A Slow Road to SOA?

first_imgLast week I reviewed some SOA adoption statistics.  More stats are out today from Quocirca in the UK and they point to an interesting divide.  It’s clear that on one side are companies in certain vertical industries, like Banking and Insurance, that have embraced SOA and are far along with SOA initiatives.  Other areas like Government are seeing much lower adoption rates.In the Oracle-sponsored Quocirca study, analyst Clive Longbottom interviewed in April 2006 1466 senior IT influencers and decision makers.  179 were from the US, 721 from Europe and 466 from Asia Pacific.  They came from medium to large companies across many vertical industries.Surprisingly they found that more than 50% of those on the business side were not aware of SOA.  On the technical side nearly 25% responded that they were not aware of SOA.  Understanding was highest in the US and lowest in Asia Pacific.Interestingly, of those respondents who have worked with SOA, 90% viewed the technology as “highly important” or “critical” for their business.The Quocirca report concludes that once people come to understand SOA that they also come to understand the benefits that it can bring to their organization and become supporters.  But the report concludes that the process of SOA education is one that will take a long time.As a followup to Wednesday’s post about Steve Jones’ Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies, Sun has a video featuring Steve, Todd Fast from Sun, and Jerry Waldorf, also from Sun, discussing SOA development in a 20 minute video.Check out also this podcast by former Ovum analysts now at Macehiter Ward-Dutton Consulting in the UK about SOA Governance.last_img

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