Suicide Nation

first_imgSuicide Nation”In a country where democracy is a distant cry and is not allowed to bloom on one pretext or the other, the assassination of Salman Taseer by his trusted security guard was not unexpected.”K . R . Srinivasan, SecunderabadDeath WishWith its army functioning as a shadow government, Pakistan today stands at a dangerous threshold, where the weak government may lose the battle against Islamists (“Suicide Nation”, January 24). Such a volatile neighbour is a cause of concern.R.D. Singh, HaryanaThe killing of Salman Taseer raises fears about the future of Pakistan more than the killing itself. Pakistan faces a siege of terror laid by Islamic fundamentalists.Motupalli S. Prasad,ChennaiTaseer’s murder has really disclosed the cruel picture of Pakistan and its rigid mentality. The people of the country really need to indulge in some introspection.S. Rocky, Manipur.Politician Imran Khan and Islamic spiritual scholar Wahiduddin Khan are interestingly juxtaposed in the story. They not only expose double standards but also boldly talk about Islamic thinking.Anjum M. Samel, MumbaiThe Real PowerThe present crisis in Pakistan and the assassination of Salman Taseer by a member of the Elite Force (“The Praetorian Guard has Risen”, January 24) have brought to fore the popular contention that the real power that guides political events in the country is its military that manipulates all other powers.C. Koshy John, PuneThe Money TrapThe Citibank fraud has shaken the confidence of investors to a great extent (“Is Your Money in Safe Hands?”, January 24). We should not fall into the trap of these exotic schemes floated by such wealth managers.Bal Govind, NoidaLayered Crisis The rising price of onions is bound to leave consumers in tears. This has made life miserable for the aam admi, who survives on it (“The Great Onion Coverup, January 24). The Government needs to take punitive action against hoarders.P. ARIHANTH, SecunderabadThe Government should really pull up its socks and do something about this whole onion mess-up. It is very important for a country like ours to tackle shortage of such items. More so because vegetables like onion, potato and tomato constitute the staple food in India.Swati Gupta, PatnaPack TreatmentCabinet reshuffles over the years have proved to be exercises undertaken in compulsion (“Politics of Reshuffle”, January 24). Such reshuffles have been akin to the shuffling of a pack of cards, without actually considering the ability and suitability of an individual for a certain portfolio.P.K. Srivastava, New DelhiThe prime minister no longer picks his cabinet colleagues as per his own wishes but has to consider the recommendations of the leaders of other parties as well. In this scenario, the only real maneuverability a leader may enjoy is primarily with his own party within the framework of a coalition.advertisementK.S. Jayatheertha, BangaloreMystery MurderI am alarmed at what your magazine considers to be a story (“The Untold Story”, January 24). Rather than focus on the CBI’s failure, your story assists the coverup. Aarushi’s case is one that has disturbed many people, not because of the ‘sexual twist’ you suggest or the neatly manufactured speculation that endeavours to pronounce the parents guilty but because it shows yet again that the premier investigating agency cannot be relied upon. The CBI now says it has no evidence to prosecute, but the failure to gather evidence is not theirs. Your story buffers this coverup with an expert psychologist’s opinion, relying upon leading questions that prompt simplistic matching answers. I strongly protest the ‘sexual twist’ and the grotesquely voyeuristic use of photographs of the deceased girl. I am extremely disappointed.Madhu Mehra, Executive Director, Partners for Law in Development, New DelhiThe Aarushi story gave a graphic description of the murder scenario. It is totally unacceptable that the CBI has not been able to solve the case and wanted to close it. The agency could not prove its suspicions but left the Talwars in the glare as probable murderers, which has increased the agony of the parents of the deceased.Ashok Kumar Ghosh, KolkataThe infamous Aarushi-Hemraj murder case, instead of being solved by the CBI, has actually proven to be a riddle. Now the people have been left to wonder as to who is giving the clear picture. The facts have allegedly been tampered with and the story of Aarushi remains untold.Anu Roy, via www.intoday.inBeing a HinduIt is a known fact that Hinduism is a “way of life” and not a religion. So let us not confuse Hinduism with the rituals performed by Hindus (“A Dangerous Ploy”, January 24). Also there is no such thing as a “non-Hindu”.U.K. Jayadev, BangaloreGame Gone WrongadvertisementCalling a spade a spade was commendable (“The End of Dadagiri”, January 24). How could Dada delude himself so much for so long over his past performances? Only a stoic silence can redeem Sourav Ganguly. Anything else would be counter-productive and humiliate him further.Sant P. Gupta, AgraThe recently concluded IPL auction was a demonstration of how money is being foolishly splurged by rich Indians. Our hopes for the World Cup have been shattered following the IPL auction tamasha.A.A. Bhimaiah, KarnatakaThe game of cricket is no longer the sport that would drive the nation crazy. The IPL has made it a mere money-making machine for players. A great way to get yourself auctioned and pompously sold off for a few crores. This is just a cheap way of grabbing eyeballs.Garima Tyagi, via www.intoday.inlast_img

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