A promise is a comfort to a fool

first_imgDear Editor,There are so many instances of incompetence and outright corruption in this PNC-led Coalition that I do not know where to start. They are in such an advanced and entrenched form of being corrupt that corruption has enveloped their souls, and in that lost state, they are now bringing down the entire nation with them. To this end, they have become so appallingly brazen with that message exported in a hidden series of promises.We are in the season of promises, promises galore; so here we go. Again, I do not know where to start, but let me be fair and cast lots, and the lot automatically falls on the Prime Minister, so I shall begin at Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.Now, the Prime Minister is on the campaign trail to regain his position, and to do this, he is going about it in a roundabout manner, playing the “good guy, charismatic figure role.” He is targeting the youths in our midst, one of the groups he thinks he can exploit with his subtleties.He speaks of free education at our university for our youths, and of all sorts of niceties. At face value, these promises seem well meaning and good for the youths, who, according to the President, are the future of our nation. Nice and fitting words for a campaigner, sweet and darling ideas.But wait, Mr Prime Minister; let us pause a moment. These are not new and exciting promises; these are old, worn-out phrases used four years ago in the last election. The only addition is the free education clause; free education is just an addition to the youth phrase chant.Since the last election, when the youths were his target group, nothing has been done to help their cause, and the Government did come up wanting. Now that another election is looming, our youths have suddenly seen prominence in the eyes of this Government. After four long years, the youths are again being targeted to shore up Nagamootoo’s, as well as this Government’s, image.But I can tell them this: it is too little, too late; the youths are not fooled by your latest offer, they have seen your hypocrisy and double talk. They have seen you raise your salaries by 50 per cent, and having a good life while the jobs that were promised them became an elusive dream. These are struggling youths, some of whom have families to take care of and no jobs. This is the reality the youths face day after day.So, Mr Nagamootoo, please take your promises and put them where I cannot here express my profoundest thoughts; only to say hide them where…, you know where.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img

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