Instagram is deleting Windows Phone submissions through Instance

first_imgWhat do you do when a third party developer makes an app to offer users access on a platform your service isn’t currently supporting? If you’re Instagram, the obvious answer is to block any submissions from that app.Despite seeing consistent growth and a dedicated base of users, there is currently no official Instagram support for Windows Phone. Like any good developer who sees a service gap that needs to be filled, Daniel Gary wrote his own Windows Phone app to support the photo sharing based social network.Instance is a beautiful app, highlighting the best of Windows Phone UI and Instagram features in a single app that has gained quite a bit of attention since it was released. Unfortunately, Instance users may notice today that any submissions they have made through this Windows Phone app have been deleted, with no obvious way to retrieve the photos.If you try to upload a photo to Instagram through Instance, you’ll see the photo hit your account just long enough to see it mysteriously disappear. Instance is an unofficial app, and Gary admits to performing some trickery to make the app work as well as it does, but the end result is the same no matter what he does.Instance users are effectively blocked from submitting photos to Instagram, and the only way this could be fixed is if an agreement is reached between Gary and Instagram to allow the app to support Windows Phone users.It is worth pointing out that Instance was not a free app. There’s an ad supported variant and a paid version that removed the ads. While Gary deserves every penny for the work he put into Instance, it is easy to see how Instagram would take issue with a third party making money in such a way from the Instagram service.Whether or not Instance is allowed to function moving forward is entirely up to Instagram, unless of course Daniel Gary finds another way around the problem.last_img

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