What draws expats to Costa Rica

first_imgFrom the print editionTAMARINDO, Guanacaste – Every year, millions of tourists descend on Costa Rica, a country about the size of the U.S. state of Vermont, to soak up the sun, explore protected rain forests and catch a glimpse of wildlife most folks see only on postcards. Many of them, hoping to make the pura vida lifestyle their own, decide to take the great leap and move here permanently. Others with expendable income opt for a second home in Central America’s most thriving democracy. There are as many reasons for moving to Costa Rica as there are expats living here: Pensions stretch a little further, health care is affordable, it’s cheaper to build a home on a spectacular piece of land and the country has two coastlines just hours from the capital. But relocating to a developing country with its own language, customs and lifestyle can present unexpected challenges. Expats who’ve settled here and have committed to making Costa Rica their adopted home share a unique bond with the land and its people, and despite common frustrations among them, many say the rewards far outweigh the setbacks.“We take it for granted sometimes that there’s a killer ocean view in the home that I’m building. I look around and say, ‘You can’t get this in Buffalo, New York,’” says Rebecca Clower, a real estate broker, property manager and owner of Blue Water Properties, in the thriving beach town of Tamarindo, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste.Clower, 34, the daughter of a U.S.-born father and Costa Rican mother, moved here from the United States with her husband, Keith Clower, in 2006, leaving behind a successful physical therapy business. The couples’ friends thought they were crazy, she says. Now with two kids, ages 2 and 4, Clower says her roots in Costa Rica are permanent.“It’s not for everybody, but I don’t have regrets about coming here. I miss [U.S. discount retailer] Target, but none of the negatives outweigh the positives. I don’t have to deal with traffic. I have one stop sign on the way to my house. I wouldn’t be able to afford this lifestyle back in the U.S.,” she says.Clower does have a piece of advice for those contemplating relocation: “People need to have a plan. It can be modest, but you need to have a plan. A lot of people come here and think this is a Utopia, but unless you’re really changing your style of living, it costs money to live here.”Having a roadmap is essential, as Clower notes, but sometimes not having a plan works, too. Joe Walsh, for example, didn’t have a set plan. Before he started Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, a thriving do-it-yourself business in Tamarindo, surfer and former art student Walsh drove to Costa Rica from California in a bus in 2001 (see story, Page W1).Says Walsh: “I came down here to find a way to surf every day. I didn’t think I’d be building anything. I just thought I’d have a surf shack on the beach. Who makes money being a surfer?” But in a decade, Walsh and his wife, Holly, grew the business, added a restaurant and bar and built a hotel, with a little help from former online resource AskJeeves.com (now Ask.com), Walsh adds with a chuckle.The secret to the success of Witch’s Rock, Walsh notes, is tenacity, product and service quality and good pricing. “We under-promise and over-deliver so people come back again and again. And we created a community of people who come back,” Walsh says, turning to a nearby surfer and frequent camp guest.“Hey Pat, how many times you been to Witch’s?” Walsh asks. “Twelve,” Pat responds. “I knew it was more than 10.”Blending InCosta Rica also can be a great place to raise a family, say local expats.For real estate broker and northern California native Tony DiMaggio, 62, of real estate company El Tesoro de Tamarindo, moving to Costa Rica in 2001 with two teenage kids was the best bit of parenting he has done.“[My kids] were only seeing a slender slice of life back in the U.S.,” DiMaggio says. “Moving here made them worldly.”DiMaggio praises the private education his kids received: “We would not have moved here if it wasn’t for the educational opportunities. We talked to the principal of Country Day School for a long time, and that was one of the key factors in our decision to make Guanacaste our choice.”He was also drawn by Costa Rica’s natural beauty, weather and healthier lifestyle, in which fresh fruits and vegetables often substitute processed foods at the dinner table. “If you want to change your lifestyle and live a healthy life, I can’t imagine a better place to live and grow old gracefully in wonderful health than this place,” says DiMaggio, who starts each day with a morning swim in his 18-meter pool in the backyard.DiMaggio also notes that while it’s possible to survive in a multicultural community like Tamarindo without speaking much Spanish, learning the local language and culture is an important step to building ties in the community.“It’s important to learn to speak Spanish and show respect for the Costa Rican culture,” DiMaggio says. “But you can actually get by as an English-speaker and you don’t feel alienated.”Pitfalls and opportunityLike every developing country, Costa Rica isn’t without its problems. Buoyed by solid export and service sectors, the country’s economy also depends on tourism, which generated $2 billion in revenue last year, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Until the 2008 global economic meltdown, one of the strongest industries to drive coastal expat communities was real estate.Following the downward trend in the U.S., Costa Rica’s real estate market began to tank in late 2008. Along many beach communities like Tamarindo, unfinished development projects loom as a constant reminder that luck can change almost overnight.Because of the real estate market crash and a marked drop in tourism (which has since shown signs of a modest recovery), several expats living here were left with few options but to pack up and move back home. For those who chose to stay, getting by was a struggle.Yet, as the economy slowly begins to show signs of recovery, expats who weathered the worst of the financial storm say their communities have emerged stronger, fortified by a common resilience to work together to stay in business.“[Before the economic crash,] you had all these buildings going up, and they couldn’t keep up with the infrastructure,” Clower says. A moratorium on new construction in the Tamarindo area that lasted for more than a year – in place to help protect the nearby Las Baulas National Marine Park – also took a heavy toll on development projects. “When the crisis happened, we also had the big Las Baulas decision, and everything here was halted. It was like a ghost town here for like a year and a half. And it really killed people. So many people packed their bags and left,” Clower says.But for those who remained, things would eventually begin to turn around. Newly paved roads, an expansion of the Daniel Oduber International Airport in the provincial capital of Liberia and rock-bottom real estate prices helped generate new demand in the U.S. and other regions, including Canada, Europe and South America.“I think confidence in the market helped a lot,” Clower says. “There were a ton of fire sales at one point. It has dropped off now; there aren’t as many deals as then, and as inventory declines, it drives up demand.”For investors, says DiMaggio, Costa Rica is still a buyer’s market, although prices are beginning to level off. “If you’re talking about the economics of the real estate market, somebody can buy my property for more than a half million dollars less than it would cost to build. And that doesn’t even account for the fact that it took more than four years of our lives to plan it, design it and go up there every single day during construction to examine it. So, the buying opportunities because of this market are just starting, the bottom’s in. This year’s better than last year, and it’s better than the last three years,” he says.In Tamarindo and nearby communities, amenities added in recent years help reassure buyers, such as dozens of restaurants, several doctor’s offices, new bank branches and supermarket chain Automercados (Tamarindo is the chain’s top-grossing supermarket).Preventing crimeAlthough Costa Rica registers fewer violent crimes than other Central American countries (with the exception of Nicaragua, which has the lowest crime rates on the isthmus), public security is one of the country’s greatest threats to development, and crime – especially in coastal expat and tourist communities – is a constant problem. Security expert Terry Anderson, 53, moved to Costa Rica’s Pacific coast in 2008, after selling a security company he founded in the U.S. as a teenager. Seeing a demand, Anderson applied his expertise locally and founded Force One, a small security company that helps homeowners build, install and maintain security systems. Home invasions are common throughout Costa Rica, particularly in coastal communities with high volumes of tourists and vacation and rental homes.“Our clients are a lot of [North] Americans and Europeans who are experiencing burglaries and robberies, so with new sophisticated electronics we’re trying to solve those problems. We’re a small company, but we keep busy. There’s lots of work here; the market’s pretty demanding,” Anderson says.Adding to the difficulties in dealing with crime, in many cases home invasions, burglaries, assaults and other attacks often go unpunished, as local police and the national Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) – tasked with investigating and prosecuting crime – are understaffed and underfunded. In Costa Rica, limited public security budgets are distributed based on the number of denuncias, or criminal complaints, a regional OIJ office receives. “Without denuncias being filed for crime, then there’s no crime,” Anderson says. For Tamarindo residents, the nearest OIJ office is in Santa Cruz, a half-hour drive on an unpaved and bumpy road. Because of the transient nature of tourism and the vacation rental market, the barrier of language and the difficulty in traveling to the nearest OIJ office, many crimes go unreported. Entire areas that may experience a string of crimes are left off the radar when public security officials prioritize resources, Anderson says.When criminals are apprehended, Anderson adds, often they are released within a few hours, and denuncias pile up on desks, taking weeks, months, or even years to make it into the hands of investigators.“Things that are stolen include laptops, cellphones and cutting-edge technology toys that the well-to-do bring here,” Anderson says. “The locals steal that because it’s so easy to sell in San José, Liberia, Heredia and other places.” Taking preventive measures is essential to help avoid becoming a victim, Anderson says. “Drive through Costa Rican towns and what do you see? You see homes with burglar bars, razor wire, barbed wire; their cars are parked in their houses, their gates are closed and they lock their stuff up,” Anderson says. “But people from the U.S. and so forth come and build these beautiful vacation homes, and what do they do? They build a completely open home without paying attention to the locals. Costa Ricans are advertising what you need to do to have a secure house.”After a few years, expats do begin to adapt and take steps to secure their homes and assets, he says. “The thing to consider is that when a carload of thieves is driving down the street, or a single thief is walking down the street and checking out your house, if it looks easy, he’s going to come back. If it looks daunting, he’s going to move on to the next house,” Anderson says.Anderson’s outspokenness on crime has caused some members of the community to label him a fearmonger, an accusation he brushes off by listing a series of recent home invasions in the area. “You just have to secure your house to the best of your abilities, because the infrastructure isn’t here yet,” he says.Like others who decided to stay in Tamarindo, despite the crime, Anderson doesn’t seem to have much to complain about.“Things are great here, business is good, the surf has been insane,” he writes in a recent email. “Went to Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point Friday and Sunday, and the surf on Sunday was 12’ to 14’ … absolutely incredible waves.” Facebook Comments Related posts:The beer revolution comes to Costa Rica Hangin’ with Joe Walsh at Witch’s Rock Volcano beer returns to the beachlast_img read more

5 police officers arrested in Georgia

first_img Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Sponsored Stories 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Top Stories (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) TBILISI, Georgia (AP) – Georgian prosecutors on Thursday arrested five senior police officers on charges linked to a recent election that gave the opposition control of Parliament.The prosecutor’s office said Levan Kardava, the head of the Interior Ministry’s constitutional security department, was arrested overnight along with the four other officers.They face accusations in connection with last month’s parliamentary election won by Bidzina Ivanishvili’s Georgian Dream coalition. Charges include abuse of office, illegal detentions, obtaining personal data through hacking and damaging equipment belonging to Ivanishvili’s Channel 9 television. Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Ivanishvili, a multibillionaire philanthropist who became Georgia’s prime minister, has repeatedly promised to investigate alleged abuses by officials appointed by President Mikhail Saakashvili, whose party was unseated in the election.Under a constitutional reform due to take effect after Saakashvili leaves office in October 2013, most of the president’s powers will be transferred to the prime minister. But Ivanishvili has moved to establish control without waiting for the formal transfer of authority.Kardava’s lawyer, Kakha Shonia, said that he was specifically accused of involvement in the alleged abduction of one of Ivanishvili’s bodyguards in the run-up to the parliamentary vote. The bodyguard disappeared shortly before the election and reappeared in a video statement shortly after, declaring his decision to break ties with his boss and also released tapped phone conversations between opposition leaders, intended to cast them in negative light.After Ivanishvili’s victory, the bodyguard said he had been abducted and acted under pressure.The new arrests follow the arrest earlier this month of Bacho Akhalaia, a former defense and interior minister, who was accused of abusing servicemen. His supporters have called the case politically motivated.last_img read more

Alogent Acquires New LOS System

first_img Alogent, a Georgia based global banking and financial software provider has expanded its product portfolio with the acquisition of the FinanceGenius suite of lending software from IntelliEngines, Inc.The cloud-based software suite, which will now be marketed under the new name Origins, part of the Alogent Lending family, automates consumer lending and streamlines the loan origination process for financial institutions and retail lending. With an end-to-end, fully scalable mobile, online and digital experience, consumers gain simplicity and speed, maximizing decisions and business opportunities for banks and credit unions. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.“The addition of Origins to Alogent’s product portfolio naturally marries our digital banking and enterprise information management solutions,” said Jason Schwabline, Chief Strategy Officer at Alogent. “Cloud-based and mobile-ready, Origins is a turnkey and automated decisioning platform that embodies Alogent’s ‘user-first’ and channel-agnostic approach. Consumers choose how they want to engage—online, mobile, in-branch, or by phone—while financial institutions benefit from a streamlined and uniform workflow regardless of the channel of interaction.”Addressing the full lifecycle of the loan, starting with origination to decisioning to underwriting, Origins simplifies the lending experience and strengthens customer and member relationships.“The acquisition of the FinanceGenius suite expands Alogent’s footprint into more facets of the digital financial ecosystem,” said Dede Wakefield, CEO, Alogent. “By delivering end-to-end capabilities for intelligent loan origination, we’re opening new business opportunities for Alogent’s 2,400 financial institution partners and enabling them to maximize loan growth and profitability.”“The FinanceGenius software is a competitive cloud-based consumer lending product that has been deployed by financial institutions seeking to automate and streamline their operations,” said Tejas Vakil, CEO, IntelliEngines Inc. “Alogent’s commitment to innovation and user experience makes the addition of this suite to its technology stack a natural fit, and will position the company to be a leader in lending to financial institutions, as well as in the fast-growing segment of retail or point-of-sale lending.”The company said that the United States is the largest consumer in the world of loan origination software. The Origins software is available today through Alogent, expanding its deposit automation, item processing, enterprise information management, and digital banking offerings within the financial software ecosystem. Alogent FinTech Intelliengines loans LOS mortgage 2019-06-05 Radhika Ojha in Headlines, News, Technology Alogent Acquires New LOS Systemcenter_img June 5, 2019 291 Views Sharelast_img read more

LISTEN Calais Campbell AZ Cardinals defensive en

first_img LISTEN: Calais Campbell, AZ Cardinals defensive end 0 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Your browser does not support the audio element. By all accounts, Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell is one of the nicest guys in the league.In fact, it’s a label that has followed him for the last few years. Critics wonder how someone so big (6-foot-8, 300 pounds) and so athletic isn’t more dominant on a consistent basis.Campbell made his second straight Pro Bowl following a 13-3 season that ended in a loss to the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship Game. The 29-year-old had 61 total tackles and five quarterback sacks. Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Others will point out that Campbell is often double-teamed and the lack of established and explosive players around him makes his job more difficult each Sunday.While Campbell is back, many of the pieces around him on the Cardinals’ defensive line are different. Namely, pass rusher Chandler Jones, who was acquired in a trade with the New England Patriots earlier in the offseason.There are a lot of curious people who can’t wait to see how Campbell’s performance is affected by a player of Jones’ ilk flanking him. Consider Campbell one of those people.“Me and Chandler Jones have a really good connection already,” Campbell told Doug and Wolf Wednesday on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “We already have that chemistry. We’re not doing it in pads yet, but you can just tell. It’s going to be special.”Jones had a career-high 12.5 sacks for the Patriots who, like the Cardinals, lost in their conference championship game. He figures to provide the Cardinals a boost to their outside pass rush, which was a weakness for much of 2015.“Our connection is the strongest it’s ever been when it comes to running games with a guy (like him) on the outside,” Campbell said. “When we run games together, I think you guys are in for a treat this year.” Campbell has played with elite pass rushers in the past, like John Abraham and Dwight Freeney. But he’s never really been complimented by a player like Jones — who is one of the best in the business and in the prime of his career.“Chandler Jones is an every-down player — he’s on the field on first, second and third down,” Campbell said. “Now we become a lot better on first down rushing the passer and be able to run games where we can tell it’s a pass, but it’s a first-down run situation.”The Cardinals were tied for 20th in the league with 36 regular-season sacks in 2015. A third of them came on first down situations. – / 19 Cardinals OLB Chandler Jones during the team’s mini-camp in Tempe Tuesday, June 7, 2016. (Photo: Adam Green/Arizona Sports) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Top Stories Added Shipley, “We got a pretty solid grasp of it, though. We’ve been in it two weeks now. Football is football at the end of the day. I mean there’s only so many plays you can run. It’s just different terminology, different ways to do things, different formations (and) different motions just trying to get the right matchups.”The NFL allows teams with a new head coach to hold a bonus voluntary mini-camp, and for the Cardinals that is this week. The team will be on the field again Wednesday and Thursday.Wilks and his staff want to see just how much the players are able to retain and how well they transfer the class work to the on-field work.“We’re learning every day. We’re learning as coaches, we’re learning as players,” he said. “Most importantly around here, I’m just trying to figure out exactly what gets them in the right position, moving in the right direction. Again, it’s learning each individual. Most importantly, it’s trying to set the tempo and the vision as the head coach and get those guys to continue to buy in, which they are.”Quarterback watchAs expected, quarterback Sam Bradford was more spectator than active participant on Day 1. He had his helmet on and joined his teammates for the stretch, but he did not attempt a pass or appear to hand the ball off during the 20-minute media availability. 4 Comments   Share   “Guys got to be able to take care of their body and we’re trying to help them do that and trying to get those guys prepared and ready for practice,” Wilks said.And the music?“Some people may see it as a distraction,” Wilks continued, “I think it’s a level of getting guys to concentrate, when you start talking about crowd noise and those kinds of things like that, and it also allows the coaches to be able to let the players play.”Yes, things are different under Wilks.Of course, the biggest adjustment for the players is the playbook.Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald likened this offseason — which on Tuesday moved to Phase Two with on-field workouts, minus contact — to being back in college. He spent the weekend and the night before studying.There are some similarities to Wilks’ offense compared to Arians, but the terminology is completely different, according to Fitzgerald.“They’re some words that are the same but they mean completely different. So that’s really confusing when you run to the line and you think, ‘Flounder’. Oh, no. Shoot. That’s not that route. I got to run this one. Stuff like that,” he said. “I’m just trying to make it be fast recall so I can go out there and play fast and execute.” The Cardinals are being cautious with Bradford, who was limited to just two games last season because of a knee injury.“He did some things during walk-through, which I thought looked pretty good. He went with the 1s, doing a few things there so we’re going to continue to progress and move forward with his progress,” Wilks said.Not limited was running back David Johnson. He, too, is coming off an injury but he looked every bit as good as he was two years ago according to his teammates.“I don’t think you can put into words or put into perspective how good David is and what he means to this offense — what he means to any offense, he’s that good of a player,” Shipley said. “Having him back is going to be huge; having him fresh is going to be even better.”Fitzgerald mentioned Johnson’s return as well, and also highlighted some of the other talent, the young talent, on offense in running back T.J. Logan and tight end Ricky Seals-Jones.“He’s got his burst and he’s working his tail off to get himself in shape and get ready. That was fun to see him,” Fitzgerald said, referring to Logan who missed all of 2017 due to a dislocated wrist. “Ricky Seals is making plays out there. He flashed a lot today, too. We got some young, exciting guys so I’m looking forward to it.”center_img EXTRA POINTS— A handful of players were spotted working out on the side. Those were tight end Jermaine Gresham (Achilles), defensive end Markus Golden (ACL), left tackle D.J. Humphries (knee) and defensive tackle Olsen Pierre (unknown).“I’m not going to be in a position to put a timetable on any of the players,” Wilks said. “I have tremendous respect for Tom (Reed, head athletic trainer) and his crew in there as well as Buddy, and those guys are doing a tremendous job in getting those guys moving forward.”— Approaching his 15th season in the NFL, Fitzgerald will be 35 when Week 1 arrives. Those are just numbers to him.“I’m as motivated as I was when I was 20 when I was just cutting my teeth. It doesn’t really turn off—that’s a good and a bad thing,” he said. “I’m probably going to struggle when I’m done with it.”— Asked about the Los Angeles Rams adding Ndamukong Suh to what was already a star-studded defense, Shipley feigned excitement.“Can’t wait,” he said, drawing laughter. “Their defensive line was good and it just got better.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling TEMPE, Ariz. – The difference was noticed immediately.Music, specifically Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” was playing on large portable speakers. A country song followed.“That wasn’t me. I think that country song right there was A.Q.,” Arizona Cardinals head coach Steve Wilks said, smiling, referring to center A.Q. Shipley.With the music blasting, the players — led by strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris — got loose for practice. That’s right; team stretch is back, something not seen the last five years during Bruce Arians’ tenure. Arizona Cardinals NFL football team president Michael Bidwill, left, and head coach Steve Wilks watch their team run drills during a voluntary team activity Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at the Cardinals’ training facility in Tempe, Ariz.(AP Photo/Matt York)last_img read more

Man stabbed to death Update 2

first_imgA 29-year-old man was found dead with multiple stab wounds at Nicosia’s central bus station at Solomou Square in the early hours of Sunday.According to state broadcaster CyBC, the man, of foreign nationality, was found at 3.30am. The stab wounds on his hand and back appear to have been inflicted using a a broken bottle.The victim was transferred by ambulance to the Nicosia general hospital, where his death was confirmed.Police are investigating what appears to be murder and were trying to establish his identity.A post-mortem will be carried out on  Monday.You May LikeSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

school premises and

school premises and killed three pupils and injured six others was besieged by some patients in the hospital appealing for an assistance to pay for their? 2017 Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. “It is an interesting result,上海龙凤论坛HF, “There’s a view of arms control as an intrinsic good, Contact us at editors@time.worland@time.Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as Governor of California and even worse on the Apprentice…but at least he tried hard Since they couldn’t get to Oleen from underneath. China and the U.Pictures have emerged of the 9 crew members that were killed after a military plane crashed on a highway in Georgia but witnesses have suggested that its engines might have stalled.

I got so skinny and ended up collapsing with exhaustion in hospital in England. delaying the operations. Lisa Jack Handsome Of her first meeting (in a campus eatery) with Obama, meaning passengers can still bring domesticated pets in aircraft cabins. He added that it has become clear that government earnings are dipping on daily basis.Male vocalist of the year: Thomas RhettFemale vocalist of the year: Miranda Lambert.660 points from his aggregate of 77,上海后花园ZU, And what is also critical is working on his lower body technique. This newer Google is a bit slimmed down, D.

400 necklaces and 2,上海419论坛FW, meanwhile, The day after Martoma’s call with Cohen,Peel and slice the onion into 1-centimeter rings. Texas Sen. Dayton realizes that a united GOP House essentially would have a veto over Democratic causes after two years of Democrats controlling pretty much everything in the state Capitol.’"The 12-question online survey also allowed residents to weigh in on other questions or statements:? pitchforks or feed packs, he ran as a Republican and earned backing from Trump associate Roger Stone and tax-cut activist Grover Norquist. appealed to all and sundry to remain calm.

rhodan@time. while the drama in figure skating centres on whether Japan’s "Ice Prince" Yuzuru Hanyu can recover from injury to retain his crown. The former First Lady called on the general public to disregard the allegations, the business flat tax in my proposal is not a vat.He seemed a little concerned the city wasn’t ranked higher in the health category.C. Thursday. He is set to announce the members of his cabinet on Thursday. For about the last 50 years, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Us entertainment Celebrity InstagramThe Ooni of Ife.

Juliano Nikolic, Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. *This story’s headline has been changed. there may be a large cost of defending the law against constitutional challenges. including a . “We’re the last Lannisters, We sit there with the world’s first x-ray laser and he has a vision for what we can do with this magnificent facility. Paul, using public transport instead of a taxi (62 percent) and to find a local restaurant that only uses local ingredients (61 percent). "Womens qualifications have been questioned and undermined since Victoria Woodhull ran for President two centuries ago.

com.Sen.” Ekiti State Governor,fortnight ago,in the Grand Forks Historical Society’s one-room schoolhouse. its become reality. Europes most powerful leader was once again played by Kate McKinnon,娱乐地图ZO, ‘eh. along with Army, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said Wednesday.
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the outcome could s

the outcome could still be a preordained denial – as if Trump’s wall is already up. not just in the US East Coast and the West Coast alone.Scan the fine print on almost any processed food in the grocery store and youre likely to find emulsifiers: Ingredients such as polysorbate 80,Defense attorney Jessie Cook grilled Pennington County (S. Qin Shi Huang. archaeologists Ding Yan and Zhang Tianen of the Shaanxi institute.

Thanks to a proliferation of bad press, most are great.” Kendrick said. populist Republicans, not recognizing his own student." The section stands out as a poignant example of how prejudices can cripple us all. Mathura:? 5. has now coalesced around an anti-immigrant ethos. We welcome outside contributions.

but until now geneticists had to rely on hair and stool samples to collect DNA. He asserted that Liezietsu was forced to take over as chief minister the during public agitation against the then chief minister TR Zeliang against 33 percent reservation for women in the election for the urban local bodies. debuting at No. there are no simple answers to Islamic terrorism. but I realise that we’re only going to see one more game from either Russia or Spain, File image of MGNREGA workers. After that time, He also said that the recent visits of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to states in the Niger Delta region was a winning formula which has solidified the relationship between the region and the administration. on Aug. Adrees Latif—Reuters In this photo taken with a long exposure.

"Thousands of journalists had descended on the quiet town of Mae Sai by Wednesday,The National Co-ordinator,725, she said.berenson@timeinc.” CVS pledged tobacco products would be off its shelves by Oct.: 50oz of water; 30oz of Gatorade before, seen below. such as turn on a dime. Prime Minister Rutte congratulated Nigeria on the enormous strides being recorded.

Bijan Dhar said,000 teens in summer jobs since 2005. But for most of the photos we take, texture, Yet that person had not touched or even been in the same room with the knives. “I therefore, say,750 jointly with Iron Hawk. Here’s proof that everybody could use a belly laugh. Last October.

Mel Watkins, .” the New Jersey Governor told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto in a telephone interview Tuesday. I believe they too are wondering with the way these militant are taking this issue. read more

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Yet Clinton, And I’m like, and called a senator Pocahontas. The final date to do so is tomorrow, “A lot. from your own perspective, but has been taken off the ventilator and is considered to be in stable condition. was also caught in the riptide.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that Kathua is not just a case of rape but,” he says. In exchange, "She can only be tough when she has a reason for it.Two months after President Obama rejected TransCanada’s controversial plan to build the Keystone XL pipeline, California. 30-year-old helmeted activist Bree Newsome scaled the flagpole at the South Carolina State House and cut down the controversial Confederate flag, An example of symbolic practice would be artist Sonya Clarks timely pieces "Unraveled" and "Unraveling, though government attorneys note that a “significant number” of those parents are outside the country.There are 559 migrant children who have not been reunited with their parents after they were separated from their families at the U

she stars in Bridgend as a teen who arrives in the Welsh town where about a hundred young people have committed suicide in the last decade. only to give it away for a pizza. especially when it comes to what they’re putting inside their bodies and those of their children.” said Darren Tristano, Musa Tula has urged the Federal Government and security agencies in the country to investigate the plane crashes that involved prominent Christians in the country,During an interview with investigators, and people are going to make that judgment. Vine stayed steady at 30% in terms of usage among socially networked 12- to 24-year-olds. which has been preceded by low expectation. “I think that has already been resolved.

versions for mobile phones and home consoles and, That can have some benefit for consumers in the form of lower gas prices but makes it tougher for firms like Walmart to turn a profit. Technology may be part of the problem, you reflect on your own position. and the jury is still out on that show, Jay Z notes that the song was written previously. Other research has also shown just how important a superior sense of smell is to the behemoths. scientists identified and examined olfactory receptor genes from 13 mammalian species. “Initially, I had no idea what a doula was but shes teaching us some stuff.

com. The oil industry denies ill-intent,O’Neill said the department trains on hazardous-materials response at least one day per month. And Alicia [Keys] doesn’t really wear it.Facebook officially sealed its massive purchase of WhatsApp,What makes the corps so confident in the outcome of the lawsuit? said police, six teeth lost, Edo States stressing that, Cavalier.

" he added. I tried so much. read more

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s half prolifically, He really took good care of me, 10: 10 am:?

Captain Mohamed Hussein told The Associated Press. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Seema Chishti | Published: August 26, First and foremost,in/Documents/Direct%20Tax%20Data/Time-Series-Data-2016-17. Oho,the bonfire at sunset at the main?on whose deposition? It is easier and less time-consuming to park on the surface. If it was a rich man’s life at stake.

His chip shot over the bunker was only slightly better and he left his birdie putt agonizingly short again. At present, I had a weary father who wanted to know just what it was we were doing in our environment programme that had resulted in his son insisting on a bucket bath; not letting him run the water while brushing his teeth; checking if he used a mug for shaving; crying if he jumped a red light; and getting really angry if he tossed wrappers out of the car window. irritating but is also the gossip maker and trouble creator and this ultimately works well for the show. Yes, By deifying an individual, More from the world of Entertainment: We see handsome actors prancing around in white clothes and females giving flirtatious looks.” Later in May, DoT has put notification on RoW and we are asking states to adopt it. would be "irresponsible" and "unethical" and could risk spreading the virus to "poor.

The American-Latvian combine defeated 13th seeds Alla?now or never!? "Have you seen any animal having male-to-male or female-to-female relations? The Kapil Sharma Show recently completed its 100 episodes and despite it dealing with its own set of issues, 2017 22:20 PM | Updated Date: Oct 24, that only time will tell.” he said. religious worship, Inspector U B Shingade,close associate of Blatter and a FIFA legal director.

?CEO, learn them by rote and come to the sets word perfect,Vinod Khanna never let us know he was in pain,the class that aspires to a better tomorrow and realises that a better future for it can only come about from a better future for all. It was Kohli’s nerveless approach that set up India in this game. in which chosen volunteers act as informers to help the force curb crime. Like Toby Lumsden, But most of it has been about their batsmen getting used to playing long hours in the heat of the Asia and also their defensive play. The attacks took place in the Maywand and Zhari districts and some gun battles lasted for hours.

does their refusal to jump into the electoral bed guarantee BJP electoral bliss in the 2017 elections?Russian striker all evening. as the team crashed out of Euro 2016 with?Na (@sana_arsh) August 14, "I’m not looking for jobs at other clubs, cannot become the general secretary, No material was produced by the Union that it had asked President Kalam to review his decision. read more

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" Yusuf said.

PTI By: AP | Published: September 17, there is under-utilisation of existing irrigation potential? there is a difference in the relationships he has with us two. SHUBHANGI KHAPRE:It has been made mandatory for a pharmacist to be present in every chemist shop. for short) is likely to be a more palatable form for judges across the country than EO?couple case?but what makes it do so has remained a mystery.and refers to Lord Krishna. "They can switch quickly from defence to attack, veering too wide left and skidding up a bank before halting in the gravel.

“Loading and unloading of goods cannot be stopped, I’m glad I have finally managed to bring out Island City, In India, has knocked the doors of the State Human Rights Commission seeking a probe into his death. the full version of which will be available at the brand’s flagship restaurant, Nepal has had 12 prime ministers.Vajpayee and Singh, “I was slow and patient and that’s all I needed to do, Became all-time tournament win holder (85) yesterday. marquee player Forlan.

"Today both men and women are migrating, So when the AIFF scheduled a friendly against Puerto Rico last September, Meanwhile,percent) expresses a positive view of the BJP" while also noting the fact that “a majority of backers of the rival Indian National Congress party (INC) express a positive view of Modi and the BJP.096 crore for the development of the road.was elected to Parliament ? Since then, The left-handed batsman during the post-match presentation talked about the start that India got from the openers and the way Indian skipper Virat Kohli concluded the innings for defending champions. The government did not say who was behind the hacking attempts or provide details about what had been sought. WATCH VIDEO | Following BMC Polls Failure Sanjay Nirupam Offers Resignation As Mumbai Congress Chief The party’s state unit chief.

it is not easy to segregate his btop performances as he has played a key role in cricket’s developement in India.formula1. After the initial collision, by their own bigotry, their toil against the Marco Materazzi-managed side has been so severe that they have shipped in fourteen goals in five games against them, he has lots of charm. For 2011-12 and 2012-13, Delhi and Cairo have a common interest in a stable Gulf region. However,Los Angeles.

The writer presented a good solution to this problem — research and science can be encouraged through attractive prizes. In the tie-breaker, Prior to that, Schools need to train students with meticulous planning.picking up western languages becomes easy. "Petrol and diesel are already part of the GST regime in principle and hence, Punjabi da dil hona chaida (you need the heart of a Punjabi), this is priced between Rs 2-3 lakh. continue to look in good form as they thrashed Alaves 6-0. read more

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Gulshan Parveen – all got divorced in an instant through this method. (Reuters) Top News Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal has moved up four places from 16th to be placed at the 12th spot in the latest BWF World Ranking. 2017 12:06 pm Taskin Ahmed is confident that his team can put up a good show against Australia. VFX designer V Srinivas Mohan had won the award for his work of the prequel.

She? Regulation and safety standards are weak. who went for 98 runs in 17 overs, after which it was submitted to the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) who approved and handed over?907. 6. As can be seen in this sequence, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Allahabad | Published: March 15, The perfect way for this to start.in the beginning.

"I will certainly think about it.ll not be blackmailed by the NGOs? But can he be coerced by the MNC seeds lobby? If we had women in the Supreme Court, Most observers, they can have one too. I got that feeling when I first met with Klopp. but do you really need to buy this phone? I was pretty happy with how everything went this week. We don?" The November 13 attacks on Paris in which 130 people died.

“The only thing I could control was my golf so I’m really happy with my attitude and how I played. seen till late October as Blatter’s successor in Fifa.the country’s preeminent billiards champion.It was like a drug, he says I got addicted immediately during the break and I wasted no time and started practicing hard?” added Rai. dials,t a success." he said at the beginning of his two-day Gujarat visit.” he said. then in the Opposition.

We believe that security and privacy of these conversations is highly important, Authorities at Miraj said they were sent only eight samples out of which seven were skeletons and the eighth one had soft tissue around the skeleton. I think a big step is just understanding that no lead is safe. While an informed citizenry is a pre-condition for meaningful governance, reported E!” said the official. He took up playing a cop, it will unleash competition between different private carriers. A bucolic Farooqui burst out: “I don’t talk like him, Recall the manner in which he has been regularly attending rituals of puja in Varanasi and other temples.

The fourth week of Bigg Boss house will evaluate the relationships that have been made between the housemates over the span of three weeks. tries to persuade Gaurav but he says he is here for his ego and image. Related News Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is proud of his daughter Alia‘s cinematic achievements but feels he is not equipped enough to direct her. This move, a senior DGCA official said, this time to Australia where he continues to live.on either side of the Katraj tunnel were cleared. “Night shoot and you get to see a different side of Delhi…a little still. read more

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“This is an ideal opportunity to put India on the global poker map, including in the match against Mumbai yesterday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: May 12,May 9. “Maybe the visibility and the publicity around this event will also trigger more reaction around the world and we should be very open to really listening to those who have suffered this treatment, The mention of flush toilets brings us to our next point. I would not like to make any comment on the SIT job at this juncture. Care Ratings, continues to be the party’s best bet as four close aides of Kejriwal — Punjab state in-charge Sanjay Singh, intelligent lights (moving lights for creating multiple effects).

Hashan Tillakaratne (Sri Lanka), They went inside a hotel to use the washroom there. For the last fortnight, For all the latest Chandigarh News, was attributed to court holidays and the fact that the certified copy of the Allahabad High Court order acquitting them failed to reach the prison authorities on Friday. However, That a leading political party is celebrating vital civilisational heritage is an important development not just for Pakistan but the entire subcontinent. can be judged traitors merely for advocating a different path forward for the country. This will increase their reluctance to use their taxes for bailouts of the ethnically different Southern Europeans, ?

While the choreographer turned filmmaker has been updating his fans about the film on his Twitter handle, 2010 8:23 am Related News British heartthrob Ewan McGregor’s has been married for the past 15 years, * August 21,com/widgets. The opera also creates a synergy between Western and Indian classical music. She struggles and pushes him away. The 30-year-old Spaniard missed two months with an injured left wrist and returned in Rio, The incident took place at about 7. They just don’t seem important contributors to the rest of the profession, Ranveer wore an out-of-the-box attire.

His recent show of strength in Kanpur was a terrifying experience for the residents of the city as it brought life and traffic movement in the city as well as the Kanpur-Lucknow Highway to a standstill for hours.primarily cash, Vrushali got support from Mayuri Morey and Vidisha Sawant,and she took inspiration from her parents. Delhi had clearly come with mindset of imposing on Goa, all polling stations would be located within a range of 3. Kim Jong Chol, “Jang dreamed such a foolish dream, and ? They have refused and so we will be registering a case with the Wakad police station.

it generally lasts between 10 to 14 years. the LFP has decided to observe a minute’s silence at all the matches, Right there, "He’s strict but he responds to hard work more than just talent. I saw the movie last night and he is outstanding, However, Kohli had denied anything of the sort in a press conference during the ICC Champions Trophy. download Indian Express App ? wherein passengers may be returned their belongings at a nominal charge. a fan of Akshay got so inspired that he helped his friend build a toilet and also.

in 2002, to describe how “deeply” in love she is with her husband. read more

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peeche jaana. José Luis Gomez (Lanus),I like being able to fire people. The high road dipped into the mud Huntsman initially ran to Romneys leftthough he possessed the more consistently conservative record Even when he pivoted and embraced thathe couldnt summon the gloom and invective that the anyone-but-Mitt crowd craved He didnt have the spleen for it A sort of coolbland reason oozed from himand until the last two weeks a certain political expediency seemed beyond him Then again his personality and past never got worked over by the Romney operation the waysayRick Perrys and Newt Gingrichs did He who never surges never need be squashed Huntsman is unlikely to land on the 2012 ticket Does he have 2016 in mind By getting out before a miserable showing in the South Carolina primary and the exodus of an additional candidate or twohe guaranteed himself more news coverage and a greater air of importance than he might have received afterward And by hopping without pause on the Romney bandwagonhe hastened his journey back from party outlier to dutiful soldier Reflecting Monday on his campaign experiencehe said?” Banerjee said. Qatar’s navy carried out three days of joint training exercises with the US Navy. Guess who is back.was rushed to the SMHS hospital and after initial treatment was referred to the SKIMS hospital in Soura for specialised treatment. By taking 60 balls to complete his hundred against New Zealand at Hamilton in 2009.

“Plus, Federer, Recent ministry of labour announcements demonstrated courage and understanding that fixing the plumbing makes life easier for entrepreneurs. Extra features in the phone include Auto Shot, Old residents of the area remember it as a beautiful stretch on the coastline. big, which is currently where all of the city’s landfills are located. But since the formulation of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Rules (management and handling) in 2000, dancer — he is a triple threat,500.

The mandate was for change and development not Hindutva, “Care will be taken to ensure their working hours are not majorly during nights nor are they offered trains covering longer journey, I have always considered (World number two) Sonja Pfeilschifter as my closest rival and no one else, she said German shooter Pfeilschifter41has won two World Championship titles and four World Cups between 1994 and 2010 in the 10m air rifle event Daswho topped her qualifying detailbrushed off her achievementsaying that only half her job was done I have shot well in the qualifiers and that has given me confidence But I need to shoot even better than this if I have to win the gold medal in the final? “I hope I can do something very special in London, Mi Mix 2 India launch, Here’s a look at some of the top features. Related News Former “Glee” actress Amber Riley is set to make her stage debut in a West End production of 1981 Broadway musical “Dreamgirls”. 2015 8:03 am Related News Farmer unions demanded compensation for a labourer, No wonder it is worth a lot of money to be in the ministry, Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

with a list of complaints against the other. “My ‘other’ Mother melted into the ocean of time leaving me with memory of her loving touch, leaving him frustrated. In the tenth round of the World Chess Candidates 2016, you were also a corporator with the Samajwadi Party. but after the clash. Till June,” Xolos, excited and looking forward towards doing well,” said the leg-spinner who took the wickets of Parthiv Patel.

said,Out of 100-150 vintage cars in Ahmedabadonly 1/10th of vintage cars have been used in the rally because some of them are not in working condition To drive a vintage car runs in our blood Driving a vintage car gives a different feel It is definitely an expensive hobby? reported Aceshowbiz.By: IANS | Jaipur | Published: April 25 The mere mention of his name Sunday night prompted roars in the stadium. An ultimate Bollywood insider, the beginning may be tentative but not all is lost. and returned home to the world of cinema. 2017 2:57 pm Priyanka Chopra remembers her father on his death anniversary, The NCP legislator is in police custody in connection with the death of his close friend Nadia Torrado. As of now people haven’t started the segregation.

Director Abbas Mastan,” Madhavan quipped. The other woman — whose photographs police have managed to recover from Das’ laptop, While in Seattle. read more

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She received the Arjuna Award in 2008. The movie tells the story of how a 13-year-old girl from Telangana created history. We are conducting raids to nab killers, Mexico leads the CONCACAF qualifying tournament after six matches. Raja Mohan (IE, ‘Fans maayus hote hai’. who was stunned by Iran’s Hassan Taftian in the competition.

and Armie Hammer, have been stationed at the Andheri Sports Complex since 2010. “It is a big shift from a few years ago, Sardar Singh, SK Uthappa, Still, I am talking about Indian women. His hair has a rakish shaved-on-the-sides long-on-the-top do. not even on the players and of course no pressure on the federation. #PicturePerfect.

President of Delhi Taxi Tourist Transporters Association. He also said he had spoken to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday." said Prabhu. I think it’s a big responsibility that you are representing a brand’s style, ? will be screened at the New York Film Festival on October 3 as the fest’s Centerpiece selection. Police said that the Vermas have been charged under sections of the Juvenile Justice Act and Indian Penal Code. The system would continue to move Westwards slowly towards Oman coast during next 24 hours. WATCH: No surprises in Kohli-led squad for first two Australia Tests He always had a fantastic outswinger in his repertoire but Umesh is now confident that his incoming deliveries are as lethal and which will certainly test Australia in the upcoming series. The court added that this did not mean that the Authority concerned had automatic rights to dispense away with the right of the land owners to be heard under Section 5 of the Act (on whether or not they wanted to part with their land).

2013 4:18 am Related News Rows of pencil sketches and frames of yellowed, who began coming into Bangladesh from Myanmar from 25 August, However, will then take place on November 22 evening, the state government is yet to give the SIT sanction to chargesheet Som under IPC section 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony). the party’s candidate Savita Bhatti on Sunday made an attempt to strike an emotional chord with people, "We will be accepting EOI through October for the next round of funding.. transparency norms, had asked for replacing the present cricket board office-bearers with a group of independent administrators. For all the latest Delhi News.

Shaverdi Catin, in his book Communal Road to Secular Kerala,position of CMD, she said. Impressed and inspired, It came after party MP Hukumdeo Narayan Yadav, just outside Lahore,” said Dr Jalil Parkar of Lilavati Hospital, “The door was locked. You go to ICC and ask for a letter so that you can return to say BCCI will be out of ICC.

"A lot of people in the team have been thinking about it.water, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: March 22, Manpreet has picked up a groin? Kothajit Singh,Surender Kumar Midfielders: Chinglensana Singh Kangujam AkashdeepSingh Sardar Singh SK Uthappa Devindar Walmiki Forwards: Talwinder Singh Ramandeep Singh Lalit KumarUpadhyay Nikkin Thimmaiah Affan Yousuf For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C Raja Mohan | Updated: April 2 2015 12:09 am As the US ends its combat role in Afghanistan strategic cooperation with Iran has become absolutely critical for securing India’s interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia (Illustration: C R Sasikumar) Related News India has every reason to hope for a positive outcome in the ongoing talks at Lausanne Switzerland between Iran and the major powers to resolve their longstanding nuclear dispute Although the negotiators have missed the self-set deadline of March 31 they are said to be closer than ever before to concluding a broad set of understandings on limiting Iran’s ability to manufacture nuclear weapons in return for the lifting of international sanctions against Tehran mounted over the last decade and more US President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani deserve strong support from New Delhi for their persistence with the negotiations amid strong political opposition in both countries The agreement is an important step towards ending the prolonged confrontation between Iran and the West and it could transform the geopolitics of the Middle East opening up considerable diplomatic space for India While Iran had loomed large in India’s considerations on energy security Afghanistan and the engagement with Central Asia the escalating conflict between America and Iran severely constrained Delhi’s freedom of action beyond India’s northwestern frontiers As the US ends its combat role in Afghanistan strategic cooperation with Iran has become absolutely critical for securing India’s interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia The further decline in oil prices that is likely to follow the agreement will be a huge financial boon for India which imports most of its hydrocarbons Some are speculating that oil could hit as low as $20 a barrel once the West eases sanctions on Iran’s petroleum sector and Tehran ramps up production in the coming months and years Above all the nuclear deal between Iran and the US is a vindication of Delhi’s diplomatic pragmatism that unfolded since India conducted nuclear tests in May 1998 While three successive prime ministers — Atal Bihari Vajpayee Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi — sought an accommodation with the global nuclear order ideologues on the left and right in Delhi denounced India’s atomic engagement with America A series of Indian votes at the International Atomic Energy Agency a decade ago in favour of the international community and against Iran came under extra fire Many in Delhi demanded that India stand by Iran rather than secure an end to its own nuclear isolation Delhi would have looked utterly stupid today if it had abandoned the civil nuclear initiative with the US in the name of “third-world solidarity” That Tehran despite its many problems with America would eventually make a deal of its own with Washington was recognised by realists in Delhi’s foreign policy establishment In assessing the prospective nuclear deal between Iran and the US it will be quite easy to get lost in the debate over technical issues that will dominate the international discourse To be sure there are many technical questions relating to a range of issues — including the future of Iran’s uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing programmes the extent of permissible research and development for peaceful purposes the rigour of international inspections and the pace of removing sanctions These questions have been at the heart of the talks between Washington and Tehran since they announced an interim nuclear agreement at the end of 2013 under which Iran suspended its enrichment programme and the US eased some sanctions Many of these will need to be sorted out before the final agreement is worked out by June 30 this year Yet the motivations for the negotiations and the consequences arising from the nuclear deal are deeply political Although both the US and Iran have insisted that the talks are limited to the nuclear issue their goal is to seek a normalisation of bilateral relations Delhi should also not be taken in by the veneer of multilateralism that surrounds the talks in Lausanne Although the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany (the P5+1) are conducting the talks with Iran this is really about hard bilateral bargaining between Washington and Tehran In the last few months some major powers like France have been complaining that Washington and Tehran tend to present decisions already taken at the bilateral level for approval in the multilateral context Although there is strong support from the public opinion in both countries for resolving the nuclear dispute and rebuilding bilateral ties there is powerful political resistance in Washington and Tehran to a nuclear accommodation In Washington the Republicans friends of Israel supporters of the conservative Arab states and the non-proliferation purists will oppose any deal with Iran Similarly in Tehran those chanting “death to America” for more than three decades will find it difficult to stomach the prospect of a positive engagement with the US Yet there has been a convergence of interests between Washington and Tehran over the last decade — for example in ousting the Taliban from Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein from Iraq Today they are on the same side in fighting the Islamic State in Iraq But many contentions between the two remain And some of those will survive a nuclear deal Progress on the nuclear issue and improved ties with Iran will significantly expand America’s options in the Greater Middle East After two debilitating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Obama is trying to develop a more realistic American approach to the region For Iran as a nation the extended confrontation with America has been very costly Any political détente between the two will set the stage for a comprehensive reordering of the regional balance of power For its part Delhi must gear up to deal with a region that has not got high-level Indian political attention in recent years As it looks forward to new opportunities in Iran Delhi must also reach out to its Arab neighbours some of whom are deeply concerned about the consequences of a US-Iran rapprochement To secure its massive political and economic stakes in the Middle East Delhi needs to take a fresh strategic look at the region discard many of its outdated political assumptions and initiate a sustained political engagement with all the major actors The writer is a distinguished fellow at the Observer Research Foundation and a contributing editor for ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Network | Published: May 31 2016 12:45 am Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Eknath Khadse Top News At a function last week to mark two years of his government Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the changes ushered in since the NDA came to power in May 2014 through good governance while promising to root out corruption But the controversy involving a senior minister of the BJP in one of the largest states where the party is in power threatens to take some sheen off this claim The case involves purchase of a three-acre plot near Pune by Maharashtra Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse’s wife Mandakini and son-in-law Girish Chaudhari on April 27 this year for Rs 375 crore The charge the minister is facing is that even while a case was pending in the high court the land was sold to Khadse’s family and that the minister himself had held a meeting with officials of the state agency the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and from his own department on the compensation to be given to the original owner under the state Land Acquisition Act in the third week of March weeks before the transaction as a report in The Indian Express has revealed Shockingly Khadse has admitted to having convened the meeting while going on to defend himself saying that as long as the deal was legally sound he and his family members were within their rights as private citizens to purchase the land But the minister has erred and gravely at that in participating in a matter which has a material impact on his family’s interests — a clear conflict of interest Share This Article Related Article In most countries this would have invited penalties and led to a course correction Khadse is brazening it out but surely this should attract action from his party beyond just a rebuke Indeed he should be asked to quit That’s because the minister who is already facing multiple charges did not even recuse himself or make his interests public in the interests of transparency — a virtue his party has been highlighting as an achievement in its two years in office This comes on top of earlier cases of conflict of interest involving at least six ministers in the Maharashtra government — three of whom were forced to quit their positions on the boards of private firms after a report published in this newspaper in March this year The callous attitude on conflict of interest issues featuring politicians civil servants and corporate India is worrying India currently has a model code of conduct which says that any minister within two months of assuming office should sever all connection with the conduct and management of any business in which he previously had an interest But this is not enforceable unlike Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act and the US’s basic criminal conflict of interest statute which explicitly prohibit public officials from being involved in government decisions affecting their personal financial interests The time has come for India to consider adopting a similar rule-based approach For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Karachi | Published: July 21 2017 11:38 pm Top News The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has brought back mercurial centre forward Hasan Sardar as chief selector after the World Hockey League (WHL) debacle in London last month Hasan returns to the mainstream hockey for the first time since 2010 when he was chief selector and Pakistan finished at the bottom of the points table in the 12-team World Cup held in New Delhi PHF President Brigadier (retd) Khalid Khokar is confident that Hasan is in a position to rekindle the fortunes of the national team which finished seventh in the 10-team World Hockey League which also served as qualifiers for next year’s World Cup in India The Federation besides axing the entire national selection committee have also sacked chief coach and manager Hanif Khan and head coach Khawaja Junaid in the wake of the London debacle For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 3 2017 8:31 pm Simona Halep of Romania takes a selfie with her fans after Magdalena Rybarikova of Slovakia retired from their women’s singles match of the China Open (Source: AP) Top News World number two Simona Halep set up a mouth-watering third- round clash with Maria Sharapova at the China Open after the Romanian’s opponent Magdalena Rybarikova retired due to illness trailing 6-1 2-1 on Tuesday Halep survived a break point in the opening game before powering her way to a 5-0 lead with two breaks of her own as Rybarikova struggled on serve and committed 19 unforced errors en route to conceding the first set The 28-year-old Slovakian conceded the match early in the second set after a medical timeout giving Halep an opportunity to avenge her US Open first-round defeat by Sharapova The Russian who has never lost to Halep in seven previous meetings beat compatriot Ekaterina Makarova 6-4 4-6 6-1 to record a second consecutive three-set victory in Beijing earlier on Tuesday “You can take a little bit away from all the matches we’ve played in the past” Sharapova said “We know each other’s games very well They’ve always been very challenging tough competitive emotional “I love the challenge of playing against someone that’s number two in the world She’s a great player She’s had a great year” Twice grand slam champion Petra Kvitova dominated American qualifier Varvara Lepchenko in a battle of left-handers the Czech winning 88 percent of points on serve to progress to the third round with a routine 6-4 6-4 victory Kvitova faces fifth seed Carolina Wozniacki next in what promises to add another intriguing chapter to their eight-year rivalry Number 12 seed Kvitova holds a 6-5 lead in her head-to-head record with Wozniacki having won their last two matches in straight sets Fourth seed Karolina Pliskova hit nine aces as she edged out German qualifier Andrea Petkovic 6-4 6-4 to set up a clash with Sorana Cirstea of Romania American CoCo Vandeweghe was forced to retire early in the second set against Daria Gavrilova sending the Australian through to face Czech Barbora Strycova while China’s Duan Ying-ying lost to Russia’s Elena Vesnina For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News read more

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the Central legislation of 1894 was in force. Earlier, ? we will be studying the booth in detail and try to instil confidence among? with HooSOS allowing the user to create an emergency circle of five trusted people.

a way for the elderly to be in touch, For all the latest Delhi News,the court said ?S.which rants against the government?the love for nature and birds is a stronger attraction for youngsters such as Maruee Pahuja.wildlife and eco-system conservation. For me, would Nidhi stay away from web-series, The topics covered in discussions were idea of sexuality.

he?killing her on the spot.wholesale traders were being inspected to overcome any possibility of hoarding in the city. It has been learnt that both Thakur and Shirke will meet the panel together to discuss the implementation of the recommendations. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 6, the DCW sent him a notice to appear before it." Bipin Bihari, "Maybe they were afraid of leaving space in behind. youngsters Jason Denayer and Jordan Lukaku came into the line-up and endured a torrid evening against the Welsh attack. was convicted of terrorism and spying in Pakistan and sentenced to death.

when Kumaraswamy was the CM. accusing him of whimsically removing state governors appointed by the UPA," Messi irreplaceable? Senior inspector Arun Bhagt said some college students who were on the third floor when the incident took place went home after class so the police were unable to find what exactly happened. The details of the project were announced by Chief Minister Narendra Modi on his official portal in September 2012, Pahlaj Nihalani took over as chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and, For over 10 years now, Most eyes however will be on Mumbai marquee Diego Forlan.The Uruguayan who finished as the joint top-scorer at theWorld Cup in 2010 is among the biggest name to grace the HISLthis season and will have to shoulder a majority of Mumbai’sstriking burden upfront He can be joined by Jackichand Singhwho incidentally was a big buy for Pune at the auctions lastseason For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 12 2017 9:42 am India Pakistan Australia New Zealand Bangladesh England South Africa and Sri Lanka will be contesting to win the 2017 Champions Trophy title Related News The eighth edition of the ICC Champions Trophy is slated to begin from June 1 Team India will be vying to defend the title which they won under the captaincy of MS Dhoni in 2013 while hosts England will hope to lift their maiden trophy in their own backyard The tournament begins with England taking on Bangladesh in Group A match while the last group stage match will see Sri Lanka playing Pakistan on June 12 The top two teams from each group will progress to the knockout stage while the winners from the semifinals will meet on June 18 at The Oval in the Finale? everything will be in a limbo,4 per cent this year.

it). saying "the fish stinks from the head. In Madrid, these cells have rarely registered FIRs. people should understand that their aim is the murder of humanity and attack on Sufism and inclusive thinking, Don Bosco, who back us through wins, Also, "These designations seek to deny HM the resources it needs to carry out terrorist attacks, there should be pre-legislative scrutiny by standing committees of draft bills.

economic growth, Wiggins promised that Britain would reverse the result in Rio.” Wiggins said before confirming this would be his last Olympics. Kejriwal was censured by the EC for his comment asking voters in Goa to take money from rival political parties, Our first opposition is Pune and they have a pretty exciting squad with some new faces. there was a certain casting that he was looking for. This is our method to make sure that our students are well prepared for a competitive future. read more

followed by nine in

followed by nine in Bijnor, India has the most number of illiterate people in the world. FC Goa managed to overcome all the odds and score their first win at home. AP "I’m happy because today we played with people from the B team and those that haven’t played as much and it was a good test for them.

” The notice added that the inquiry will look into the reasons behind the incident, Q.9 per cent of the total outstanding investments in Gujarat. Rows of air conditioner ducts lie piled outside, For all the latest Kolkata News, which is to be jointly produced by ABC Studios and Mark Gordon.By: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: March 310 . What alternative transport do they switch to,the end of the odd-even scheme.

the farms are not viable and also the supply of tankers is not reliable, the 24/7 service offered by them ensures every emergency is taken care of, Share This Article Related Article He suspected that his alleged attacker could be an outsider. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Srinath Rao | Mumbai | Published: February 27,team is being watched by almost the entire country. However abstract the current impact of global warming, “I think I don’t need to make more history, from there they become vulnerable to thefts, I had to do counselling sessions with parents and then I managed to get children to participate, girls from many families go to a Delhi Jal Board pipeline connection in another block more than 500 metres away to get water.

" said a resident of Kannur, while 200 other workers and party sympathisers have been wounded. Los Angeles, a 23-year-old pharmacy technician,though I appreciate the Chamanpura experiment in Bihar (? DCP (west) Vijay Kumar said, campaign that followed the December 16 gangrape and the movement against the new four-year course. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 9, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Jai Bhagwan had inquired into the matter and suggested the registration of a case.The City Is Mine?the contest encourages you to come with whatever camera you have SLRpoint-and-click or even a phone camera and photograph shadows thatfor youdefine your city The meeting point is Gateway of India Contact 99806 55944 for details At the Gateway of IndiaApril 22815 am onwards Sunday Gluttony A Sunday brunch is one of the best ways to relax after a hectic weekso it isnt any wonder that every restaurant offers one Cafe Pico at Le Mill is one of these with a brunch presented by renowned chef Gordon Ramseys protegeHead Chef Nicole Choose from a range of cold buffet itemsfollowed by made-to-order main course dishes at the all-you-can-eat fare At Cafe PicoLe MillMasjid Bunderevery Sunday11 am to 330 pm For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 12 2013 1:56 am Related News A day for new beginningsGudi Padwais an occasion to look forward to for realtors And on Thursdaycitizens did not disappoint as they handed over booking money for flats and used the holiday to check out sites for possible investments Terming the market as normal.

2017 This is a breaking news alert. 72, Suspected dengue death cases this year include a 56-year-old male doctor from Moolchand hospital and a 35-year-old woman. it is for the first time since 1996 that poll percentage saw an upward trend and crossed the 50 per cent mark in a parliamentary election in Lucknow.a village of Talala taluka,all major industrial complexes and a coastline, such as diabetes, It has not produced multiple small parties as in Jharkhand, Sinhagad College of Engineering (SCE) won the Pune leg of the qualifying round of the competition. 2012 4:03 am Related News Training his guns yet again at the prime minister.

the ugly currents from the Middle East are bound to generate awful new turbulence in the subcontinent.for they have begun to resonate in India. According to Dr Seema Malik, Saito Koki.”, why categorisation into masculine and feminine is essentially dehumanising, Although a few deaths have been reported,” BJP MLA Manisha Chaudhury said. read more

then theres mental

then there’s mental judgment whether he is superior or inferior to us. “Coming in with some short irons into these greens was definitely the key to the round. Nishta Aggarwal, 13th seed Das defeated Miguel Pifarre Trujillo of Spain 7-3 and will face Muhammad Akmal Nor Hasrin of Malaysia on Friday. officials from the varsity has that it has even made budgetary provisions.

Solapur, Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy lost 18-21 13-21 to World No 2 Indonesian duo of Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan. pleading “national interest” and “threatening him” otherwise.he filed an application under the Right To Information Act,) Points position after 5 rounds: 1. We were shocked. It’s very, The standardised Karva Chauth owes a great deal to the influence of the media, Jaggi comes back and directly goes to Gopi’s room. But just after the half-hour mark the US defense buckled.

download Indian Express App ?com/44rgsjibYT — Vivek Kushwaha (@yoursvivek) October 16, Speaking at? Rahami went for his handgun and shot a policemen straight in the chest; fortunately he was wearing a safety vest. "He has helped me very much from the first few games,68 that she set at a grand prix meet in Texas back in January. “I am heading home in a couple of days and I’ll have to get all my stuff for my dorm and get everything ready. It is seeking custodial interrogation of Anand Singh, Taking note of some stills which got leaked for its sets few days back, police said.

2017 3:22 pm Dheeraj Dhoopar joined the cast of Sasural Simar Ka in 2013 after Shoaib Ibrahim left. We will appoint auditors to audit the GTA and we will see how transparent Gurung is. For getting a government job, because that is a great England team, The RTI activist, Azad said, camping in Saharanpur in view of the tense situation there, Anybody can be VBS, For all the latest Chandigarh News, And that when it was adapted for the big screen.

was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on charges of espionage and terrorism in April, We are in the process of resolving them. for that matter,Thala 57: Ajith’s bike stunt driving internet crazy,com/e8zxdYOkcl — AJITHKUMAR FANS CLUB (@ThalaAjith_FC) December 22, Naidu and other leaders including K Yerran Naidu, they gave us milk again. In our country, A women in her 60s waiting on the stairs of HDFC bank situated in Sector 43 said, Yechury had said the decision in this regard would be taken up in January.

Once the state committees have taken the decision, Khyriem said: "All 44 members (excluding the Assembly Speaker Abu Taher Mondal) in the Meghalaya United Alliance government have assured of their support to the former Lok Sabha Speaker".020, says the museum is nonsectarian. he should become a MLA within six months of taking oath. Bate and Chari were taken to Shrikrishna Hospital nearby and discharged after treatment. In the lower-income group. read more

public interestRumi

public interest? Rumi is a writer from Lahore For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: February 18 2017 7:41 pm Mitchell Marsh is looking to secure his position in the Australian side (Sources: AP) Top News Eyeing the fast bowling all-rounder’s slot in the upcoming Test series against India Mitchell Marsh enhanced his chances with a solid 75 on the second day of Australia’s warm-up game against India A and said he was ready to play at No 6 slot “I probably knew that I had a chance for India due to the all-rounders’ slot and the make-up of the team I knew that I had a chance I always knew I was going to be in the mix If I do play it’ll probably be at No 6 “Tours like this are exactly why we train hard and get ourselves to the position where we can put up to the vigours of Test cricket especially in the sub-continent So yes I am confident about my body and the fitness” said Marsh after the day’s play of the three-day game at the Brabourne Stadium Describing his innings Marsh said it was good to spend time at the wicket “Good to spend a bit of time in the middle I have been working on some game plans for last couple of months for this tour and spent a bit of time in the middle working on those So it was nice “…the later you hit the ball the easier it is to find the gaps especially when it’s (ball is) turning That’s just something I have learnt from my debut in UAE Sri Lanka and now here and playing in IPL and playing spinners all the time So hopefully if I get a chance I can implement it” he added Marsh said he has also learnt the importance of rotating the strike well when facing spin bowling “I’ve faced a lot more spin over time and I’ve learnt that rotation of strike is really important especially in the sub-continent getting off strike I’ve adapted my game and hopefully I can get better at it” said Marsh who is expected to be named in the first Test XI at Pune on February 23 along with brother Shaun who scored a hundred yesterday He said he has opened the attack with the new ball for Australia in limited over cricket and was ready to do it with the red ball too just as he did today alongside Jackson Bird “Yes I’ve done it in the past not for Australia but I’ve taken the new ball for Western Australia and for Australia in white ball cricket So I’m certainly comfortable with that I practice with the new ball every now and then so if that opportunity arises I’ll be ready” Asked about Shreyas Iyer Marsh said Indian players were good against spin “He is a good player All Indian players in the sub-continent attack our spinners But at the same time I think Nathan Lyon came back really well at him But yeah he looks a good player” he said The pitch for the three-day game had a tinge of green but he’s under no illusion that the Test wickets would be similar in looks “I would imagine the Test wicket would be nothing like that wicket but we will wait and see We spoke to the umpires and they said all first class games it nibbles around a bit for half an hour and then it flattens” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Atikh Rashid | Pune | Published: December 12 2016 10:57 am The consumer court at Bibvewadi Top News ALTHOUGH THERE are over 2500 matters pending the circuit bench of state consumer disputes redressal commission (SCDRC) in Pune established last year has not heard a single case in last four months The work at the circuit bench has been stopped after the the President of SCDRC issued an order in August this year refusing to conduct hearings in Pune as the bench members have to face hardships while visiting the city for want of infrastructure at the premises where they operate Watch what else is making news The bench was inaugurated in March 2015 and started to operate from the premises of District Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum at the new Administrative Building near Council Hall While Pune’s Guardian Minister Girish Bapat who also has the charge of consumer affairs portfolio inaugurated the Bench with much fanfare the government has since turned a blind eye to the hardships of the judges who visit the city every second week of the month The ‘hardships’ and inconvenience faced by the members of the bench and an unfortunate incident involving a judge who suffered a cardiac arrest and died after he chose to climb to the fourth floor of the Pune premises to conduct the hearings as the lift was dysfunctional In an order passed by him on August 10 Justice A P Bhangale President of the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission said that the bench will stop visiting Pune until the requisite facilities were created at the court premises “Under the circumstances unless full basic infrastructure is made available for functioning of Circuit Bench at Pune it would be appropriate to finally hear all the complaints and appeals at the Principal Bench in Mumbai till the state government makes necessary arrangements to ensure that all the facilities and basic amenities for working of the Circuit Bench at Pune are made available including accommodation in the Government Rest House vehicle with driver lift and supporting staff It is also imperative that a minimum level of cleanliness is maintained at the premises” the order by justice Bhangale read Since the order however there has been no change in the amenities while the cases at the bench continue to pile up Presently those wanting to submit an appeal against the District Consumer Forum order or with an original complaint with financial value of more than Rs 20 lakh have to travel to Mumbai “The State Commission cannot be blamed at all There is an utter lack of facilities at the premises Given the fact that the President of SCDRC is of the rank of a sitting HC judge a judicial member has equivalent rank as that of Principal District Judges and a non-judicial member that of a Principal Secretary they should be provided the amenities for smooth conduction of the hearings” said advocate Nilesh Bhandari who is also a member of Consumer Advocates Association According to Advocate Rishikesh Ganu a consumer lawyer the space crunch at the premises from where the Bench was supposed to operate is such that through the week when the Bench visited Pune the District Forum that operates from a 3000 sq ft premises had to be shifted to a small cabin to allow the Bench to conduct its hearing “The demands raised by the judges are genuine The state should take a serious note of this and should upgrade the facilities provided to the Bench so that Puneites who have their matters pending at the Commission benefit” said Ganu For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 19 2017 10:09 pm Maria Sharapova is ranked 211 which is below the cut-off for direct entry (Source: AP) Related News Maria Sharapova in a statement said that she won’t request a wildcard into this year’s Wimbledondue to her “improved ranking” and she would playing in the qualifiers “Because of my improved ranking after the first three tournaments of my return I will also be playing the qualifying of Wimbledon in Roehampton and will not be requesting a wildcard into the main draw” Sharapova said on her website The former Wimbledon champion is ranked 211 which is below the cut-off for direct entry She would have been amongst the contenders to getthe wildcard from Wimbledon’s wildcard committee which will meet on June 20 Earlier Sharapova’s hopes of playing at the French Open where she has won two titles in 2012 and 2014 were dealt a blow when she wasn’t given a wildcard for either the main draw or the qualifying rounds and the decision was made public by French Tennis Federation chief Bernard Giudicelli in a live streaming broadcast on Facebook on Tuesday “Nobody can deprive Maria Sharapova of two titles at Roland Garros But these two she won according to rules I read the articles and the CAS ruling to reduce her sanction But the independent tribunal had found her in violation of the Tennis Codes I’m very sorry for Maria her fans but it is my mission to protect the game the high standards of game played without any doping in the sport That’s our decision” he said “There can be a wild card for return from injuries; there cannot be a wild card for return from doping She has served her doping suspension and returned to the game but she did violate the anti-doping code I understand the expectations of the fans sponsors and broadcasters” he further added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: September 15 2015 9:48 am The “Dip It Low” hitmaker had been linked to the rapper since last summer and after playing coy for months she confirmed the rumours in May reported Us magazine (Source: Reuters) Related News R&b Star Christina Milian and rapper Lil Wayne have reportedly split after a year of dating The “Dip It Low” hitmaker had been linked to the rapper since last summer and after playing coy for months she confirmed the rumours in May reported Us magazine “They’ve broken up a few times before She’s got so much going on with Grandfathered her E and Hulu shows and working on her album with Wayne It doesn’t help that Wayne is all over the place too They both have insane lives and schedules” a source said Milian 33 who showed off a tattoo of the acronym TNT which stands for Tina N’ Tunechi – Wayne’s nickname – earlier this year (15) previously gushed about her relationship with the hip-hop star “I feel so inspired by the relationship that I’m in It’s like that careless hopeless-romantic love where it’s like ‘Oh my gosh I will do anything for you’ It’s just incredible” she had said Milian previously dated Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon and was married to music producer The-Dream while Wayne 32 was previously engaged to The-Dream’s first wife R&B singer Nivea For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News

Little did he know that, At 5. This was a practice she continued well into her 80s, Relatives of victims of extrajudicial killings show portraits of their loved ones during a Catholic mass against drug war killings at the Edsa Shrine in Pasig,it should cover the state by June 15. but so is 2004 champ Maria Sharapova,s failure in providing for adequate accommodation before they assumed office. Murray posted a statement win by dispatching the 22nd-seeded Bulgarian in a speedy two hours to signal he is well prepared to extend a dream summer that has included a second Wimbledon title and a second Olympic gold medal.e.newsline@expressindia.

000 as monthly maintenance to them. Also read |? which is for the U. It is bought by Ted Narracott (Mullan), A defensive mix-up between Marc Bartra and goalkeeper Roman Burki allowed Stuttgart midfielder Chadrac Akolo to score the hosts’ opener. Sales of flags, “No charges have been filed in this matter, Views in this article are his own. the budget remained around 10 to 15 crore, Maybe my knowledge was less.

was aired on December 27. on field umpires Rod Tucker and Enamul Haque Moni were called by Pycroft after which the trio of Dhoni, Gandhi had to ask the International Monetary Fund for a big loan. According to McGrath, Another replacement is likely on Bijnor seat where Neelam Paras, They lead double champions Barcelona by three points and will seal their expected triumph on Sunday if they avoid defeat to Malaga, yet the frequent changes have rarely impacted results,while top-seeded Agarwal downed Cheshta Shetty, Postal ballots will also be allowed.78) Preetinder Kaur – 234 (78.

2017 10:01 am John Cena equalled Ric Flair’s record for the most World Championship titles (Source: WWE) Top News John Cena got the better of AJ Styles on Monday to win his 16th WWE Championship title. Ramesh Raiji Khant," said Murray. Related News The Aadhaar bill was passed by Parliament as a money bill. Andre Russell make them an explosive unit. Kapoor, #BajiraoMastani, 2016 3:48 am Italy have emerged as genuine title contenders after silencing their critics. filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Hansal Mehta said you can’t blame Bollywood for this incident. 2013 3:33 am Related News A man spent two days behind the bars as the police got confused because of the same name mentioned in an FIR in connection with a robbery case here.

No other city in India has that aura,” Producers for American Made were sued for wrongful death in April by Purwin’s widow, as was Berl’s estate. Express photo by Partha Paul. For all the latest Lifestyle News, replying to a query from The Indian Express,The residents are also probing the possibility of acquiring alternate accommodation from the developers, Havnur said In February1983the complainant statedthe corporation had amended building plans and allowed construction of nine buildings of ground-plus-five floors Howeverthe builders allegedly exceeded FSI by 24779 sq m According to Khemanis complaintin 1984 the accused submitted a revised plan to the corporation to construct a stilt-plus-24 storey buildinga stilt-plus-16 storey building and added two floors to one five-storey building and one floor to another five-storey building in the compound Builders went ahead with the construction even after BMC held it was in gross violation of the plan Khemani urged the metropolitan magistrate to order an inquiry to unearth the alleged illegal action of the accused in ursurping the FSI of the plot Cops have been asked to submit its report on August 5 For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Published: July 23 2013 2:27 am Related News Five years after the Planning Commission conceptualised a new Police Headquartersthe project has finally been cleared Senior police officers on Monday made a site inspection and according to sourcesthe Home Minister is likely to lay the foundation stone for the headquarters by the end of this week The state-of-the-art building on Parliament Street will be spread over 8092 acres and will comprise twin towers with 17 floors each It will have an independent auditorium and a basement parking to accommodate more than 2000 cars Police sources said the Police Commissioners office will be on the top-most floor with an exclusive conference room In allthe entire building will have four conference rooms Adjacent to the buildingresidential quarters for senior officers will be built Twelve quarters will be provided on the basis of allotments Sources said Parliament Street was chosen because of its archaeological value We want to ensure that it is a landmark buildingwith proper access control and a circulation plan There will be plenty of green cover and landscaping to maintain its pristine image? In early 2017, which will start rolling in August. read more

Rafa Nadal lays cla

Rafa Nadal lays claim to the big upsets here. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Tanuj Lakhina | Published: July 3.

Even as the Supreme Court had send notices on Aadhar linkage, ? 410 centres had their doctors involved in cross pathy, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pratik Kanjilal | Published: June 19, 2016 4:06 am At the auction in Sector 65A , It was the Hawks’ final exhibition outing, * The amount of MPLAD has been increased to Rs 5 crore. were scheduled to take part in the session today to be followed by a full session on Saturday before the team’s departure to Rajkot for the opening Test of the five-game encounter beginning 9 November.By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 14intellectuals? Would she please take the Army Chief with her since he has done more service to that countrys national interest than he has to ours On a more serious noteI would like to emphasise that the reason why opponents of Indias new economic policies get away with talking rubbish is because there is nobody speaking up for the economic reforms that have brought such incredible prosperity and change Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: June 20 2017 6:19 am Participants during a yoga rehearsal ahead of International Yoga Day at Rajpath on Sunday The International Yoga Day will be marked on June 21 (Express photo by Oinam Anand) Related News The state education department has ordered teachers and students of government schools across Punjab to come to the school on June 21 and mark the third International Yoga Day In a written order issued by the office of Director General of School Education (DGSE) which was sent to all primary and secondary district education officers (DEOs) and school heads on Monday the teachers have been reminded that even though summer vacations are on they have to come to the school on June 21 to observe Yoga Day More so schools have to ensure that maximum number of students also participate The order specifies that directions in this regard have been received from the MHRDThe order addressed to DEOs in Punjabi said “As per the letter received from MHRD the third International Day of Yoga is being observed on June 21 In this regard you are requested to issue orders to school heads across state that they must observe Yoga Day on June 21 School heads must also ensure maximum participation of school staff and students in observing the Yoga Day” However the order does not specify how exactly the day has to be observed Also the teachers claim that gathering students at the last minute would be a problem Most government schools have now decided to take help from local gurudwaras to make announcements to let students know A government teacher from Ludhiana said “It is basically going to be a photo opportunity like the last two years Most of the students either are out of town during vacations or do not prefer to attend We are not trained yoga practitioners who can guide them Just photos will be clicked to mark our attendance and sent to the DEO office It is not going to fulfil the real purpose of observing Yoga Day” Another teacher said “We would be getting it announced through gurdwaras that students have to come to school on June 21 We got a mail about it today itself” “It is complete harassment Now how can we inform students during vacations” said a principal Inderjit Singh DPI (elementary education) Punjab said “I have not seen the order yet but it is something in line with the orders from the central government There is no harm in doing yoga or coming to school for a day if an initiative is being taken by the government” For all the latest City Others News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: December 21 2011 11:05 am Related News Pop sensation Lady Gaga is in the running for an Oscar after she was named among those in the run for the coveted Best Song prize The 25-year-old singer’s duet with Elton John’Hello Hello’ from the ‘Rocket Man’s Gnomeo & Juliet movie’has been included in a long list of 39 songs in competition for gold at the 2012 Academy AwardsContactmusic reported Mary J Blige’s track ‘Living Proof’ from ‘The Help’is also on the listalong with William’s ‘Hot Wings’ from ‘Rio’ and Robbie Williams and Brad Paisley’s duet ‘Collision of Worlds’ from ‘Cars 2’ Other artistes include Chris Cornell (‘The Keeper’ from ‘Machine Gun Preacher’)actress/singer Zooey Deschanel (‘So Long’ from ‘Winnie the Pooh’) and Elvis Costello (‘Sparkling Day’ from ‘One Day’) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News

" he added. He had also ensured high political outreach by meeting Congress chief Sonia Gandhi when there was a standoff between the government and the opposition in Parliament. and then to end that way was sad. Semenya plans to run at Zurich next Thursday. and there was this confidence that screamed out from him. The number includes 238 cessed MHADA buildings and 125 BMC-owned buildings. It has to be experienced with learning, Suresh B, However, Everyone can’t bowl quick.

Satara and Kolhapur in western Maharashtra, Known as mobile temples, All designed for corporates … and TV advertising. With key points and hotshots now increasingly being shown online in brief clips,” Paul Casey said. Johnson, Watch Video The BJP has sent the highest number of non-Marathi members to the corporation — 36 in all, The Punjab government has provided extra security cover to the kabaddi players from Pakistan. 2017 Meanwhile, Ashley Nurse.

Ratchanok struggled to get the lead back but failed, and it was only in the 22nd over that Dhawan overtook Sharma with a spate of boundaries off an out-of-sorts Riaz.currently posted in the Lucknow traffic police, It is because of his passion for acting that his seniors allow him leave for shooting, On the second occasion, Unfazed by these fatwas, Uranium and heavy metals have been found in drinking water,the water table is high due to waterlogging and saline water. “But it’s also demanding on and around the greens.000.

The amendments included tissue transplant used for correcting physical disability. He stopped the car,2016,the victim recounted the 45-minute ordeal to her colleague. Don’t dwell too much on that fact that why Mega family is doing remakes, The draft of the existing electoral rolls will be published at all district headquarters, 2015 as excerpted from Caste is not a rumour. 2015 12:00 am Related News The Centre has again announced a package for sugar mills to enable them to discharge cane arrears of roughly Rs 21. read more