain name of the sea, have you seen read more