Qantas to continue flying over Iraq

first_imgQantas has reassured passengers it is still safe to fly over conflict-ridden Iraq and is not intending to re-route, despite the airline’s alliance partner Emirates’ decision to avoid the route for fear of missile threats.In a statement released by Qantas, the airline said it regularly reviews its flight paths and makes necessary adjustments when and where needed and refused to divert its two daily A380 services, The Australian reported.Qantas states there is no suggestion that flying over Iraq is unsafe for commercial passenger airlines, especially at the cruising attitude that most airlines, including Qantas, maintain and says it will continue to monitor the situation with safety its top priority.Qantas says its average flight level over the Iraqi airspace is around 38,000 feet to 41,000 feet.However, in a report by the Daily Telegraph, Qantas pilots are said to be worried they could potentially be hit by a missile, despite flying at the stated altitude, and the refusal to divert is because its too expensive, costing up to AUD $22,000 in fuel each way.Qantas says it will review any broader recommendations for mitigating risks associated with flying over areas of conflict at the International Civil Aviation Organisation meeting in Montreal on Tuesday, where it will be represented by the International Air Transport Association.Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img

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