Star Wars Imperial March played with a floppy disk

first_imgLast week’s Phantom of the Floppera post was a hit so we wanted to follow-up with some more awesome floppy disk music for you, dear readers. Above you can listen to John Williams’ Imperial March played with a 3.5-inch floppy drive.This would be an impressive feat on its own but the programmer nailed the timing so the track is that much better. The best part though is that the tone of the floppy drive is perfectly in keeping with that of the Imperial March and Vader. Its harsh buzz is devoid and both life and feelings, just as you’d imagine from Darth Vader as he chokes Captain Antilles while demanding the intercepted transmissions.Not to say that floppy drives are evil but something about them seems a bit menacing, no? Today’s spindle-free, silent systems make me slightly suspicious of any computer with too many moving parts.Bonus! Here is a hard drive playing the Imperial March. It’s good, but no match for the floppy…via Youtubelast_img

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