The coexistence of the imaginary hero and the real hero

first_imgLuis Landero “Messi, Cristiano or Mbappé are from the Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan or Tintin lineage” García Montero has the same opinion and values ​​as a “human fantasy” the hero character that is given to the footballer. “Modernity has made a new mythology and footballers have become myths. That has a lot of manipulation, because in the end they are people with their contradictory processes,” he stresses.Consecrated the social dimension of the player, his hierarchy as a fictional hero of the population also prevails, at least in the fancy’s imagination. “Don Quixote confused fiction with reality. I hope we don’t “ Luis Landero exposes. “The heroes of reality (especially health) are not comparable to our heroes of fiction. Messi, Cristiano or Mbappé are from the Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan or Tintin lineage: it is a separate fauna “, difference in your final reflection. It is the contrast of imaginary heroes and real heroes.center_img The applause changed sides and places. Now they are not heard in crowded stadiums, but in the public privacy of the balconies. And it is the footballers who applaud all the workers who are on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus. This new scenery reverses the usual roles and strips the player of his town hero cape, but its extension in time simply seems eventual.“Everything will continue to be the same. The footballer’s position changed a long time ago. Today he is a social actor and that will always be the case,” Valdano guarantees. His conclusion comes close to the idea that general recognition of health workers and risk workers will be momentary and the heroes of yesterday will be the same as tomorrow. “It seems to me that the human being has a very strong cultural and emotional inertia and we will tend to return to what we were. Sooner than later we will have those strange priorities and those strange adorations that we knew how to perpetrate “, Sacheri supports him.“It would be enough if we did not get worse out of all this. We even saw that sanitarians and workers are attacked as possible transmitters of the contagion. Those who are doing the most to solve our problems begin to be targeted as suspects “, Valdano laments. In similar terms, Foer speaks and influences the controversy. “I would turn the matter around. After this crisis, will society continue to treat toilets as heroes? Will we increase their pay? Will we provide them with the equipment they will need in future catastrophes?” He asks. “Also, heroism is not zero sum. The rise of new heroes will not come at the expense of the old “, precise below.last_img

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