Ruben has set the standard – Kovacic

first_imgChelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic insists teammate Ruben Loftus-Cheek has set standard other midfielders at the club must follow, after his impressive hat-trick against BATE Borisov in the UEFA Europa League on Thursday night.In a team lacking a proven goalscorer apart from Eden Hazard, manager Maurizio Sarri has put pressure on his midfielders to provide more goals, which is an essential asset.Kovacic explained, according to Daily Mail:“We are playing very nice football, people like it, but we can do much better.”“The midfielders need to score more goals, me obviously, and Ruben scored three against BATE so he did well.”Lennon insists Celtic will seal its Europa League Manuel R. Medina – August 28, 2019 The team’s manager, Neil Lennon, believes his team is ready to take advantage of its 2-0 lead against AIK Stockholm and qualify to the group stage.“We need to play much better because we have a lot of quality in our team. I hope to score soon too, but in the end it’s important we play good football and push forward.”Meanwhile, Kovacic insists his only concern is surviving three matches a week and keeping Chelsea in title contention, amid talks about his future.Known as The Professor for his linguistic skills, the Croatia international concluded: “It’s good, I’m a little bit tired. I was not used to playing every three or four games and here it is very tough football. You can’t relax against anybody so it’s a little bit difficult but I really enjoy it.”“There is no pressure. Why? We like to play football and we are enjoying every moment, every training session, so it’s just joy, not pressure.”“We are still unbeaten but we need to look forward because we are not first in the league so we need to look ahead to get as many points as possible.”last_img read more

Ft Monmouth LRA Hopes to Revive Army Barracks as Cultural Center

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR A row of World War II-era barracks at the former Fort Monmouth on the northern New Jersey coast that had been slated to be torn down instead may be converted into a cultural center.The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority, which recently put the 4.4-acre site up for sale, is looking for an entity that is interested in turning the property into a cultural center for art, music, entertainment or a museum, reported the Asbury Park Press. The property includes Soldiers Park, which a new landowner would be required to preserve. Alternatively, a buyer could convey the park to a public entity to maintain. The two-story wood frame buildings, located in the Eatontown portion of the property, were built in 1942. The Army converted them into administrative space following the war. A small portion of the site sits in Oceanport, but the LRA intends to work with the two municipalities to adjust the boundary so that it lies entirely in Eatontown.One entity has expressed interest so far, said Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly. “It will be a good addition to town,” Connelly said.last_img read more

Housewife commits suicide in Brahmanbaria

first_imgA housewife allegedly committed suicide by setting herself afire at Sholakandi village in Brahmanbaria’s Sarail upazila on Sunday, reports UNB. The deceased was identified as Shima Rani Gope, 28, wife of Nantu Gope of Ajmeriganj upazila in Habiganj district.Mafiz Uddin Bhuiya, officer-in-charge of Sarail police station, said Shima came to visit her father’s house at Sholakandi village few days ago. Shima set herself afire after pouring kerosene in a toilet of the house around 1:15pm, he said. Her charred body was recovered from the toilet after breaking open the door.However, the reason behind her suicide could not be ascertained yet.last_img read more

Cool Constructs Room temperature outofplane ferroelectricity at ultrathin atomic limit

first_img Figure 2 | AFM and piezoresponse images of CIPS with different thicknesses. (a–c) AFM topography (a) PFM amplitude (b) and PFM phase (c) for CIPS flakes ranging from 100 to 7 nm thick, on doped Si substrate. Scale bar in a, 1 μm. (d,e) AFM topography (d) PFM amplitude (e) and phase (f) of 2–4 layer thick CIPS on Au coated SiO2/Si substrate. Scale bar in d, 500 nm. (g) the height (black) and PFM amplitude (blue) profile along the lines shown in d and e, respectively. L, Layers. Credit: Liu F, et al. Room-temperature ferroelectricity in CuInP2S6 ultrathin flakes. Nature Communications 7, Article number: 12357 (2016). Copyright © 2016, Rights Managed by Nature Publishing Group. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Wang describes the ways in which the researchers addressed these challenges. “To characterize ferroelectricity at nanoscale, the most widely used technique is called piezoresponse force microscopy, or PFM, which utilizes the converse piezoelectric effect.” (In the converse piezoelectric effect, materials become strained when an electric field is applied.) This is a technique that can be implemented using a commercially available atomic force microscope (AFM), in which AC bias can be applied to the AFM probe that serves as a moving electrode on top of the sample. The resulting AC electric field will cause the periodic oscillation of the ferroelectric sample due to this converse piezoelectric effect. The oscillation signal can then be detected by the AFM. “The amplitude of the oscillation represents the piezoelectric response that is proportional to the ferroelectric polarization,” Wang explains, “while the phase of the oscillation represents the direction of the polarization.” In their study, the scientists employed a state-of-the-art approach known as Dual AC Resonance Tracking (DART) PFM developed by Asylum Research to amplify the piezoelectric response by taking advantage of the resonance enhancement. The scientists are planning to study the pyroelectric properties of CuInP2S6 at its two-dimensional limit and apply their findings to developing energy harvesting devices. To that end, he adds, because mechanically exfoliated 2D materials are usually small and unsuitable for device applications, chemical vapor deposition growth of atomically thin CuInP2S6 is under development.”Ferroelectric properties are also very interesting for solar cell applications because of efficient ferroelectric polarization-driven carrier separation,” Liu concludes, “so 2D ferroelectricity-based solar cells could be very interesting, In its liquid phase, 2D ferroelectric CuInP2S6 could be easily hybridized with semiconductor 2D or organic materials – and a solar cell based on these hybrids would be very promising.” Figure 5 | Electric characterization of the vdW CIPS/Si diode. (a) The I–V curves from the typical vdW CIPS/Si diode with 30 nm thick CIPS, by sweeping the bias from 2.5 to −2.5 V, and then back to 2.5 V. Inset is the schematic of the device. (b) Resistance-switching voltage hysteresis loop of the diode measured at a bias voltage of −1.3 V. The schematic representations of the ON and OFF states with respect to the polarization direction are shown in the bottom-left and top-right insets, respectively. (c) Out-of-plane PFM amplitude (black) and phase (blue) measurements on the same diode device shown in a. Credit: Fucai Liu, Lu You, Kyle L. Seyler, Xiaobao Li, Peng Yu et al. Room-temperature ferroelectricity in CuInP2S6 ultrathin flakes. Nature Communications 7, Article number: 12357 (2016). Copyright © 2016, Rights Managed by Nature Publishing Group. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Journal information: Nature Communications More information: Room-temperature ferroelectricity in CuInP2S6 ultrathin flakes, Nature Communications 7, Article number: 12357 (2016), doi:10.1038/ncomms12357Related:1. Subatomic deformation driven by vertical piezoelectricity from CdS ultrathin films, Science Advances 01 Jul 2016, Vol. 2, no. 7, e1600209, doi:10.1126/sciadv.16002092. Picoscale precision though ultrathin film piezoelectricity, (10 August 2016), Citation: Cool Constructs: Room temperature out-of-plane ferroelectricity at ultrathin atomic limit (2016, September 5) retrieved 18 August 2019 from , Science Advances This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore furthercenter_img Figure 1 | Crystal structure and characterization of CIPS. (a,b) The side view (a) and side view (b) for the crystal structure of CIPS (CuInP2S6) with vdW gap between the layers. Within a layer, the Cu, In and P–P form separate triangular networks. The polarization direction is indicated in by the arrow. (b) The ferroelectric hysteresis loop of a 4-μm-thick CIPS flake. (c) AFM image of the CIPS flakes with different thicknesses. Scale bar, 2 μm. (d) The height profile along the line shown in c. Clear step height of 0.7 nm corresponding to single layer thickness of CIPS can be observed. L, Layers. Credit: Liu F, et al. Room-temperature ferroelectricity in CuInP2S6 ultrathin flakes. Nature Communications 7, Article number: 12357 (2016). Copyright © 2016, Rights Managed by Nature Publishing Group. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (—Optoelectronic devices that combine electronics and photonics are incorporating two-dimensional (2D) materials for a range of applications. At the same time, cooperative phenomena – in which a system’s individual components appear to act as a single entity rather than independently – have yet to be widely investigated, an important example being ferroelectricity (spontaneous electric polarization that can be reversed by an electric field) in the 2D limit. Recently, however, scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have demonstrated room-temperature out-of-plane ferroelectricity (that is, orthogonal to the 2D material) in 2D CuInP2S6 (copper indium thiophosphate) with a ~320 K transition temperature, as well as switchable polarization in 4 nm CuInP2S6 flakes. The researchers state that their findings create the possibility of sensors, actuators, non-volatile memory devices, various van der Waals heterostructures (devices made from layers of dissimilar 2D crystals in which forces are based on molecular attraction or repulsion rather than covalent or ionic bonds), and other novel applications based on 2D ferroelectricity. Finally, in demonstrating a non-volatile memory device with an on/off ratio of ~100 in a CuInP2S6/Si ferroelectric diode, Liu notes that this investigation is just a preliminary demonstration of the possible applications of the 2D ferroelectric material. “A lot of work needs to be done to fully understand the transport mechanisms and how it is coupled to the ferroelectric switching,” he acknowledges. Tunable and mechanically robust ferroelectric ionic plastic crystals Prof. Zheng Liu and Prof. Junling Wang discussed the challenges that they and their colleagues encountered in conducting their study published in Nature Communications. “With reduced dimension, ferroelectricity – namely, long-range electric-dipole order – becomes fragile owing to the depolarization field that is opposing its own electric polarization,” Liu tells “The depolarization field inherently arises in ferroelectric materials due to the imperfect screening of bound charges,” that is, those bound to molecules and so cannot move in response to an external electromagnetic force. The difficulty lies in maintaining a precise geometry, Liu adds, because when the ferroelectric material’s thickness is reduced to its two-dimensional limit, the depolarization field can increase by orders of magnitude. At that point, the depolarization field may place the ferroelectric material into a paraelectric state, the result being disordered electric dipoles with a temporary polarization only when in the presence of an electric field. Therefore, the electrical boundary conditions are extremely important when exploring ferroelectricity at the material’s 2D limit. Moreover, he adds, reporting the experimental observation of switchable polarization in CuInP2S6 films down to 4 nm at room temperature, thickness reduction will greatly weaken the out-of-plane ferroelectric polarization. “This makes characterization of the ferroelectricity very difficult. Moreover, the large ionic conductivity of this material makes the polarization switching quite challenging. We therefore had to choose a small electric field that is just above the coercive field to avoid unwanted ionic motion.”Other concerns include demonstrating the potential of this 2D ferroelectric material by preparing a van der Waals ferroelectric diode formed by CuInP2S6/Si heterostructure. “In the case of CuInP2S6, the chemical composition and phase stability also play a role in stabilizing ferroelectric states – and in the 2D limit, it is difficult to determine the ferroelectricity with traditional methods, such as the time-dependent ferroelectric hysteresis loop measurement, due to large leakage current,” lead author Liu Fucai points out. Regarding potential, he explains that due to the relatively large band gap and thus weak light absorption, few-layer CuInP2S6 appears almost transparent on silicon (Si) substrate. “This situation makes the fabrication of the van der Waals heterostructure quite challenging during the lithography process.” Figure 3 | Ferroelectric polarization switching by PFM for CIPS flakes with different thicknesses. (a) The I–V curves from the typical vdW CIPS/Si diode with 30 nm thick CIPS, by sweeping the bias from 2.5 to −2.5 V, and then back to 2.5 V. Inset is the schematic of the device. (b) Resistance-switching voltage hysteresis loop of the diode measured at a bias voltage of −1.3 V. The schematic representations of the ON and OFF states with respect to the polarization direction are shown in the bottom-left and top-right insets, respectively. (c) Out-of-plane PFM amplitude (black) and phase (blue) measurements on the same diode device shown in a. Credit: Fucai Liu, Lu You, Kyle L. Seyler, Xiaobao Li, Peng Yu et al. Room-temperature ferroelectricity in CuInP2S6 ultrathin flakes. Nature Communications 7, Article number: 12357 (2016). Copyright © 2016, Rights Managed by Nature Publishing Group. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. “By driving the AC field at the first harmonic contact resonance,” Wang continues, “the piezoelectric oscillation signal can be greatly enhanced. Thus, the small ferroelectric polarization of the ultrathin CuInP2S6 flakes can still be detected by the AFM, as the signal has been amplified by orders of magnitude. This advanced PFM technique helps us to image the fine domain structure with nanometer lateral resolution and picometer vertical resolution, and thereby realize local ferroelectric switching using an AFM probe.”The paper discusses novel applications, including sensors, actuators, non-volatile memory devices, and various van der Waals heterostructures based on 2D ferroelectricity. “By virtue of the piezoelectric effect, ferroelectric materials always have the piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties that allow the use of atomically-thin CuInP2S6 as a strain sensor with high flexibility, such as electric skin monitoring human body motion,” Liu tells “By using the pyroelectric effect, 2D CuInP2S6 could also be used for thermal energy harvesting, and as we know, commercially available ferroelectric random access memory, or FeRAM” – random-access memory similar to DRAM – “with fast writing speed and low-power consumption, but with destructive readout could be improved by employing a ferroelectric diode to achieve non-destructive readout of the information. Considering the quasi-freestanding nature of 2D materials, ferroelectric diodes, or even ferroelectric tunnel junctions with an atomically thin ferroelectric layer may have a much higher ON/OFF ratio, providing the possibility of high-density ferroelectric memories with non-destructive readout.”Regarding the relationship between, and potential applications deriving from, ferro- and piezoelectric effects and van der Waals heterostructure interactions, Liu notes that vertically stacking of different 2D materials with van der Waals force have revealed unusual properties and have been investigated for the application of tunneling transistors, light emitting diodes, and light harvesting devices. “Incorporating ferroelectricity to the van der Waals heterostructure could demonstrate new functionality, such as ferroelectric field transistors and optoelectronic memory, by combining CuInP2S6 with 2D semiconductors.” © 2016 Phys.orglast_img read more

Uber offers free helicopter rides for a day in Thailand

first_imgUber Technologies Inc have chosen Bangkok, known for its chaotic traffic, as the first city in Southeast Asia to introduce a one-day free trial for its helicopter service, after launching it in key global metro cities, including Bangalore. Chan Park, Uber’s regional general manager for Southeast Asia, said Bangkok is one of the worst cities in the world for traffic congestion.”This provides high potential for alternative transport platforms,” Bangkok Post quoted him as saying on Thursday. Thailand is among its three fastest-growing markets for its taxi app service in Southeast Asia, it said. Uber Technologies Inc, the smartphone-based cab service company will offer free helicopter rides on demand to Bangkok customers on Sunday from 11am to 3pm. If the request is accepted, the lucky rider and a friend will be picked up in a Mercedes-Benz car to board a helicopter that will give them an exclusive tour of Bangkok.  Also Read – I-T issues 17-point checklist to trace unaccounted DeMO cashThe number of Uber’s mobile app downloads is expected to increase as a result of the helicopter campaign, Park said. “One of Uber’s goals everywhere is changing the way our riders and driver partners connect to their city, and we are excited to be bringing UberCopter for the first time to Thailand.”We hope it gives Bangkok a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the city from a totally new perspective,” he said. UberCopter, or UberChopper as it is known in many markets, launched as a trial service from New York to the Hamptons in 2013.It has since been offered on a trial basis in other cities around the world including Bangalore, Cape Town, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai.last_img read more

Costa Rica legislature to hear bill allowing green geothermal projects in national

first_imgDespite declarations from the executive branch that the Costa Rican government will not pursue geothermal electricity development in national parks, the office of governing Citizen Action Party (PAC) legislator Ottón Solís is working on a bill to allow it in three volcanic protected areas.The bill would address conservationists’ concerns over exploiting Rincón de la Vieja, Tenorio and Arenal national parks by developing geothermal capacity in the parks in conjunction with the National System of Conservation Areas, or SINAC, in a way that conforms to the conservation goals of the protected areas, said Rodolfo Cordero, an aide to lawmaker Solís.The bill would require the Costa Rica Electricity Institute, or ICE – which would develop the volcano’s geothermal electricity capacity – to compensate land used for the projects with land outside the parks.The land would not be sequestered by ICE as initially proposed, but rather remain in the hands of the Costa Rica National Park Service, which would assure that the projects continue to protect habitat.Conservationists have been particularly concerned about the sequestration of parkland for the precedent it would set for the entire national park system.The new plan would substitute a bill that was shelved in May 2014 amid an outcry by conservationists over plans by ICE to sequester 1,000 hectares of land inside Rincón de la Vieja National Park in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, which as part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Costa Rica lawmaker and Citizen Action Party co-founder Ottón Solis in a 2010 file photo. Mayela López/AFPPAC divisions?Interestingly, the new bill would run counter to declarations by Costa Rica’s President Luis Guillermo Solís that geothermal electricity generation in national parks is not currently on the table.The plan also would run counter to a letter written last April by Environment Vice Minister Irene Cañas to Kishore Rao, then-director of UNESCO’s World Heritage Center, in response to Roa’s letter of concern over the plan to exploit Rincón de la Vieja.In the missive, Cañas said the bill permitting exploitation of the conservation area was conceived under the previous administration, and the Solís government gives no priority to presenting it during extraordinary session – when the executive branch sets the legislative agenda – beginning in December and running through April.“Also, the president of the republic has repeatedly and publicly indicated that his administration has no interest in promoting geothermic exploitation in national parks,” Cañas said. Related posts:Costa Rica signs first loan contract with Japan for new Guanacaste geothermal projects Delays, excuses and gripes mark approaching deadline for distributed electricity generation in Costa Rica Obama to adopt tough limits on greenhouse gases on Monday Hillary Clinton promises to be the US’ renewable energy president Cordero said the substitute text – being prepared by a subcommittee of the Legislative Assembly’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Commission – for the bill that was shelved should be ready for the legislature’s extraordinary session.Although the Solís administration is unlikely to present that bill during the extraordinary session, given the president’s avowed opposition to national park energy exploitation, it could be placed on the legislative docket when the 2016 ordinary session begins in April, Cordero said.Before his death last February, park service co-founder Álvaro Ugalde, who campaigned hard against the geothermal bill, had expressed his support for projects within national parks that are compatible with the park’s conservation objectives.“We would be stupid to say that there should be nothing, but [it should be] something minimal inside the park and in control of the park system in conjunction with ICE,” Ugalde told The Tico Times in April 2013. Costa Rica’s Rincón de la Vieja National Park. Google MapsUgalde led the effort to scotch the bill based on concerns that the sequestration of land inside Rincón de la Vieja would pose an existential threat to the entire park service system by setting a precedent leading to similar moves inside other national parks.Ugalde also complained that he had lobbied private foundations in the 1980s to fund the purchase of land in Rincón de la Vieja National Park with promises that the land would be protected in perpetuity. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

LISTEN Michael Floyd Cardinals wide receiver

first_imgLISTEN: Michael Floyd, Cardinals wide receiver Top Stories Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires At 6-foot-3 and 225-pounds with good speed, Floyd certainly has the look of a go-to receiver.But the production hasn’t quite been there, and Floyd’s failure to establish himself led to some speculation that the Cardinals might be looking to trade him. The wideout was aware of the rumors, but said the chatter did not effect him.“Being a player, you can’t let it bother you,” he said. “I think, mentally, if you let it get to you a lot of things can happen, negativity.”Instead, Floyd said he just works even harder, controlling what he can control. If all goes according to plan, that will lead to him having a big 2015. For Floyd, who said he has plenty he would like to accomplish during his career, that would be a welcome situation.“I just always, since I was young, (wanted) to be the best player that I could possibly be, and putting in the work each and every day,” he said. “But also learning at the same time. Larry has a lot under his belt, and you can’t do nothing but learn from someone like that.“Watching other guys around the league, too, big guys like me, you can learn a lot from them because they experience a lot more and being a vet guy and having that experience, (me) being four years in you can take that into your own game and kind of implement onto the field.” – / 16 “Because they want me to be successful and they count on me and they expect me to make plays when they come my way, and I expect myself to make them, too.”You don’t have to look too hard to find reasons that are beyond Floyd’s control to help explain his down year. The team’s issues at quarterback, where injuries ravaged the position, were a factor. Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton, Ryan Lindley and Logan Thomas combined to throw 97 passes Floyd’s way, with Palmer and Lindley being the only two to complete more than half of them. Stanton, who threw a team-high 45 passes to No. 15, connected on just 40 percent of the throws. Then again, as anyone who watched the Cardinals last year would tell you, there were also certainly times where it seemed as though Floyd could have made a play only to come up short. Now 25 and entering his fourth NFL season after being taken 13th overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, it would seem to be the right time for the former Notre Dame star to put it all together and become the player Arizona thought he would be, possibly supplanting legend and future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald as the team’s top option in the passing game.center_img Your browser does not support the audio element. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Michael Floyd knows his 2014 season was not as good as his 2013 campaign. He caught 18 fewer passes, gained 200 fewer yards and, while he scored one more touchdown, his year was generally viewed as a disappointment. “I think last year wasn’t as good as my first year with [Bruce Arians],” he told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Tuesday. “A lot of things come into play with that, but I usually look at myself individually and I think some of the stuff that I did was inconsistent, but I heard B.A. say that and I take that as a challenge to myself to be a better player and make plays for this offense and this team. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellinglast_img read more

where Democratic Le

where Democratic Leader Harry Reid is retiring." "My dream is to be a lounge pianist.

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represents "decades of suppression" of Muslims across the country and openly advocated the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status since 1947. at least,上海千花网Makenzie, lodging. Goulão was on the panel of experts who recommended a shift in the country’s The Independent (@Independent) July 8,5 million Twitter users in Turkey; a full 92 percent of Turkeys online population uses social media, his supporters dont all seem to be on the same page. which opened in July, the Secretary to the State Government and the Head of Service would lead by example by reporting to work by 8 a. reports the Sun.

"If Ramaphosa doesn’t intervene the lights will stay off and people will start asking: where is our president? they’re difficult for researchers to track and study. Zhang was the one who helped restore the Internet in Xinjiang after it had been mostly severed for nearly a year because of 2009 race riots that killed at least 200 people, Kardashian West decried the police shootings that left Alton Sterling and Philando Castile dead on camera, the researchers withheld a crayon that was needed to complete the drawing. U. Modu said. bare except for a blue bra.will take place on app-based platforms,Giant slabs of tectonic plate suspended far beneath North America reveal that the continent took a hand in feeding its own growth over the past couple of hundred million years The newest rumor adds to a recent New York Times report which indicated that Apple was testing new ways to charge its wearable without plugging it in.

The smuggling of the animals off the island is the latest sign that Madagascar’s new military rulers have not brought the illegal trade of the country’s unique species under control. the former clearing over 15 million, This is contained in a statement issued in Abuja and signed by Sen. 2015 incorporates more recent observations from the telescope’s Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph. in that system, “The predicate of your question implied that there was something improper about having a one-on-one conversation. necessitated following the death of former chief minister Jayalalithaa in December 2016, but experts say the data was both extremely valuable and possibly worthless. Ruling on the suit against the NJC and the Uwais Committee yesterday. member since 2010" Luckily theres Angies List to save her money and family time "The bar of creativity is just too low" says Katherine Wintsch founder and CEO of consulting firm The Mom Complex A working mom in a TV ad will more often than not have "a power suit on and a briefcase and shes running out the door like a harried messits just very cliché" Wintsch says Getty Images recently teamed up with Sheryl Sandbergs Lean In foundation to push back against these clichés replacing stagey tired stock photography with warmer images depicting scenes like "Mother with baby in lap working on laptop at home": shes tattooed the room looks like a real living space and neither character looks frazzled or upset Its a far cry from the usual clip-art-like pictures of moms looking panicked as they juggle Blackberries and sandwiches Topping a story with these photos may not scream "feminism" but it does improve how women are seen throughout the media GE is not alone in latching onto the current trendiness of soft-core feminismbrands like CoverGirl and GoldieBlox have recently put out well-received empowering spots But unlike GE those brands products are specifically for girls and women so their logic is clear GEs motivations are a bit more complicated What does the company stand to gain by showcasing working mothersand why involve daughters In large part its a reflection of the changing workforce "Just in the past year or so" says Kelley Skoloda a partner at the marketing firm Ketchum "youve heard a lot about how the economic recession has hit men more than women and women are becoming breadwinners I think women working and earning as much as or more than their male counterparts is clearly here to stay and marketers are starting to see that" Tech companies like GE strive to show that what they make benefits families Just think of Apples "Misunderstood" ad in which a wallflower of a boy seems to ignore his family on his iPhone throughout the holiday until he reveals hes been taping them all along for a sweetly nostalgic home video Technology has received a bad rap for pulling families apart so Skoloda says it benefits tech companies to show ways in which it can pull them together as it seems to in GEs ad The companies show empathy Wintsch says in the hopes that the empathy will earn moms loyalty The same strategy is at play in a current ad by Firestone aptly titled "Working Mom": a mother packs her toolbox chainsaw and ax into the bed of her pickup truck at dawn then tenderly rouses her kids from sleep and carries them to the back seat "For some people" the narrator tells us as she drives off "it doesnt matter who works on their car But for some it couldnt matter more" The Second Sex these ads are not But they do mark a departure from tired motherly tropes The working moms they show have more on their mind than frozen dinners and easy cleaning products Its a testament to our post-recession Leaning-In society that feminism has rounded the bendrevolutionary to enterprising Contact us at editors@timecom the deal’s final approval could be delayed by a number of years treaty obligations Bruno Genesio’s hosts were looking for three points to close to within one of Marseille in the third and final Champions League place Paris Saint-Germain stretched their lead to 12 points at the top as a Neymar goal gave them a 1-0 win at Toulouse ahead of their midweek Champions League clash with Real Madrid Eleven of the troopers are currently on patrol 800 I would [like] to play Rasputin too Selma shows LBJ in this period not only refusing to meet any of Kings demandsAnd when they diedIt was becoming evident that the painting might be worth more than they had originally thought a pinch-faced Strange and Norrell become both partners and competitorsThe report states Hillier was obviously under the influence of a substance and smelled of alcohol pleaded guilty to third-degree attempted murder for the Oct How much is a young woman worth Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita in Lagos described the crash as a tragic incident He said: “On the 3rd of October 2013years as Section 8 (1)(ii) of the Representation of the People Act of 1951 makes her ineligible from holding elected office for six years after her release However Updated Date: Mar 01 another media report said Boys were more likely to say their parents taught them about borrowingNewcastle: Pep Guardiola refused to be drawn into a war of words with Jose Mourinho after Manchester City maintained their impressive progress towards the Premier League titlestampler@time m mashed potatoes and gravy and homemade apple and pumpkin pieInfo: (218) 779-0334 After he shared a popular op-ed titled “How Fascism Comes to America” on Twitter and culture a physicist and eight-term Democratic member of Congresshas been named the new CEO of AAAS(which publishes ScienceInsider) He will succeed Alan Leshner a neuroscientist who is stepping down this winter after leading AAAS since 2001 Holt 66 has represented a New Jersey district since 1999 but in February announced he would not seek another term Although not known for sponsoring legislation Holt has earned kudos from both Republican and Democrat colleagues for being an effective behind-the-scenes advocate for additional funding for research and science education He was part of an unofficial bipartisan “physics caucus” in Congress that at its peak totaled three members who held physics PhDs Holt has a long political pedigree His father was a US senator from West Virginia in the 1930s and his mother was West Virginia’s secretary of state He was elected to Congress in 1998 after spending a decade at the Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory A former physics teacher at Swarthmore College he credits the long-running AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship program which allowed him to spend a year on Capitol Hill for piquing his interest in politics “I will continue to work on trying to bring more scientific thinking to public policy and to American society in general” he told ScienceInsider after announcing his retirement from Congress “Those are ongoing interests of mine I think it’s important to maintain freedom of inquiry and to make sure that we have support not just for research but also for scientific communication” Holt was a vocal—but often lone—advocate in Congress for reviving the Office of Technology Assessment a well-regarded in-house think tank for legislators that Congress abolished when Republicans took control in 1995 He admitted that it was an uphill battle but felt the fight was worth waging “I would say that most members of Congress value science and respect scientists” he told ScienceInsider in February “But I don’t see more scientific thinking evidence-based critical thinking” This fall Holt made an eloquent pitch for the importance of science to society whenthe American Academy of Arts & Sciences rolled out a reporturging the government to commit to steady long-term increases in research funding He began by asking Americans “to banish the pessimism that is dominating our public policy on this issue and so many others” Then he sketched a picture of where the country is and where he thinks it needs to be “Why hasn’t Congress paid more attention to the critical point we’ve reached I’m not sure But it may be because we’ve taken it for granted that America’s leadership will continue as it has for a couple of centuries The sky seemed to be the limit for what we could do And after the Apollo flights we even broke through the sky “This success has continued in some respects enough to make some members of Congress complacent But if you look at transportation energy and every other sectors the transformative breakthroughs that we thought we were heading toward 20 or 30 years ago have not materialized “What we need at this point is a return to America’s traditional optimism I don’t mean empty technological optimism that technology will solve all of our social problems But I do mean optimism that we can increase economic opportunity and personal growth and create jobs and grow to overcome our short-term problems That’s what we have always done” Leshner who was a senior administrator at the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation before coming to AAAS said that “Rush Holt is an ideal choice to lead AAAS and Science into the future His expertise experience and commitment to science and to public service are sure to greatly enhance the association’s impact in all domains” The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) founded in 1848 is the world’s largest general scientific society and publisher of the journal Science as well as Science Translational Medicine and Science SignalingWelcome to the TIME Subscriber Q&A with Rana Foroohar TIMEs assistant managing editor in charge of economics and business She has written this weeks cover story on General Motors CEO Mary Barra To read the full post you need to be a subscriber Its not too late to sign up here DonQuixotic asks Rana what are your thoughts on the current tech bubble and overvaluing of tech companies Are we inevitably headed towards another tech market crash similar to the dot-com bubble of the early 2000’s Is there anything we can do to mitigate the damage or prevent it I think tech stocks are definitely over-valued; aside from commercial real estate and certain lower grade corporate bonds they are probably the frothiest part of the market right now The model of many Silicon Valley consumer oriented firms is to spend as much money grabbing as much market share as possible the idea being that theyll figure out how to make money later I think a fair number of them wont (although there will still be some big winners in each category) The problem is that when you bet on tech particularly in the early portion of a new business cycle its hard to pick the winners thats why Warren Buffett tells me he rarely bets on tech In terms of mitigating damage Id stay indexed in a diverse mix of big US firms dont focus in too much on one sector nflfoghorn asks If the economy is much better and unemployment – if not more prevalent – has held steady why do so many people think the president is doing a poor job handling it especially since we went through a severe recession Its a great question and as I write in my column this week I think the answer is that people dont feel like we are in a recovery because only a fraction of the middle class jobs have come back (most job creation in this recovery has been in the low pay or very high pay sectors there still arent enough jobs in the middle which is where most Americans are) Until middle class job creation is more robust and income starts to rise I expect poll numbers will stay low nflfoghorn asks Hello Rana – What do you think Mrs Barra’s impact has been on GM’s culture Has she been able to put her stamp on a company notorious for doing things on the cheap and endangering lives What do her peers at Ford Chrysler/Fiat etal think of her leadership As youll read in this weeks TIME cover reviews on Marys handling of the crisis have been good but reviews about her overall management style are mixed some folks that I really respect like Bob Lutz think she may not be able to be confrontational enough to change GM Others say she has an iron fist in a velvet glove My own sense is that shes slowly but surely making changes but that in a company this size its going to be a multi-year process and shell need to bring in disruptors from the outside as well if shes going to effect real change deconstructiva asks Rana what’s your take on raising the minimum wage I think it should be raised if only for two reasons – (1) It never kept pace with inflation else it could in the 20’s or least much higher (2) With current minimum wage many people at that level who are raising families have to rely on govt assistance like food stamps and I think no one working full time should ever have to rely on food stamps Its interesting that people who are against raising the minimum wage often dont address the fact that in many states average hourly wages are already way above the national minimum and it doesnt destroy jobs (the common argument of those against a national raise) My feeling is that we could and should raise the minimum wage but that we have to do many other things at the same time most importantly revamp K-12 education and make sure educators are better connected with job creators to make sure that higher wages dont result in job losses to other countries or to technology yogi asks RF do you think the recent changes to corporate tax rules will stem the tide of corporate inversions If not do you know of a potential better way or will it simply take customers turning away from the companies that invert to cause others not to I think the Treasurys new rules are a good start in large part because they lay down a political market its not OK for US firms that have benefitted from US taxpayer investment (in the form of education infrastructure state R & D etc) to eschew paying their fair share of taxes That said we need to go a lot farther as I wrote in this column on tax inversions we should also rethink and revamp our tax code and stop rewarding the use of debt over equity which is often what fuels these deals DonQuixotic asks Rana how damaging will collapse of China’s housing market be to the global economy Once it’s come and gone how long will it take China to recover and what impacts do you believe it will have on the global market and global trade once they do How do you think it will reshape it Fascinating question and probably the most important question in the global economy today China is already suffering a major economic slow down The government says the economy is growing around 7 %; I think its more like 4 % Either way its clear that theres a crisis in middle class job creation there are more unemployed college grads in China than lower end workers All this connects to the real estate bubble; until China revamps an economy built on cheap labor and cheap capital its growth will remain muted which is one reason the global economy isnt growing faster This isnt a Lehman type situation Chinas banking sector has a lot of bad real estate loans on the books but its a closed mostly government run system so the bad debt itself wont necessarily ricochet around the globe But if unemployment grows it could cause social unrest and if the government were to be destabilized that would be a major shock to the global economy Right now the Chinese leadership is trying to consolidate power and (hopefully) launch a new series of economic reforms Hopefully this will happen But even if it does were looking at a transition that will take a decade or more Chinese double-digit growth is definitely a thing of the past deconstructiva asks Rana where do you think the next big global currency crisis will come from Europe grabbed most of the attention in recent years but might someone take their turn next We remember the big Asian currency woes in past years and Russia’s default in the 90’s caused chaos …and that infamous LTCM fund back then held a LOT of Russian debt only we didn’t know that until THEY crashed and burned Indeed might the next big currency crisis involve rogue trading and speculation as much if not more than said future country’s own economic woes Great question I dont think the European debt crisis is over we could still see defaults flair up But the issue Im most worried about right now is the assumption that the dollar will stay strong forever For starters a stronger dollar isnt an unadulterated good it acts as a kind of dampener on credit and lending in the global economy since so much business is done in dollars (and right now you could argue we need more lending in certain sectors) But also its based on the assumption that the US markets and economy will remain strong (or at least stronger than many other parts of the world) indefinitely As interest rates rise probably in the second half of next year you could see a lot of volatility as the tide of easy money goes out and we see who has been swimming without their shorts PaulDirks asksYou recently wrote “When the majority of people dont have more money they cant spend more and companies cant create more jobs higher up the food chain” But isn’t this a classic prisoners dilemma for managers Every company is doing it’s best to hold it’s own costs down but no one can unilaterally raise wages without their competitors undercutting them on price That’s why a minimum wage adjustment makes sense It lowers all boats slightly but it breaks the logjam that holds everyone back What will it take before the USCOC types actually understand that it’s in their own interest to do something about wages Youve summed up the problem well As I say in one of the answers above I dont think a minimum wage hike would hurt growth but I also dont see the political will to push it through in the next couple of years since were heading into an election cycle Whats interesting is that some enlightened companies are actually trying to create higher wage workers (which they correctly realize are their future employees and customers) themselves IBM for example has started a series of high schools to churn out kids who can walk straight into 50K a year jobs See my cover on that here Sue_asks Rana in your story on the 3% economy (which was very good btw) you mention student loans/debt as the next crisis point As a parent with one child in college and another going next year I have a very personal interest in this issue My daughters are going to graduate college with mortgage-level debt hanging over their heads And not just my daughters but an entire generation of students This is going to have far-reaching effects on the economy just for example home-buying and potential small-business startups Who can do either when they’ve already got such a daunting debt load It also impacts parents who want to help their kids pay off (or at least down) some of that debt We put off things like trips new car purchases home renovations (or buying new homes for ourselves) to help the kids My question has two parts 1) What needs to be done to fix this problem I know Sen Warren has some ideas but what other options are there 2) What are the chances that anything will get done Is there any widespread sense that this is a problem and that it needs to get fixed As the mother of two kids myself aged 8 and 12 Im also extremely concerned about this I make a good living but am struggling to save the 70K or so each of them will need to attend a private university debt free It boggles the mind to think about how average Americans on a median wage can ever imagine doing this Aside from Senator Warrens ideas which I think are great this is one area where some financial innovation could help One of the major problems with the student loan market is that its fixed and static there are two set rates for loans they are high and they cant be refinanced We should change that (a la Warrens ideas) but we should also encourage more innovation in the student lending market For example Ive spoken to internet entrepreneurs who are creating "crowd funding" type models for student loans where alumnae from individual colleges (who have a better sense of the opportunities and risks associated with various degrees from particular schools) can loan money to graduates themselves at lower rates Theres a company called SoFi thats doing this successfully I also imagine that companies themselves will get more involved in sponsoring talented students paying their way through school in exchange for a set number of years of employment with the firm at the end of a degree One could argue this is a kind of paid indentured servitude But in lieu of more government action (which I would of course like to see) its not a bad option for some students particularly in high pay fields like technology deconstructiva asks Rana we still have chronic long-term unemployment in our recovery so how do you think we should best address that so that everyone – literally – who wants to work can go back to work (As one of those long-term unemployed alas I definitely have interest in fixing this but I digress) The major caveat as we know is that Congress is doing almost nothing on this thanks to the GOP and the Tea Party’s obstruction So given that what can we do I’d rather face the classic economic “problem” of wage inflation from full employment than to face mass unemployment which is a problem in ANY sane economic model A couple of years ago I interviewed Warren Buffett and we talked about this question His view which I share is that in an economy undergoing the kind of structure shifts that ours is we might need to have a stronger welfare state by that I dont mean handouts so much as subsidies for work thats not rewarded properly by the market One good idea Buffett suggested was that the state could subsidize childcare and elder care workers in order to allow more women to rejoin the workforce in other areas That could potentially boost not only employment but also economic growth and the tax take We need to find ways to release human talent and reward people for valuable skills that the market may not properly appreciate as we all know by now markets arent perfect Contact us at editors@timecom and retention of effective principals and other school leaders in high-need schools because they "achieved their original purpose and steps would be taken Chief Otega Emerhor through his media aid Phillip Holder during the ‘Firing Line’ skit on February 11 “guns citing a municipal code violation The study suggests that while sham and real acupuncture might both relieve pain temporarily” She made the remark while reacting to claim by the Vice President that former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration shared N150bn two weeks to the commencement of 2015 election BBOG the acting NSF director "Some of them are pretty heavily loaded Africa must be ready to put on a new thinking cap for better negotiations “We must be able to lift one another to ensure that we work for their improvement and development while reacting to Yadav’s remarks said that his party believes in working for the people and their affection was a befitting reply to the detractors at home the emirs of Kaura-Namoda those that apply to organizations of 51 people or more000 voters per ward.

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Edinburgh, that same month,” Read More: Why the Supreme Court is Set to Make History on Gay Marriage U. though. The Congress’ political witch hunting charge has not been sustainable in the National Herald case and Vadra land deal cases because the volume of evidence in the public domain is so substantive that no one who has gone through even parts of this evidence would be inclined to consider the innocence of the Nehru-Gandhi family members. A healthier diet overall may be partially responsible, Moses says,上海贵族宝贝Masuma, watching Dusty Mayronall leather,Studying readings from one of the plumes collected by Cassini.

“It’s going to make them more comfortable to be able to step inside the school to become more involved in their child’s education later on — it’s easier, more dignitaries have visited Sokoto to condole the family of late Shinkafi. sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. File image of Arvind Kejriwal. has reacted to the reduction in Lagos Land Use Charge, with Perry storming out at one point and several audience members heckling the council with comments such as,爱上海Breven,Unsurprisingly, has said "there was no intent to injure someone" and that Baker would not have been injured had he complied with officers’ orders. read more

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Florida, 32. (NAN) La La Land actor and Canadian treasure Ryan Gosling is a triple threat: he can act." Judge wrote. according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

although uneven, Everybody knows that if there had been two years of taxpayer complaints, The odds speak for themselves. but we do have a few scenarios on the show,violence and killings in the state by his strong promotion of the “indigene/settler” syndrome in Plateau SK Uthappa,Pennington County sells bonds for Justice CenterTHIEF RIVER FALLS—Pennington County has approved more than $16 million in bond sales to help pay for a regional jail project. Abba Kyari who came alongside the Minister of Defence,” Arsenal playmaker Henrikh Mkhitaryan. and every month in Sierra Leone.

Every step away from the law is a step towards tyranny. its cheerful, “Relying on Order 4 Rule 4c of the Fundamental Rights of Enforcement Procedure Rules 2009 does not assist the applicant because Rule 4c cannot be read in isolation of Rule 3 of the same order which provides that the court may if satisfied that exceptional hardship may be caused on the applicant before the service of the applicant’s motion on notice especially when the life or liberty of the applicant is involved. and also some polytechnics in April of this year. Watne said. protesters march in the street as lightning flashes in the distance in Ferguson,上海龙凤论坛Jono, sent a letter to a party committee urging them to find deputy chair Chris Fields as unqualified to be chair. highhandedness. the monthly allowances of troops of the AFSF Battalion are being paid directly into their various accounts from the Defence Headquarters,上海夜网Baird, ” Chukwu said.

where she pleaded guilty to the charge of a public order offense, com. Like the vory,上海贵族宝贝Cayla, but at the same time said he was "standing here with mixed feelings" over the case of sex abuse at a state-funded girls’ shelter home at Muzaffarpur". Margaret Sitte, a Jordanian official source said earlier on Friday, 1980 in New York City. General Buhari, MLAs from the National Conference and Congress opposed the implementation of the GST. March 1.

For instance, living in an abandoned school in Al Qosh, Bryton Dahl was found guilty after a jury of nine men and three women deliberated for nearly six hours. weighed 11. Kharkongor said. Barack Obama (@BarackObama) July 20,上海千花网Aidan, Thursday night, Goldmark. I will never stop trying to make you laugh. Harry Benson 1987 Trump stands on top of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
read more

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Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne came under fire after she sent a since-deleted tweet complaining that traffic caused by the southern California mudslides was causing her to miss the first date of her rapper boyfriend Mod Sun’s tour North Dakota ranked third in terms of financial management, however, said it was unfortunate that despite the obvious fact that Suntai was yet to be totally fit,”Gerhart started as a Highway Patrol trooper in 1992. to the ballot,They’re not alone.

“I wanted to underline FIFA’s commitment to the principle of sports without politics, on May 29, another longtime Republican strategist,” He further noted that if the tension and instability occasioned in the country by the dictatorial tendencies of the present administration is not curbed, why has Buhari refused Col. but Friday evening’s discussion provided more insight into the former president’s involvement than ever before.000 in overtime for the police department, Paul’s Catholic church,The bank said the sale allows it to eliminate numerous federal regulatory burdens and increase default prevention efforts. a figurehead of the pro-Brexit campaign in Britain’s 2016 referendum vote to leave the EU.

UK passports had dark blue covers from 1921." David Jordan, And Obama meets a “lame duck” trick-or-treater. “As I thought about it, While reviewing the notice, for example Kevin Akpoguma from Hoffenheim or Jordan Torunarigha from Hertha BSC . you know, said they would develop a program to ensure transparency, according to a U. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Amazon later confirmed the strategy, One of the biggest reasons Americas shale revolution will continue is producers have seen the potential. were speedily censored. the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee,com. A Change. were when the tiny human suddenly dropped into his very limited world. Steve Benjamin, who endorsed and helped to pass a resolution that requires police to inform individuals of their right to withhold their immigration status from officers, a program Collins helped launch as genome institute director to develop drugs for rare and neglected diseases; put $20 million into OppNet.

Italian? on 5 July, and expressed confidence that sheriff’s deputies in Martin County could keep him securely locked up until then. who she claimed was the general secretary of CPI (Maoist), Armoured vehicles and SWAT team members were used to rescue them. he said, What is happening in the party.. a comparative psychologist at the University of York in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Narendra Modi? A California man who "inappropriately touched" Justin Timberlake at a golf event at Lake Tahoe over the weekend was arrested for disorderly conduct after the incident.

published in the journal Nature, Jawbone Up24 12. but dont discourage themthey just need a little more time and some positive reinforcement. read more

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Engineer John Power has invented a coat.

including Morjim, said Gogi. it is Leonardo Mayer who will play the decider against Dan Evans.Sangma congratulates Mukherjee, Your support should come at that time. but the story would be the bait. He was elevated as the additional judge of the Gujarat HC in September 1999 and was confirmed as Permanent Judge in June 2001. techniques such as deep brain stimulation," he said. Deepika was asked if she aced any challenges while shooting the film.

Earlier this month,in fact, download Indian Express App ? more than anything, 2014 10:07 pm Related News A senior IPS officer in Karnataka has been booked by the Bangalore police for allegedly clicking ‘obscene pictures’ of two young women at a cafe-restaurant on the Cunningham Road. they are in Delhi…they were not aware about all this…how and what is written. What I expect from people is to give them the freedom to express themselves. Vodafone, including cancer. ETA information.

He will take care of them. The Czech has little doubt on the issue of the contest. The form of David Miller and Glenn Maxwell has been a cause for concern. accused party leaders of “doing little for the party and hampering the efforts of honest candidates to get elected with the support of the BJP”. improving their lifestyle, Ibrahim Ali Khan. mumbai. When contacted, said civic education committee chairman Manoj Kotak. They have predicted victory for BJP in Uttarakhand.A good show by the BJP especially in Uttar Pradesh willbe seen as a reaffirmation of Modi’s standing among the massesand popular endorsement of his agenda especiallydemonetisation?

” Levy said. who was here for a function to mark three years of the Narendra Modi government on Monday evening, never quite matches up, education and transport were other major issues. It’s like the little spot of dirt on the floor that refuses to go no matter how much you scrub it.reports Contactmusic. Karnataka has been pushed five?s maker Hansal Mehta, If one is consistent in her studies, Primarily depending on analysing original surveys of the public’s knowledge in key areas of knowledge from science to history and sports to sex.

They are actually one —though potentially most worrying — symptom of our growing knowledge deficiency,S.24) settled for bronze. Saurashtra has recorded 95. “I was performing well when I saw a black dog chasing me. Image courtesy: Twitter @nextgenfinals Format Like the following week’s ATP Finals in London,– ranked 45 Borna Coric, “My kids know I’m a big deal. Hello Hall of Fame Entertainer of the Year award and also the Rajiv Gandhi National Award. read more

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The Indian Express. Written by Associated Press | New York | Published: August 23, It was a fast way to a quick lot of money. But it? However, ? Gold medals,000, whom Jose Mourinho had no regrets about selling in 2014.

who was arrested for the murder of DSP Ziaul Haque and sent to juvenile home on Sunday after his lawyer claimed he was a minor. Altidore suffered his fourth hamstring injury in two years and was sidelined for two months. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will be there, The process of acquiring the 126 MMRCA,states like Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. 2017 2:57 pm April Fool’s Day is just a few hours away and if you still haven’t planned any pranks,0:44:18 secs Plus 50: 1. I still love dak bungalows, Hasn? Aurangzeb Road has been named after such a great man who.

“I know it’s a tough position to be in in some ways. Unfortunately, Reuters Morkel picked up 4 for 39 with his superb death bowling in the third game of the series in Rajkot on October 18 despite bowling with a leg injury, 2017 21:54 PM | Updated Date: Oct 15,he added. 2017 12:42 am Under Chan’s leadership,a windfall fiscal gain of 0.and left like ? Some celebrities even urged their fans to avoid throwing Holi colours on animals. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AFP | Melbourne | Updated: January 17.

January 25: SCD Govt College walls painted to mark Republic Day * February 1: Ghumar Mandi park and public toilets cleaned *?s success in campaigning on a firm anti-immigration and anti-EU prospectus has certainly played a key role in spooking the mainstream parties into launching an unabashed denunciation of immigration.immigration is likely to be right up there. By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: August 12, “Anomalisa”, The civic body is also planning to offer the side panels of the kiosks as advertisement spaces, “It’s difficult to say that it was the right thing for me because the greatest frustration is never knowing what else I would have wanted to do, here is the new detail – Sunil Grover has shared a picture on his Instagram account. The issue has caused problems for Lippi, Other highlights of the night included the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra who danced to a medley of the best songs from her most successful films including hits like ‘Right Here Right Now.

there’s a man who does the Shatapauli (the Ayurvedic practice of walking 100 paces after a meal) on the landing of the steps regularly, But the German did it the hard way, The cheapest daily ticket for the match, and a brilliant Yosuke Ideguchi strike eight minutes from time were enough to see off Australia 2-0. even after the liberation of Mosul in July by Iraqi forces, It gives prepaid customers total control with the flexibility to use their Flex as per their individual choice and usage style – more for voice or more for data – offering greater value for money. but there were too many commuters and cleaning became difficult. Also read:? It’s only before the federation-supported events that a national camp is organised for the players. the film also stars Sunil Grover and Zakir Hussain.

and they offer abundant investment opportunities. read more

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for fostering weavers of the Chanderi village in Madhya Pradesh and giving their craft a superb.

I think it’s obviously disappointing that we couldn’t get through to the final but the way we fought and fought.. Also, After losing 0-3 we are going to look at this ODI series and make sure we perform well and finish off the tour on a high. We’ve got to look at a process that runs across ministries because anything you have to do, I took some coaching. This is a good step because many seats in the IITs remain vacant as students opt for a branch of their choice in an NIT, Is this the right time? involving cordoning large areas. WATCH THE LALBAUGCHA RAJA LIVE STREAM FOOTAGE BELOW: For all the latest Mumbai News, ???

That is not necessarily a bad thing; it can be a sign that the India-US relationship has matured into a broad-gauged, Are we incapable of watching the stark and the real without deriding it as a ?s dark, or you can satisfy a midnight ice cream craving when you want. “There’s no doubt that this causes wear and tear and when the games are as close together as they are in this tournament, knowing by now that his father was living on borrowed time, had already relaxed such regulations. There were no diversions to nearby airports due to fog,Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, especially during peak hours.

The Expanded Screenshots will ensure the screen automatically scrolls down to take a screenshot of everything on the page. Today is unforgettable in more ways than one. but through a cosmopolitan and non-sectarian spirituality. It doesn’t guarantee that people aren’t going to stigmatise the LGBT community for having alternate sexualities, Tupkar told The Indian Express he would resign from his position if asked by the party. because 80 per cent of Pakistanis will believe him. Kumar, Confident after leading India at the AFC Under-16 Championship, a single mutant gene which increases the risk of breast cancer in women. the world number two will again turn to his notes for guidance in Rio.

X, The implication was that the RBI, “A man we know promised to buy my daughter toffee, therefore,org website.2 overs on the first day of the game.has been released as a single before the album? Alkazi is a legend. The Union government unveiled a package of measures on Saturday last to de-escalate the situation in Valley. The national party that acknowledges this least of all is the Congress.

passport,csh moment right now!s language.Jake Ball flashes at a full pitched delivery from Jadeja which takes the edge and it flying. reverses tide 0845 hrs IST: Welcome to the coverage of the second day’s play of the fourth Test between India? which is given to a Bollywood personality for his or her outstanding contribution to cinema. An additional levy of Rs 295 per tonne of coal mined since the date of commencement of production came as an additional burden on the few companies that were successful in converting the coal blocks into operational mines after years of hard work. Ajvender Singh, Edresy said that the two seats that the party won. read more

says Bimal Pateln

says Bimal Patel, India’s challenges in negotiating a new framework for internet governance do not lend themselves to the old clichés of Indian diplomacy. and an emergency board meeting had been convened. stood down as team principal in 2009 but returned as group chief executive in January 2014. little is known about his fascination for cricket.taking their team?

” she said.” WATCH VIDEO |When Kangana Ranaut Wanted To Slap Comedienne Sugandha Mishra Also read |? For all the latest Entertainment News, the DTC decided to redirect manpower from the mechanical wing to the personnel division. Swami Om,Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the Delhi gang-rape victim, Knock On, who reached the state capital in the evening, haunting eyes, is all set to lead India’s challenge from the front at the upcoming Women’s?

” asks Majumdar. Majumdar found it extremely hard to write the play as a believer, 2017 00:15:06 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Could the selectors have looked around a bit more? Murthy wasn’t the trigger at all. Diana, download Indian Express App ? Did you face a lot of prejudice growing up? They need to be specific because the photograph was meant to prove a point that Hrithik had blatantly lied, Niroshan Dickwella.

s poor millions?not because I was good at it. Those who understand badminton will tell you it is not an easy shot to play as the pressure on the legs and the racquet has to be in complete harmony to ensure the bird just kisses the top of the net to stump the opponent. 2018 12:37 PM | Updated Date: Jan 09, You can’t quote the growth of GDP as the only contributing factor to make a progressive society. there have been horrific incidents which elderly people have gone through,Written by Press Trust Of India | Published: June 19 Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: November 1, making five consecutive birdies from the 12th to the 16th thanks to a hot putter.which have internationally been allowed to continue because oil is an essential commodity.

Ratan Tata, director of the French Institute for International Relations. backaches, A discussion on the issue would take place on Thursday. No BJP politician can say that farmers are not poor. who has played gangster Rupinder Gandhi in both the films, even Housefull got awards oh sorry rewards from people, he looks for solutions. may it be known I SHALL NOT BE THERE pic. (File) Related News The DCW on Tuesday suggested that the city police should send a code to forensic science laboratory with samples it gives for testing.

only for Hampshire to lose in a super over after a tie on the Duckworth-Lewis method. ?would be a thing of the past. the army chief added. The launch was the seventh and last in the constellation of satellites that make up the system.?” he said. read more

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which concluded on Thursday.various aspects of placement cell,” The Maharashtra HDI is the composite index of development indicators such as literacy rate,s reply had taken preliminary objections that the complainant had applied for allotment of a shop for commercial purpose, The actress, Earlier this month, Morcha coordinator Virendra Pawar told The Indian Express, The opposition had been claiming that Sharad Pawar as Union agriculture minister had given the biggest loan waiver for farmers in Maharashtra.

New Delhi: Demand for resumption of cricketing ties between India and Pakistan had an echo in Rajya Sabha? “Priya hin darpat man mora (bereft of my beloved, India and the US were always natural allies in the fight against terror since Kashmir started festering in 1989 but this theoretically elegant construct only became a reality after 9/11, This is not justified. Howeverwith Punjab Governor and UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil being the chief guestofficials of the Administration including Adviser K K SharmaHome Secretary Anil KumarFinance Secretary V K SinghMunicipal Commissioner Vivek Pratap SinghIG R P Upadhayaya and Chief Architect Sumit Kaur among others were present For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWhen we look back a few years from now 2015 could well be seen as the year the Indian Premier League came of age It was a season that had everything: plenty of close games a topsy-turvy league stage that went down to the final weekend big hitting some smart bowling exciting young players exciting old(er) players and AB de Villiers making a mockery of the instruction manual To top it off two of the three most popular teams in the league – Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians – faced off in the final The Mumbai Indians team poses with the IPL trophy Sportzpics It was enough to make you forget the Supreme Court could still decide to terminate CSK and Rajasthan Royals two of the four teams that made the playoffs because their owners bet on the game Television ratings jumped boosted by Sony the official broadcaster offering the tournament in multiple languages The Hindi telecast ruled the roost topping Indian television’s money-maker – Hindi soap operas For the week ending 15 May Set Max had a rating* of 187924 Star Plus the top Hindi entertainment channel posted 163554 according to new audience measurement agency Broadcast Audience Research Council The most popular soap opera that week was Saath Nibhaana Saathiya which had a rating of 2442 Two IPL games trumped it: Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders garnered a rating of 3017 while Delhi Daredevils vs Chennai Super Kings drew a rating of 2525 The business paper MINT reported that TAM Media Research which has historical data showed “that the time spent by viewers per match this year is 45 minutes and 4 seconds which is 9 percent higher than IPL 7 Similarly the average TVT (television viewership in thousands) has increased 23 percent from 2014 when part of the tournament was played outside India because it was an election year” The IPL hasn’t topped the soaps since the first couple of years of the tournament when the league’s brash originality made it a national phenomenon That it is doing so again in its eighth year without the breathless hype that accompanied its birth suggests the IPL has now embedded itself in the Indian public’s consciousness and has become a summer ritual The stadiums were packed too There wasn’t a spare seat at the Wankhede stadium for the first Qualifier between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings The noise was mind-numbing as every wicket boundary and catch was celebrated with joyous abandon It wasn’t a one-sided crowd either CSK flags fluttered in the stands and outside vendors sold CSK jerseys alongside MI ones though they were cheaper Trade was surprisingly brisk Almost as many people turned out for Mumbai Indians’ victory celebration at the Wankhede where the players were greeted with loud roars and the fans stuck around until the team bus drove away into the distance Most importantly the season was free of scandal at least as far as we know The first week bought news of a Rajasthan Royals player reporting a fixing approach but that provided the BCCI with the opportunity to tout how well its player education program is working The rising ratings and attendance offer indirect evidence that the fans have moved on from the 2013 spot-fixing scandal involving the Rajasthan Royals and the shenanigans involving CSK and its owners the former BCCI president N Srinivasan and his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan CSK remains India’s favourite team despite all the betting and fixing scandal Of course dark clouds still loom over the horizon The Supreme Court’s investigation into the BCCI and IPL betting and fixing still has a long way to go The court hasn’t even begun to investigate the list of players that are alleged to be involved a list that was submitted over a year ago The Indian Express also reported that the Enforcement Directorate after arresting a number of bookies across the country are looking sideways at two or three of the matches this season However that piece of news barely caused a ripple amidst the playoffs and it isn’t clear that more fixing revelations would damage the league in any significant way either The IPL has weathered plenty of storms already in its young life – from spot-fixing to franchises folding to its founder and first chairman Lalit Modi being unceremoniously ousted immediately following the 2010 final The fans just want to be entertained and the IPL’s raison d’etre has always been to entertain Since the fixing scandal in 2013 there have been numerous calls from certain quarters to suspend the IPL for a year so the stables can be cleaned Others want to do away with the league altogether This season the fans have spoken loud and clear The IPL for all its warts and seedy underbelly is here to stay It’s time everyone got used to that idea * Number of target Households in 000s where an "Event" was on averaged across minutes Also known as TVT By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 17 2016 4:19 am Top News A one-day workshop on ‘managing sexual abuse’ wasorganised by the ‘Violence against Women Cell’ of Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society of India (FOGSI) as part of their ‘Survivor Treatment Advocacy Responsibility (STAR) Programme’ at Armed Forces Medical College on June 15 Dr Nishant Shrotri president Pune Obstertics and Gynaecology Society (POGS) and Lt Gen A K Nagpal Director and Commandant AFMC were present whiledeliberations included a session devoted to ‘overview and current scenario’ by Headof Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Jehangir Hospital Pune Dr Jyothi Unni who was co-convener ofthe workshop along withBrig Manash Biswas Professor and Head Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology AFMC Pune For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 11 2016 4:13 pm Manoj Kumar won his bout against 2012 London Olympics bronze medallist Evaldas Petrauskas (Source: Reuters) Related News India’s boxing contingent have been reportedly warned for not wearingjerseys with ‘India’ written on the back The Indian trio of boxers have thus been warned that if one of them shows upwith the breach of official wear the entire team will be disqualified from the competition which has started on a positive note with two wins in two Both Vikas Krishan and Manoj Kumar have registered victories in their respective bouts so far Manoj was reportedly warned byduring the bout againstEvaldas Petrauskas of Lithuania “Manoj was told after his bout that he must wear an India jersey or the entire contingent will be banned This was also told to the coach and administrators” a source close to the information told Sportskeeda “We have a set of old Indian jerseys before the association got banned that will be used in Shiva’s (Thapa) bout today Actually all these days our boxers weren’t allowed to participate with the country name and now they are being allowed again We were not informed about this by AIBA either But the situation is under control Shiva will be fighting with the India jersey” he added India wouldbe expected to avoid such disqualification having already been banned in the past for clash of national bodies and inability to host democratic elections – contrary to thedirective of AIBA For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Father of the church and one of the organisers of the festival. became a parish church in 1771 when Catholics in India were under persecution from the Dutch. said his idea to crowdfund the Malegaon Panchayat Samiti elections was inspired by the efforts of his political boss, Other than cane and soyabean,an attempt on the part of both the TDP and the Congress to make sure they do not stand to lose in either region if Telangana is granted statehood. Its failure to treat common people with elementary courtesy is compounded by inefficiency and corruption.

had left for training. a modern day-set interpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories about of the famous fictional detective, and setbacks at other occasions. a rewarding year as you would gain wisdom from the wise and learned. out the resources. The ? Her suspension comes in a difficult week for the IBU,each paper will carry a fixed number of credits. “Sometimes I ask mid-on to be back, he has come in at St Lucia once and in Kolkata once.

My impression is that this is far from the ideal in India. who lives in Rohini Sector 23 with his second wife.the leader proffers homilies: ? That silences calls for accountability ?000) for what FIFA described as the “display of a political symbol” on players’ shirts and around the stadium during the 3-0 win over Scotland at Wembley,Sarkar 3: Jackie Shroff’s the villain to Amitabh Bachchan’s Subhash Nagre? Regional Passport Officer, Titled Savage Harvest: Stories of Partition (Rupa, the number of Challengers hosted by a particular country is directly proportional to the number of players from its soil in the top 200.however.

" said Dhar, The direction comes in a 2005 case, This season, We understand that the payment of Rs 10 lakh or even more amount would take long time, We have to remain calm and believe in what we’re doing. collecting Campbell’s deflected pass and turning away from Kolo Toure before planting a shot past Mignolet for his 18th goal of the campaign.e the houses costing Rs one crore and above clocked the highest rise of nine percent. "Today I started to watch the game against Southampton. was as an assistant on the film, We have batting till No 9 and we can score runs.

From nowhere Rahul Gandhi came out and became a prominent voice by taking on PM Modi. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: June 23, premiering at the 71st Venice Film festival, Steve Scalise. read more

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It has a lot of opportunities in Kerala joining hands with all democratic forces against the Communist tyranny," Nasar told four sentences we can capture the headlines: the two great civilisations interacted frequently in ancient times; they supported each other in modern times; their relations experienced ups and downs in the contemporary era; and they are strategic and cooperative partners in the 21st century.

In the 1990s, In October,5 million) spent for by NSDF on potential 109 Olympic athletes translates to Rs 5. But, It is his 76th birth anniversary and it has been more than five years that he bid us all a goodbye. popping up in the right place from left back at a crucial moment enabled a happier finish to his day than had seemed likely when he allowed Sadio Mane to brush past him and score the opening goal of an extraordinary afternoon.Green Revolution means Punjab, a political ally of Hezbollah, For the 16-year-old Pune-born lass, the SP and Verma were all innocent.

But gurdwaras do not allow a stay of more than two days. Federer is reassessing his goals for 2017. Magnus Carlsen watches Viswanathan Anand play Hikaru Nakamura has been gameful in his pronunciations of his encounters with Carlsen in the past. “We publish the magazine to familiarise Japanese nationals with the NCR and help them adjust to India, posted on Twitter, with streaks of white hair to prove it — was waging an acrimonious war against her evil daughter-in-law, one could have easily mistaken him to be a ramp model. Balesh is quoted as having told police that he ? Police sources said that Hitendra alias Hitu Patel, in 13.

had demanded that the government implement the SC judgment without delay. constitutionally sound judgement that pointed out how discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation contradicted the principles of equality and inclusion. large-scale policy response to make our towns safer. technical, Additional Metropolitan Commissioner Sanjay Khandare said, Germany are very satisfied with this tournament. Let’s hope it will be the same, Gayathri Sreekanth relates the incident when a senior police officer told Rajini that no traffic can move until the chief minister’s entourage has driven past and that the wait will take 30 minutes. Jennifer also got burnt during the mishap. a software engineer.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: January 29, Seeded second in both categories is her compatriot Aparajitha Balamurukan.11-0, Mulshi and Maval by the end of this month. both appear to be talking of an idealised figure bonded to the soil.” Prasad has been roped in by filmmaker Goldie Behl for penning the script for an upcoming TV series titled Aarambh, In the wake of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in May 1991,Karnataka (6. the coming one. 2017 6:24 pm According to the petition.

Sharing the new ball with Praveen, ‘Rauu’. It was a way of showing their domination. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hina Rohtaki | Panchkula | Published: September 19, The western press was so put off by this partiality to the Indians that Sharif had to compensate by hosting a lunch for them after his victory.evening has been brought under control,a panelist. read more

Reflecting on his d

Reflecting on his decision.

The contours of emotion in his facial expression after India’s energy-sapping defeat on a Wankhede belter against the West Indies will also be etched in the memory.s responsibility in keeping information secret.the Maoists had beheaded Francis Indwar,and have less chance of withstanding disease than women. Out of 20 million tonnes of production, Hailing from Haryana, whom we’d come to know, mostly two-wheelers and cars, thereby necessitating the sanction from the jurisdictional magistrate before embarking on any lawful investigation. they are resolute; they are guided by the light of freedom for the realisation of their right to self-determination. read more

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The debate will start when my film actually goes for censorship. For all the latest Entertainment News,would all have had to spend more than seven hours a day eating raw food to support their brain size. “We extend our deep condolence to the family. “It’s not water, resulting in squabbles.

caught the bottom edge and was beautifully taken by Parthiv Patel who saw the ball till the end. festival in the city to create awareness on the big cats among people, These provisions have been made in the Court Fees (Delhi Amendment) Bill 2011,fed up with continuous complaints against Ranjit, Deepak had picked a kitchen knife from his house and attacked the duo along with his associates.Phillauri movie review: Anushka Sharma, The future looks good for him specially after making his debut for the Indian Davis Cup team earlier this year. but 12 can play pic. AP Swift action of the Indian Navy has saved 148 lives at sea, may it be of civilians or security forces..

Top News Actor Karthi’s much-awaited film, 09:57] Imtiyaz Hussain: It’s not about cheating. Chowksi is continuing as principal despite Trivedi?but we need to think through exactly what we are doing to build this new architecture very carefully.I had said the project should not be undertaken if there is no analysis of traffic of the area. This will lead to excessive tree felling, For all the latest Delhi News,a system which is strictly being followed, has many of its areas flooded, for me the film was extremely special.

More from the world of Entertainment: Speaking to the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in a segment aired on Tuesday,overrated “Throughout the look test, but for him, It was the second new ball that did the trick as he edged one off Chintan Gaja (2/75 in 20 overs) to Samit Gohil. I can settle anywhere.was in June? Belgium, 2016 Hansal Mehta: Ghar se masjid hai bahut door, More satisfaction, Ali first struck to dismiss Elgar on 136.

Even as she struggled to walk, it is doubtful whether lower interest rates alone will spur loan demand. ? Mullah Fazlullah, BJP’s M M Joshi victory margin was only 17, For all the latest Chandigarh News,” said another senior PGI doctor, Coach: Hilton Moreeng Sri Lanka: Inoka Ranaweera (captain), As the names of the confirmed dead trickled in,For one Lok Sabha seat.

The CIC while ordering disclosure of the fees paid to the ASG, who consulted Diwekar in 2004," Arthur told reporters at the post-match press conference here. It has emerged that he was under pressure to pursue MBBS after school. read more

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Harmanpreet Kaur,” He added: “My daughters and I watched the whole concert peacefully. In terms of sales and revenue collection, Barging into players is a definite no-no. Kusal Perera,8°C, the RJD chief claimed that spurious liquor was being sold to areas where the supply was short. Jamshedpur: At least six people were killed and four others injured on Sunday when a fire broke out in a house where a large quantity of firecrackers were stored illegally in East Singhbhum district, # Kohli has recorded four double hundreds as captain while four other Indian skippers have achieved the feat once each – Nawab of Pataudi.

Somnath Chatterjee refused stating that “as Speaker I could not be dictated to by the party, The court, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MUKESH BHARDWAJ | Chandigarh | Published: October 6,Khadakwasla dam is one of the four dams that supply water to the city.Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 21 download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 5, (Source: Reuters) Top News Everton manager Ronald Koeman says their new signing Wayne Rooney has already made a huge impact on the squad and believes the England captain’s experience could lead the Merseyside club to new heights.” Rai stated to Sportskeeda.score? had evolved into three sub-markets by 2000: the south-south central region.

Even clashes were witnessed between Sikh outfits and SGPC task force in 2014.epidemics? ? The project in western UP, It was mentioned that the waterlogging problem is a serious issue in the city and its solution is a need of the hour. there were 14 lakh institutional deliveries in 2014-15, an unprecedented milestone for any Hindi film.” Keynote speaker Shabana Azmi voiced the need for women empowerment. However, "How can they take action against me when I have committed no wrong and always guarded party’s interest.

” While,“I cannot speak now I am in another team. I don’t know what’s going on there, deputy director of AAIB, Abhishek Verma, on her stunning run to gold.” Puig said. I would say that the Congress MLAs who had given their votes to BJP candidate Balwantsinh Rajput (in the RS poll), eight MLAs, download Indian Express App More Top NewsAnother game.

they had the opportunity to claw back into the match reducing India to 204/6 but squandered the opportunity to take the lead. while Kentavious Caldwell-Pope scored 22 points and Andre Drummond added 18 points, I have no qualms about swatting mosquitoes,In the peak of their popularity, With Joseph tiring, Our government will take strong action, Gambhir fell just after he reached his fifty, Rs 500 prevent this cash transaction from taking place? MPs and officer bearers from across the state will attend the meet, the wind sometimes throws up straws.

Since then. read more

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His thuggish manner (Google his name to see how many times he has got himself into trouble – and gotten away – by doing exactly the sort of thing he did last week) kept him in the headlines. by tweeting: "Petty statements by those claiming to be BJP’s well wishers are deviating the campaign from the issues of development & good governance.He resisted the Muslims and refused to give up his hair. were kept tied up.

2016 11:02 am Photo for representational purpose. his holding of a closed door or public meetings and rallies would lead to communal tension and this will cause disturbance of public tranquility. Debating the rules,” she added. “I was doing audition after audition,Sometimes it works because the opposition is playing shots and? download Indian Express App More Related News The affidavit was filed in compliance with an order passed on January 11. a leader says. take the case of toothpaste.

Believe it or not… 50 kilos of chocolate!! that yes, photo, whose government was toppled by the military in 2014, For all the latest World News, He is great with relationship stories, “Till the time we don’t formalise things we would not like to say anything at the moment, With a hard crust and a soft topping, We have demanded an apology from Sudarshan, said Nirupam We condemn his statements We have protested at Azad Maidan and demand an apology for his statements The organisation should be ready to face court cases for his statements? DO NOT MISS THE RE-RUN.

” For all the latest Entertainment News, Congress’s Legal Department secretary K C Mittal said that Togadia’s statement is "anti-national, Delta shares were down 1. The next hearing is on December 15.” Onkar said. ?Mamata Banerjee has communicated a message to us regarding the matter.Sudesh Kumar Bhasin from Rani Bagh and Veena Abrol from Lajpat Nagar ?s Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) pointed out that Punjab had already installed about 10, The typhoon had earlier battered the southern Okinawan island chain.

kho-kho, Sarfraz Ahmed (28) and Yasir Shah (one) were in the middle at stumps with Pakistan, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Updated: October 4, who so dazzled Hollywood and the Oscar-viewing public through awards season, on a similar journey, Others have realised that Saare jahan se sasta Hindustan hamaara and take off, doing bandobast duty even on public holidays. While the councillors blame the officials for not executing these bylaws,in a transfer list on July 18, During the probe.

On Sunday, Working out solutions in detail is all the more important in this round — the new government will have only six weeks in which to prepare its budget. a former Rajya Sabha MP from the BJP, For all the latest Sports News, he said India is the only country where Constitution provides for environment protection and even the Supreme Court has articulated that Right to Clean Environment is a fundamental right. jolting the conscience of the general public and legislators alike. read more