Destiny glitch allows players to skip a large portion of new Raid

first_imgDestiny: Rise of Iron was released last week with an all-new Raid to challenge players. Not surprisingly, some gamers managed to beat Wrath of the Machine in a little over two hours. That is certainly impressive, but a new exploit has been discovered that will make it possible for players to beat this mission even faster.A Redditor named NotTheLoneWolf posted a video that shows how to skip the Siege Engine portion of the Raid. During this part, a massive engine will come at players like a giant Zamboni to smash them into a barrier. Players have to stop the massive machine and then use it to destroy a second barrier. However, users can bypass both barriers by jumping through a specific spot in the environment.This isn’t exactly easy to pull off, but if you have good platforming skills (and buddies ready to revive you if you should fail) you should be able to make it. There is an exotic loot chest that players get after crossing the second barrier, and thankfully, it will spawn even if someone uses this glitch to skip the Siege Engine. However, the normal loot chest cannot be accessed when crossing the barriers this way.I haven’t played the Raid myself (because I’m too low level to even play Rise of Iron) but the general consensus among the Destiny community is that this is one of the better, if not the best Destiny Raid yet. This exploit is certainly good if you want to complete the Raid as quickly as possible, but considering how this will be the only new Raid for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t make much sense to make it even shorter for oneself. But for those who want to set any records for finishing Wrath of the Machine quickly, I suggest doing it now before this glitch is inevitably patched out of existence by Bungie.last_img

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