Austrian disaster in Serbia – 2739 Andersson – I am shocked

← Previous Story In Bercy BIG final: France – Croatia Next Story → Hungary draw with Poland for winning the tournament Austrian handball teamMagnus AnderssonSerbian handball team Austria suffered first defeat after Magnus Andersson came for the coach of the national team. In Belgrade, Serbia was clear better – 39:27 (23:11), expecially in the first 30 minutes, when Veselin Vuković played with Ilic and Vujin in attack. After 18 minutes, “Eagles” had a lead 17:5, what is enough explanation about a small catastrophe of Austrians. “Revenge for Linz”, where Austria was eliminated Serbia at the EHF EURO 2010, was some of the titles in Serbian newspapers…Belgrade – 2000 spectatorsSerbia: Marjanac four saves, Pribak 2/3, Šešum 7/10, Vujin 9(2)/13, Nikčević 0/1, Ćurković 1/1, Toskić 5/5, Stanić 11 saves (46%), Ilić 3/3, Marković 4/5, Pejanović eight saves, Prodanović 3/4, Stojković 3/3, Rnić 0/2, Vilovski, Vučković 0/2, Mitrović, Stanković 2/4.Austria: Bauer 3 saves, Fulzer 1/4, Kainmiler 0/1, Božović 3/7, Vos 2/3, Abadir 0/1,  Majer 2/4, Marinović six saves, Silađi 4/11, Poš 2/2, Vlčinski 2/2, Johum 0/3, Fride 2/5, Šlinger 6/9, Vagesrajter, Veber 3/6.Scores in time: 4:0 (4.) 8:2 (10.) 15:4 (18.) 18:6 (24.) 21:8 (27.) 31:17 (42.) 35:22 (50.)After this match, it was interesting to heard Swedish legend, Magnus Andersson, coach of Austrian NT:– I am dissapointed.We played against seriuos opponent. I am a little bit in shock. This is the first defeat fo Austria with me. We had a really bad start. Many things in our play wasn’t ok. I don’t know what to tell more. When after 1t minutes you had minus 12, then that explains everything…

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