Naked Password encourages strong pwords with promise of nudity

first_imgNo matter what services you sign up for, chances are they require a password. No password is completely secure, but you can go a long way towards keeping it as secure as possible by choosing a strong password.The problem with strong passwords is they turn out to be quite difficult or even impossible to remember. A strong password requires use of non-english words, must be as long as possible, and contains special characters to form a nonsensical sequence. Without a password manager or sheet of paper you could find yourself a bit lost recalling that 24-digit strong password you created.Naked Password wants you to choose a strong password regardless, and aims to encourage you to do so with the promise of nudity. It’s just a bit of fun, but may turn out to be surprisingly effective.On the Naked Password website you can try out a demo. You are asked to enter a password and the beautiful model Sally “tastefully removes items of clothing as the password grows stronger”.Sally is a little pixelated character, so she really won’t offend anyone with her promise of graphic nudity. We do feel the service would encourage more experimental and secure passwords with a higher resolution set of images and multiple girls, however.Head on over to Naked Password to see how you could easily use Sally on your own website for free.via Business Insiderlast_img

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