This 404 error page leads to a special forces firefight and code

first_imgAnyone who’s spent any time on the web has seen the infamous 404 error code. When a web page goes missing in action, the white screen with some sparse lines of texts sits in its place. The 404 page is as vague as the site’s disappearance itself. Nosh, a startup currently pushing an app for sharing info about what you eat, has put together a clever video for what they do when one of their pages goes down. In our opinion it’s one of the best we’ve seen, if a little heavy on the data download required to watch it.Two operatives are dispatched into the field to locate and hopefully retrieve the missing page. With no success, the operatives are forced to engage the site. Unfortunately for the soldiers, the site does not want to be found, and a firefight ensues.AdChoices广告The page comes painfully close to neutralizing the soldiers, but eventually, the site goes down permanently. It goes the way of a 500 error code, and the operatives inform their superiors that there is no life left in the site. It was one of Nosh’s own pages that died, and nothing could be done. It went rogue and stayed rogue.404 pages are never fun, especially when it’s a site you need access to immediately, but this makes for a very nice change. There’s a serious amoiunt of work gone into creating this. Not just from integrating it into the site, but the preparation, filming, effects, and editing required to get it to work so well. Top stuff.Via Vimeolast_img

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