West Coast player Simon Tunbridge suffers ACL injury, will miss all of 2017 season

first_imgThe 23-year-old suffered the knee injury during a competitive ball drill at the Wembley Sports complex on Monday morning.Tunbridge, who joined West Coast in 2013 after being a priority selection for GWS, has only managed 10 games for the Eagles because of persistent injuries.He averaged 10 possessions and kicked one goal in his three 2016 appearances.West Coast will be already missing star ruckman Nic Naitanui for most of the season with an ACL injury, while back-up big man Scott Lycett is in doubt for round one because of a posterior cruciate problem.last_img read more

Koeman also says no

first_imgThe Dutch coach, therefore, discards himself as Xavi to participate in the firing operation of Ernesto Valverde. The board is still looking. The desperate search for a technician to fill the position of Ernesto Valverde for the remainder of the season is already desperate. As reported in Catalunya Ràdio, the journalist Lluís Canut, the Dutch coach Ronald Koeman has also rejected the possibility of joining the Blaugrana club immediately.According to the report of the journalist, Koeman was surprised by the call from Barcelona. The Dutchman has an escape clause from the national team to go to Barcelona, ​​which can only be activated after the European Championship this summer.last_img read more

Juventus quarantines 121 people

first_imgAt best, Vecchia Signora will return to work on March 25, after the 14 days of mandatory isolation, like Inter, its latest rival in the Italian league, whose players will be quarantined at home. April 4 is the date on which Series A should resume after the break due to the emergency: this is a very optimistic forecast, considering the desperate Italian situation. “I’m fine, don’t worry,” said the player, “I only invite you to respect the rules.” Bianconero Rugani was the first Serie A footballer to suffer from the new disease (today it was learned that Gabbiadini from Sampdoria also tested positive), and he did not suffer any particular symptoms: on Tuesday he suffered from a fever and, as a precaution, the doctors submitted the test, which was positive. Rugani isolated himself in the J-Hotel, the structure where the youth gatherings take place, and he will stay there for 14 days: some of his colleagues decided to follow him, others will be with their families.Cristiano will follow the sanitary measures from PortugalCristiano Ronaldo will continue in Madeira, where he was to visit his mother, and will stay there until the team can train again. All the players will undergo the coronavirus test, and Juve put a total of 121 people in quarantine, including managers and employees. President Andrea Agnelli himself is isolated at his home, and with a video on Twitter he announced a fundraiser for health structures in the Piedmont region.last_img read more

Sylvinho: “Soon there will be more Brazilian technicians in Europe”

first_imgWhen he accepted the offer to coach Lyon last summer, Sylvinho ended a nine-year drought without Brazilian coaches in the major European leagues. Since Leonardo left the bench for Inter Milan in 2011, no Canarinho had had the opportunity Sylvinho had. In his first interview after his short stint at the French club, the Barcelona, ​​Arsenal, Celta and Manchester City exlateral spoke with AS about a change in the mentality of a new generation of Brazilian soccer players in Europe who, like the Argentines, are beginning to prepare to take the step he took after a successful career .How was your transition to the bench?At City, Roberto Mancini saw me as a trusted footballer and we talked a lot about the team. It was natural, he had been in Europe for a decade. When I retired, I went to Brazil and worked at Cruzeiro and Corinthians with Tite, before Mancini himself brought me to Inter to be his assistant. In Italy I took out the UEFA B and A coach diplomas, until Tite and Edu called me to work as their assistant in the national team. When I took out UEFA Pro last year, the opportunity came up at Lyon and I accepted it.There was much anticipation about his departure to Lyon after nine years without a Brazilian coach in Europe’s big leagues. But things did not go well …Of course I would have liked to have been more than eleven games. To have had more time to do my work. But it was a club decision and I respect it. Football is about results. I keep the good, with the relationship that I have raised with the players and with the opportunity to have coached a club as big as Lyon.What do you get out of your first experience as a coach?The life and career of a coach is much more stressful and demanding than that of a footballer. Everything happens very fast, you hardly have time to reason. I did not want to burn stages, so I prepared myself step by step to make the leap to the bench. I believed that the opportunity at Lyon was ideal. Of course, the experience was not what I expected, the results did not correspond to expectations. Mine and those of the club. It wasn’t like anyone would like it to have been. We had four or five games that we lost conceding goals in the last minutes, even against PSG, with a goal from Neymar. But I’m still pretty calm and confident in my ability and I’m going to wait for another chance.I guess as a coach, right?Yeah right. There is no way back. There is one thing I learned a lot with Tite during our period in the selection. After an experience like this, one has to take time to digest. To make a self-criticism, mature and absorb the information and learning. To give time to time. After eight years of work and preparation, four long years of coach school and sacrifice, I can afford the time and give myself a second or third chance.Is your plan now to continue training in Europe?I am Brazilian, if I have an offer in Brazil I will study it. I cannot despise my origins. But I developed practically my entire career in Europe. I have a Spanish passport. I lived eight years in Spain, I had been living in Milan for more than four years before coming to Lyon, where my family still lives. I know well the Italian league, the Premier. I speak four languages ​​and I am ready for the challenge. I am patient and I will go to the club that gives me the best conditions to carry out my work.Why do you think it took so long for us to see a Brazilian training again in a great league in Europe?I believe there are two factors. The first is language. The Brazilian technicians, who never lived abroad, speak only Portuguese. We have great coaches in Brazil, but in globalized football speaking other languages ​​is essential. And the second is the interest of footballers operating in Europe to follow the career. We do not have the same mentality as Argentines and that is a mistake.What mentality are you referring to?When I was at Celta, I remember seeing Berizzo, Pablo Caballero and Gustavo López, in their twenties, taking courses. Forming. Thinking in the future. They went from Vigo to Coruña to study. Zabaletta is another who continues to play but is already fully trained to be a coach. Simeone or Pochettino was the same. They are people who anticipate their time. So I just wanted to know about playing soccer. I did not realize until the end of my career that it was necessary to prepare. It is a matter of culture. But that is changing. Changing how? The Brazilian players are realizing that the coaching career begins on the field. And taking advantage of the fact that they are in great teams to advance their training. I know at least about five Brazilian footballers, veterans, who are in European clubs and who have already started their preparation to be a coach. I am convinced that soon, in about five or six years, we will have more Brazilian technicians with this profile in Europe. Former players of great European clubs who are going to lead a cultural change in the mindset of the Brazilian soccer player. But a change like this is not from one day to the next, Argentines thought like this many years ago. While the Brazilian player often comes with the idea of ​​one day returning to Brazil, the Argentine player comes with the idea of ​​staying. To create roots in Europe after the soccer career. Now that is also starting to happen with the Brazilians, with the encouragement of the clubs, which offer their players the opportunity to take the coaching courses. There is a very interesting movement and that is very positive.How does Sylvinho, the coach, understand soccer?Soccer is first of all human. It is how to quickly diagnose situations, relationships, people. Understanding which player plays better in what position, how he responds best to instructions, how the individual characteristics of each can be potentiated. What loyalty relationship do you have with your players and peers. A matter of trust. How can you put all your ideas together and transmit your message in the best possible way. But within all that there are three fators that are very important and that the great coaches have: to understand and a lot of tactics, to know how to express themselves before the press and to be a great wardrobe manager. All great coaches have these three characteristics. It is very difficult to get there. Having two of these three is already very complicated …Who was the best coach you had as a player?I was privileged because I had the opportunity to play for Guardiola, Wenger, Mancini and after working with Tite. All four are amazing and have these three pains I said earlier. They are geniuses, they are human, they are loyal, they have group management in their hands, the highest level of confidence, they understand everything that is happening in tactical terms, such as assembling a team, diagnosing problems.Tite says she still wakes up at night thinking about that World Cup quarterfinal loss to Belgium. How does one manage to overcome a disappointment like that?For the coach it is very hard, all the pressure is on him. But for us it was also an inexplicable pain. As a footballer, I won two Champions but lost a Europa League final, I suffered hard defeats in the quarterfinals or eighths of European leagues. But you always have the feeling that you can come back next season. A defeat in a World Cup is something incomparable because it is four years of work. You know that several more veteran players who are there are fully aware that it was the opportunity of a lifetime, that they will not return. I remember talking to Zabaleta before Russia, asking him what it’s like to be there. And he said to me: ‘It is much worse than a Champions League. There is no return match. ’ If you have a mistake, you play bad 30 minutes, it’s over. Four years take a long time to pass. But the month and each match of a World Cup passes very quickly. It is a pressure that does not exist the same.What else have you learned with Tite?I have learned a lot of things. He is a complete coach. International top level. He dominates the tactical part, he knows how to communicate, he has tremendous group management. He is confident, loyal, honest. Tite’s records with Corinthians say it all. He is the last South American to win a Club World Cup. He is a coach who adapts to any situation. He knows how to mount his teams to attack and he knows how to do the same to defend. It does not close to a style. He and Mancini were my great teachers at the practical school.Your natural way when you decide to leave the command of the Brazilian team is to come to train in Europe?He is more than ready and his results say it all. I already told you that, that I see you more than ready to take the step. It would be a tremendous joy to see him train in Europe because Tite is a true reference for players of my generation. As are Muricí Ramalho or Mano Meneses, coaches who were pioneers and had to work hard to achieve what they achieved, perhaps without the same tools and opportunities that exist in Europe. It would be fair to see Tite train a great European club.Knowing Barcelona as you know, how do you see the crisis the club is currently experiencing?There is a very thin line between crisis and success in a club like Barcelona. The potential of this club, its staff, the greatness it has makes it possible to go from the crisis to a historic achievement practically in the blink of an eye. I lived that in Barcelona. My four years at Barça, we lived through a crisis of results. And the following year, in Guardiola’s first year, in 2008-09, we won the treble. Barcelona has potential for that.last_img read more

The coexistence of the imaginary hero and the real hero

first_imgLuis Landero “Messi, Cristiano or Mbappé are from the Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan or Tintin lineage” García Montero has the same opinion and values ​​as a “human fantasy” the hero character that is given to the footballer. “Modernity has made a new mythology and footballers have become myths. That has a lot of manipulation, because in the end they are people with their contradictory processes,” he stresses.Consecrated the social dimension of the player, his hierarchy as a fictional hero of the population also prevails, at least in the fancy’s imagination. “Don Quixote confused fiction with reality. I hope we don’t “ Luis Landero exposes. “The heroes of reality (especially health) are not comparable to our heroes of fiction. Messi, Cristiano or Mbappé are from the Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan or Tintin lineage: it is a separate fauna “, difference in your final reflection. It is the contrast of imaginary heroes and real heroes.center_img The applause changed sides and places. Now they are not heard in crowded stadiums, but in the public privacy of the balconies. And it is the footballers who applaud all the workers who are on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus. This new scenery reverses the usual roles and strips the player of his town hero cape, but its extension in time simply seems eventual.“Everything will continue to be the same. The footballer’s position changed a long time ago. Today he is a social actor and that will always be the case,” Valdano guarantees. His conclusion comes close to the idea that general recognition of health workers and risk workers will be momentary and the heroes of yesterday will be the same as tomorrow. “It seems to me that the human being has a very strong cultural and emotional inertia and we will tend to return to what we were. Sooner than later we will have those strange priorities and those strange adorations that we knew how to perpetrate “, Sacheri supports him.“It would be enough if we did not get worse out of all this. We even saw that sanitarians and workers are attacked as possible transmitters of the contagion. Those who are doing the most to solve our problems begin to be targeted as suspects “, Valdano laments. In similar terms, Foer speaks and influences the controversy. “I would turn the matter around. After this crisis, will society continue to treat toilets as heroes? Will we increase their pay? Will we provide them with the equipment they will need in future catastrophes?” He asks. “Also, heroism is not zero sum. The rise of new heroes will not come at the expense of the old “, precise below.last_img read more

New Kingston to rebound in Race 3

first_imgWith the $4 million Pick-9 having been caught by a lucky punter at Caymanas Park last Saturday, it starts anew with a guaranteed minimum of $1 million.Both Super-6s offer guaranteed minimums of $750,000, the first embracing races one to six, the late Super-6 from race six to 11.We look at the first Super-6 on the O&S Tack Room-sponsored programme, the opening race confined to $180,000 claimers over 1820 metres. ABOVE THE RADAR, with Rayan Wilson aboard, steps down two classes after his disappointing performance behind BATIDOR D’MUNDO over the distance last Saturday, but is expected to rebound among these lesser lights.He finished a floundering last over what is considered his pet trip. But now back among his peers and only CUTTER and POCKET MONEY capable of testing him in an eight-horse field, ABOVE THE RADAR, now taking orders from trainer Lawrence Freemantle, should score easily.TARANIS, who was a beaten favourite behind ROAD WI SEH in the August 8 TOBA Trophy over 1400 metres, is tipped to recoup losses with Shane Ellis aboard in the second race for three-year-olds over a mile.fast-run raceTARANIS hurt his chances by rearing at the start in the TOBA Trophy and finished 10 lengths fourth in what was a fast-run race. He continues to look sharp at exercise under the watchful eye of trainer Richard Azan, however, and only needs a clean break to upstage the unbeaten course winner ANOTHER BULLET (Paul Francis up) and WAHEED NAJMAH (Shamaree Muir) in a field of 10.NEW KINGSTON, having won two of his last four races and finishing a good third to CLASSY PROSPECT in the Emancipation Trophy over 1300 metres on August 1, steps down to $450,000-$400,000 claiming for the third race and should have little difficulty in winning over a mile. The evergreen nine-year-old gelding from the stables of champion trainer Wayne DaCosta is clearly a cut above his nine opponents and with former champion Omar Walker taking the ride should lead home the recent winner OUR CREATION.PRINCESS SHEMIKA, with Walker up, only needs a clean break to topple rivals in the fourth race over 1300 metres to be contested by 10 starters. She has secured a good draw on the outside of the field and with third generation trainer Steven Todd enjoying good form, having posted a double last Saturday, PRINCESS SHEMIKA gets the nod over GREAT BROWN and GENUINE FRIEND.The last two races in the first Super-6 should be won by ROUGH PATRICK under former champion Wesley ‘Callaloo’ Henry and FLASHY MAMA MIA with apprentice Marc Griffiths aboard. Their respective dangers are COURT CALL and GOLD CHARM.FIRST SUPER-6 FANCIES(1) ABOVE THE RADAR/CUTTER(2) TARANIS/ANOTHERBULLET(3) NEW KINGSTON(4) PRINCESS SHEMIKA/GREAT BROWN(5) ROUGH PATRICK/COURTCALL(6) FLASHY MAMA MIA/GOLD CHARMlast_img read more

More sports in brief

first_img‘Russia Wi Seh’ The public is being reminded that tickets for Jamaica’s start in the 2018 World Cup Journey, ‘RUSSIA WI SEH’, are now on sale at outlets right across the island. Ticket prices are Grandstand 1, $5,500; Grandstand 2, $6,500 and Bleachers $1,200 per person. Of special note is the Early Boyz, Bleachers Special price, which is $1,000 up to midnight today, or until stocks last within the period. The Jamaica Football Federation is encouraging patrons to buy tickets very early and attend the match early on Friday, September 4. Match time is 8 p.m. Gates open at 5 p.m. Overseas-based members of the Reggae Boyz squad began arriving in the island on Sunday, with Darren Mattocks, Je-Vaughn Watson and Demar Phillips. The Nicaraguan team arrived yesterday evening. Tickets outlets are as follows: Petcom (Portmore), Western Sports (Twin Gates and MoBay), York Pharmacy, Total petrol station (Stanton Terrace, Liguanea, Dunrobin), Jamaica Pegasus hotel, Captain’s Bakery (all locations), Richie B’s Liquor Centre (Mary Brown’s Corner). JustBet plugs into World Championships sales With Jamaica finishing second after accumulating 12 medals – 7 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze – JustBet bettors are not the only ones to win in sports betting. Since the release of top betting odds in the market for the IAAF World Championships, JustBet terminal operators have been turning up sales. Additionally, bettors have been rolling in to place their wagers on The Barclays English Premier League, La Liga, and other sporting events, as JustBet continues to offer the most competitive odds. There are more than 200 JustBet agents islandwide, all increasing their sales targets and far exceeding earnings from the previous year. For their exemplary efforts, Supreme Ventures Limited, through its JustBet sports betting brand, is rewarding the terminal operators with various prizes. Operators are being given the opportunity to win attractive cash prizes, back-to-school vouchers, utility vouchers, grocery vouchers, mobile credit vouchers, etc. There are also two top monthly rewards that will be given to the JustBet operators who have shown the most significant increases in sales. “We have always encouraged our agents to adopt marketing strategies that will allow them to earn more revenue and ensure the success of their business,” said Karetha Wilson, customer relations manager, JustBet. She added: “The agents and terminal operators who continue to excel at growing their business are rewarded for their efforts. We want our agents to know that it pays to play with JustBet, so get on board with us. JustBet continues to guarantee the fastest payout of winnings to its players and offers very competitive odds on a wide range of sporting events.” National Self-Serve top Clarendon Business House football KINGSTON: National Self-Serve Wholesale defeated Island Farm Supplies 3-1 in the final of the Clarendon Football Association/Tait’s Pharmacy/Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) Six-A-Side Football competition at Bushy Park on Sunday. A double strike from Tevin Dias and one goal from Lloyd Salmon earned the champions a come-from-behind victory, after Tevin Powell’s headed goal gave Island Farm a deserved half-time lead In the curtain-raiser, National Water Commission beat Young’s Limited 4-2 in the play-off for third. Dias was selected Most Valuable Player of the 10-team competition, while Young’s Limited were rewarded for being the most disciplined team. Michael McLaren, head of Tait’s Pharmacy, said it was important to revitalise the competition, which was dormant for the last two years. After receiving a special award for more than 30 years of service to business house football in the parish, McLaren said the programme forms part of the company’s corporate responsibility to the communities in Clarendon. McLaren was also lauded by Michael Ricketts, president of the Clarendon FA and Andrew Hancel, who is the media relations officer at the government-run INSPORTS. Everton’s Gibson in drunk-driving crash MANCHESTER, England (AP): A Premier League footballer must serve a 12-month community order and has been banned from driving for 20 months after driving into three cyclists when over the legal alcohol limit and failing to report the crash. Darron Gibson, the former Manchester United midfielder who now plays for Everton, pleaded guilty in court Tuesday to driving with excess alcohol, driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident had occurred on August 16. The 27-year-old Gibson’s car mounted a pavement and struck three men who had stopped at the roadside to fix a broken bicycle chain. Gibson drove off and then pulled into a gas station where he collided with a petrol pump. Gibson must pay a total of about £6,000 ($9,200) in damages, compensation and costs.last_img read more

New recruit aims to give Boyz a lift

first_imgNew Reggae Boy Clayton Donaldson believes his stint with the Jamaica national team in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers will prove fruitful. Donaldson, who currently plays for Birmingham in the English Championship, has a reputation for scoring goals and has been prolific for his last three clubs. And the player, who has two caps for England’s C team, is also respected for his all-round play and wants to carry his good form into Jamaica’s national set-up. “I have been chosen to try to improve the (Jamaica) team and try to give my best and score goals. I have scored goals in England at all levels, so I am here and I will try to give my best and get goals for Jamaica as well,” he told reporters following a press conference at the Pineapple Lounge at the Norman Manley International Airport on Monday. “The aim is to help the team try and achieve their goals and reach the World Cup. I am a striker and I try to get goals, and if my goals can help Jamaica reach the World Cup, then so be it,” he added. His ancestral homeland Donaldson, now 31 years, admits he had aspirations of playing for England, but has long followed Jamaica’s football, and the opportunity to play for his ancestral homeland just came. “I watched some of the players in England, so I knew a lot of players. I grew up with Theodore Whitmore and Ian Goodison when they played at Hull City. I was a youngster coming through so I used to watch them all the time. So as time went by I knew for a fact that I wanted to play for the Reggae Boyz. “I was playing League One before, so internationally you miss games. When you play in the Championship you can get international breaks where you can go and play for your country and not miss games for your club, and that was a major factor. So the opportunity came along this year,” he explained. “Also, my family from the past is Jamaican and it was easy for me to represent that. It was one of the main reasons, and once I got the opportunity I wanted to come and help Jamaica reach the World Cup,” he added. Donaldson says he knows the public will be very demanding when they face Panama in the first semi-final-round game at the National Stadium on Friday, beginning at 9 p.m., but he has no doubt he can get the job done. “It will be a test, but I believe in my ability and that I can achieve something with Jamaica, and I have every confidence in my ability to come here and do well for Jamaica,” he said.last_img read more

Parchment expects fireworks at trials – Olympic silver medallist expects fiercely competitive 110m hurdless

first_imgDOHA, Qatar: Hansle Parchment believes the track and field world could be in for something special at Jamaica’s Olympics trials next month, as he expects fierce competition in the men’s 110m hurdles. The 24-year-old, who won bronze in the event at the 2012 Olympics followed by silver at the World Championships last year, is expecting fierce competition from the likes of Omar McLeod and Andrew Riley. McLeod burst on to the scene last year with some impressive times, before finishing sixth at the World Championships. The 21-year-old McLeod has gotten off to an even faster start this year, winning the World Indoor title followed by a new personal best clocking of 9.99 in the 100m. Fans will not have to wait long to see McLeod and Parchment match strides, as both men are scheduled to face the starter in tomorrow’s opening meet of the 2016 IAAF Diamond League series in Doha, Qatar. But it is next month’s clash that Parchment is really looking forward to, that’s the one which really matters. “Trials coming up is a stepping stone going forward into the Olympics and I am definitely looking forward to the competition,” Parchment said. “As we know we have some good guys coming up; Omar (McLeod) is there and (Andrew) Riley, just to name a few. “So it should be very interesting competition in Jamaica. I hope that we can turn a few heads when we compete at the trials.” Parchment is hoping with the emergence of such top level competition in Jamaica, hurdles will captivate the attention of local track and field fans and get the respect it deserves. “I have always said that hurdling is one of the better events, but just like some of the field events there is not so much attention given to it,” Parchment said. “People don’t really know who is hurdling, who is throwing or who is jumping most of the times, so we want to compete in such a way that people can see what’s happening in the hurdles. We want to raise the level of competition, so that people start talking about hurdling as one of the events to see.” With competition increasing in the event yearly, Parchment anticipates that youngsters will also start gravitating to the discipline more. As it relates to his chances at this year’s Olympics, Parchment is optimistic that once he stays healthy and focus he will do very well. “There has been one small setback, but other than that it has been a good season so far, especially in background training. I have done a lot more than I usually do, so I think I am on a good path,” Parchment said. “So once I keep working and keep the focus I know I will be good for the rest of the season.”ryon.jones@gleanerjm.comlast_img read more

Despite Flying V’s failed bid, Teng grateful for run with Thunder

first_imgTeen gunned down in Masbate Teng, the leading contender for the Conference MVP award, rued what could have been a dream run for Flying V as it already reached great heights after being only the fourth team to sweep the eliminations.“It’s unfortunate. We knew we could’ve achieved more. But we just don’t know what happened. But that’s basketball and those things happen and we just have to learn from it,” he said.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSEnd of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legendSPORTSRedemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie ThompsonSPORTSMayweather beats Pacquiao, Canelo for ‘Fighter of the Decade’The failed championship campaign, though, does not diminish what Teng has achieved with the Thunder.Averaging a league-best 22.15 points, 6.85 rebounds, and 5.77 assists, Teng had a blast in one conference stay with Flying, recording the most triple-doubles in league history with three. Ai-Ai delas Alas on Jiro Manio: ‘Sana pinahalagahan niya ang naitulong ko’ LATEST STORIES 787 earthquakes recorded in 24 hours due to restive Taal Volcano MOST READ But more than the numbers, what the 23-year-old cherishes the most were the learnings he had from coach Eric Altamirano.“I’ve really learned a lot from this Flying V team. I’m very thankful for the management, to our bosses, and to coach Eric — especially coach Eric because I learned a lot from his system. He really helped me a lot to be prepared for the PBA,” he said.As he braces for bigger challenges ahead, Teng shared that he’s taking this time to hone his craft as he raises the possibility of making the leap and joining the 2017 PBA Rookie Draft.“The time I have right now, I’ll work with my individual skills. I consistently work on my outside shooting and continue improving my basic skills. I need to do that so that I’ll be more prepared when I come to the PBA,” he said.ADVERTISEMENT Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano warn public of fake account posing as her End of his agony? SC rules in favor of Espinosa, orders promoter heirs to pay boxing legend Albay to send off disaster response team to Batangas 787 earthquakes recorded in 24 hours due to restive Taal Volcano JRU gets first streak, clobbers St. Benilde by 28 View comments Filipinos turn Taal Volcano ash, plastic trash into bricks PLAY LIST 01:40Filipinos turn Taal Volcano ash, plastic trash into bricks01:32Taal Volcano watch: Island fissures steaming, lake water receding02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next 2 nabbed in Bicol drug stings Jeron Teng. PBA IMAGESIt may have been a tough pill to swallow, but Jeron Teng acknowledged Centro Escolar University came out the better team against Flying V in their semifinals series.“I think they hit big shots in the late game. We also had open shots, but we just didn’t make it. It happens,” he said after the Thunder’s stunning exit in the 2017 PBA D-League Foundation Cup with a 72-67 Game 3 defeat to the Scorpions on Thursday.ADVERTISEMENT Marcosian mode: Duterte threatens to arrest water execs ‘one night’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. last_img read more