Former Rockstar artist shares screenshots of unseen stealth action game

first_imgDoes anyone remember the game Agent? It’s a stealth action title Rockstar began developing way back in 2007, but didn’t confirm it existed until 2009 when Agent became a PlayStation 3 exclusive. However, since then we’ve heard close to nothing about the game.Now, we have 10 new screenshots, albeit newly leaked screenshots of a rapidly aging game that looks like it will never see the light of day. The screens come via former Rockstar artist Darren Charles Hatton who worked at the developer for a year between June 2009-2010. He was an environmental artist on the project, but his team got transferred on to Grand Theft Auto V, which has left Agent in an indefinite limbo ever since.As you can see from the environment screenshots, these are clearly last-gen graphics. If Rockstar is set on continuing with the development of the game, I suspect the art team would start afresh and target the PS4. This would allow not only better looking environments, but much larger ones, too.Agent’s story is set during the Cold War, with the gameplay focusing on counter-intelligence and espionage. Assassinations looked to play a role, which is where the stealth action comes in. Of the little we do know, it certainly sounds like an interesting idea, and with this being Rockstar we could (should still?) expect a well-polished title.It’s still unclear whether Agent will ever be completed. The last we heard, Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive had renewed trademarks for the Agent brand, but that was in 2013. Maybe now GTA V is out the door and development on GTA Online has settled down a final decision will be made about the future, or lack there of, of Agent.last_img

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