WSJ Sprint will unveil dualscreen Android phone tonight

first_imgShortly after the Verizon iPhone debuted in mid January last month, Sprint sent out a mysterious invitation to a press event in New York City, featuring an appearance by magician David Blaine. At the time, speculation was that Sprint would also be getting the iPhone, now that AT&T’s exclusivity has lapsed.Well, Sprint’s event is tonight at six, and if a report from the Wall Street Journal is anything to go by, it’s a lot stranger than another carrier getting the iPhone. Rather, the WSJ’s sources say that Sprint will unveil the Kyocera Echo smartphone, a handset meant to bridge the smartphone and tablet sectors by featuring a unique, dual-screen design.Apparently, the Echo will run Android and be a true multitasking device, not only running apps in the background but allowing two apps to be run side-by-side, like on a desktop OS. This design will also allow items to be dragged and shared between panes.Does that phone look weird to you? Kyocera and Sprint are putting a lot of emphasis on their cool new hinge design which allows the Echo’s dual screens to be folded with one screen flat behind the other, turning it into a more traditional single screen device. Presumably, this “magic” ability of the Kyocera Echo is what we can blame David Blaine’s appearance upon.We should know all in just an hour and a half, although if you’re hoping the Kyocera Echo will use Sprint’s WiMax network, think again: sadly, the WSJ reports that the Echo will be a 3G-affair only.Read more at Wall Street Journal (via Slashgear)last_img

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