A 50 PlayStation Plus subscription was worth 134929 this year

first_imgSony first introduced PlayStation Plus as a service back in 2010, and it has been iterating the features on offer ever since. Every month subscribers who pay for the service get free games to play, discounts on specific game purchases, the ability to store save games in the cloud, and in the case of the PS4, unlocking access to online multiplayer. It sounds good on paper, but is it a service worth $50 a year?Sony console-focused website Push Square decided to take a look back at the value offered with a PSPlus subscription during 2014. The result? Every $50 subscription netted the subscriber $1,349.29 worth of games to play. Split over the 12 months that’s an average value of $112.44 a month.On value alone it certainly seems like a no-brainer to subscribe, but you also have to take into consideration gaming tastes and the quality of the games offered each month. Not all the free titles were hits, but the Metacritic average of all the games was a very respectable 79. There was also a good mix of game types each month.If you take include the pricing discounts also offered to members the value proposition increases further. And how does it compare to a $60 Xbox Live subscription? Polygon did the sums and concluded Microsoft only offered $582 worth of games in 2014. That’s less than half PlayStation Plus and there were far fewer games on offer each month, especially early in the year.Based on 2014, spending $50 on a PlayStation Plus subscription is more than worth it. The considerable extra value offered over Xbox Live is also key, and something Microsoft really needs to fix if it wants the Xbox One to compete on equal terms with the PS4 next year. Of course, 2015 could be very different. Will Sony keep up the value and quality of games each month next year?last_img

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