Fab foodie fact file interview

first_img#SaucySoul: Room 58 – ‘Hate To See You Leave’ Facebook NewsLocal NewsFab foodie fact file interviewBy Staff Reporter – March 13, 2014 607 [email protected] Limerick Print #HearThis: New music and video from Limerick rapper Strange Boy WhatsApp Celebrating a ground breaking year in music from Limerick Emma Langford shortlisted for RTE Folk Award and playing a LIVE SHOW!!! this Saturday RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img Previous articleLimerick GAA Medal Presentation NightNext articleCouncils accused of using ‘slave labour’ Staff Reporterhttp://www.limerickpost.ie Twitter Andrew CareySign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up [email protected]’s fast food at its best – the 140 character fab foodie fact file interview.This week, to kick off the series where we ask ten questions and give the respondents 140 characters to work with, Italian Foodie – Lorraine Fanneran.01 – What are you doing right now (other than reading or answering these questions)Writing an article about what Mother’s Day means to me, what I should be doing is cleaning my house…02 – Is eating out, in general, too expensive?It is but being in the industry I understand why prices are so high, it’s a very tough industry with lots of red tape…03 – What is your desert island wish dish?Spaghetti Alio Olio e Pepperoncino, one of the simplest dishes to make. Himself knows he is always forgiven if this is made for dinner…04 – Are we obsessed with food, it’s origin, it’s price, what its benefits are or are not….etc?As a country I would say no, there are a few that are but in general we don’t really care. Food is seen as fuel by most…05 – Has Italian food surpassed or usurped the French style of cooking?I think Italian food is probably more assessable than French food as it is considered easier to make using very simple ingredients. Take a simple pasta with tomato sauce, even the most novice cook can make it and there is nothing simpler and nothing tastier…06 – Why are there so few female chefs behind the burners in restaurant kitchens?To be honest I don’t know, in Italy in all the family restaurants it’s always the Mamma who is in the kitchen.07 – Can chef owners really run two or more premises?If you can delegate and trust your team yes it is possible but it’s very hard when you are cooking at a high standard using all fresh ingredients and nothing pre-prepared bought in, that’s probably why most don’t including ourselves.08 – Irish school lunches, are they good bad or same as the UK?They’re terrible, I put my hand up to this one. It’s very hard to be inventive with a packed lunch and there’s only so many ham sandwiches you can eat. In the UK at least they get a hot meal at lunch.09 – If you food was not your forte, what would you be doing instead?Married to a millionaire lying on a beach in the Seychells10 – What is your guilty pleasure – it’s OK, we wont tell?A Big Mac after a bold night out which is very rare these days with 2 smallies Advertisement Linkedin Pigtown Culture & Food Series is back Email Watch the streamed gig for Fergal Nash album launchlast_img

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