Tarakeswar tense after National Flag found lying on the ground

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Congress leaders from Hooghly’s Tarakeswar alleged that BJP-backed goons have dislodged the National Flag from the top of a Panchayat office and dumped it on the ground.Trinamool Congress district leaders also alleged that some goons put up a BJP flag on top of the Panchayat office. The district BJP leaders have, however, denied the allegation saying that it was a handiwork of the Trinamool Congress workers instead. The BJP leaders also said that they never dumped the Tricolour. Also Read – City bids adieu to Goddess DurgaThe incident has triggered tension in the area. It was said that Naita Malpaharpur Gram Panchayat, run by Trinamool Congress, had the National Flag on the top of the building. In order to capture the Gram Panchayat the BJP leaders are carrying out hooliganism, alleged the Trinamool Congress leaders. Some local residents spotted the National Flag lying on the ground on Sunday morning. After being informed, police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. The district police have started a detailed probe into the incident. The police officers have assured that stern action will be taken against those who will be found responsible for the incident.last_img read more

BC Greens wont support Lenz James return to legislature in wake of

first_imgVICTORIA — British Columbia’s Green party will not support the return to the legislature of the suspended clerk and sergeant-at-arms in the wake of a report by Speaker Darryl Plecas alleging spending misconduct.Andrew Weaver says the legislature’s house leaders for the NDP, Liberals and Greens will consider their options for the futures of clerk Craig James and sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz, but their return to work will not receive his support.Lenz and James were suspended and escorted out of the legislature last November amid an ongoing RCMP investigation.A 76-page report alleges spending by the two men on luxurious overseas trips, payout packages and personal purchases totalling millions of dollars.James and Lenz were not immediately available for comment Tuesday, but in a statement Monday they said they only just learned of the claims by looking at the report and time will show the allegations are completely false and untrue.The RCMP says it is aware of the release of the Plecas report and its investigation is active and ongoing. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

July UK car manufacturing continues growth trend

If you use these figures in online editorial, please reference www.smmt.co.uk/vehicle-data/ as the source. Export99,37499,9780.6%724,688701,614-3.2% Engine manufacturingJul-12Jul-13% Change YTD-12YTD-13% Change Total183,948232,54526.4%1,520,2271,552,5432.1% Home21,01728,89537.5%151,819191,64926.2% “Car manufacturing is continuing to follow the wider UK trend for more positive economic growth with a 7% rise in July, supporting a 1.9% increase in the year so far,” said Mike Baunton, SMMT Interim Chief Executive. “We are starting to see slight signs of recovery from Europe which will support stronger production levels this year, and UK manufacturers will continue to build and develop innovative, high-quality products that appeal to a global customer base.” Export113,681138,48421.8%965,683933,802-3.3% UK car manufacturing grew 7% in July, with sites across the UK making 128,873 units.Year-to-date volumes up 1.9% to 893,263 unitsHome market demand up 37.5% in month to support new plate change in September % export82.5%77.6%82.7%78.5% Total9,0047,942-11.8%65,10056,459-13.3% Export4,6425,58420.3%38,83030,227-22.2% Click through to download the UK automotive manufacturing news release for July 2013. CV manufacturingJul-12Jul-13% Change YTD-12YTD-13% Change UK engine production rises 26.4% in JulyUK engine manufacturing rose 26.4% in July to 232,545 units.Over 1.5 million engines made in the UK so far this year, with 11.6% increase for home market supporting UK car and CV manufacturing sites Home4,3622,358-45.9%26,27026,232-0.1% CV manufacturing output falls in JulyCommercial vehicle (CV) output fell 11.8% to 7,942 units in July, although export demand strong with 20.3% increase in the month.Year-to-date levels show fall of 13.3% during the first seven months of 2013 to 56,459 units.“Commercial vehicle manufacturers continue to battle against weak demand, despite a moderate increase in exports in July,” said Nigel Base, SMMT Commercial Vehicle Manager. “The outlook for commercial vehicle manufacturing for the rest of the year continues to be tough, especially following the closure of the Ford facility in Southampton at the end of July. However, there are some areas, such as  bus and coach production, where we are continuing to see growth as operators take advantage of the wide range of vehicles built in the UK.” Car manufacturing Jul-12Jul-13% Change YTD-12YTD-13% Change % export51.6%70.3%59.6%53.5% % export61.8%59.6%63.5%60.1% Total120,391128,8737.0%876,507893,2631.9% Home70,26794,06133.9%554,544618,74111.6% Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

BBC robot animals to go undercover to film nature even David Attenborough

first_imgThe BBC programme will feature 34 robot animals Chimps proved curious about their new robot friend It will see 30 different robot animals sent to live among the real thing, with fully-working skeletons built bone by bone, a realistic muscle structure and an exterior created painstakingly by artists.The orangutan, the most expensive of the animatronics, saw each hair planted one by one in its body, while newly-hatched crocodiles were waterproofed in case their new mother dropped them into the river.A wild dog puppy was “taught” how to make characteristic submissive and playful gestures in order to help it be accepted by the pack, while a strategically egret and tortoise help film-makers capture an elephant family trying to protect its new baby while on the move. John Downer, producer, said the programme, which took three years to make, will help shed light on human emotion and behaviours, by showing they also exist in the animal kingdom.While is used to be frowned upon to anthropomorphise the nature world, he said, academics were now coming round to admitting the similarities.“I think that’s been the great breakthrough over the last ten years,” he said. “I think animal behaviourists knew it, but they didn’t dare say it.“You can’t spend any time with animals without realising that so much of what they do is just like us.“We’re seeing behaviour mirrored in that natural world. Now there’s no one who studies, particularly the primates but increasingly other animals. Some of the animals were a little too realistic A wild dog pup is designed to make a submissive bow, before adults accept it into the pack Chimps proved curious about their new robot friend One scene, which they claim has never been captured on camera before, will show a chimp attempting to keep a tiny genet kitten as a pet, while another sees a family of langur monkeys grieving after believing they had killed the lifeless robot animal.Tom McDonald, the BBC’s head of natural history commissioning, said the programme marked a “real change” in natural history filming, providing “genuinely mind-blowing” footage he promised would show viewers the world “in an entirely new way”.The results will be shown in a new series entitled Spy In the Wild, due to broadcast on BBC One in January.Grouped into themes, each episode will explore how animals display love, intelligence, misbehaviour and friendship across species: or, as one programme-maker described the latter, “whether the Lion King could be true”. “As scientist have been getting closer to them, they are now interpreting that behaviour through how we would express things.“To deny it is to fly in the face of what you’re seeing.“Everything always used to have to be couched in very scientific language. Those barriers have broken down, because it really stops you understanding what’s going on.”Rob Pilley, producer, said academics were now encouraging their use of animatronics in filming behaviour they had written about but never filmed, adding films were “contributing, albeit on a small level but a significant one, to science”.Spy in the Wild will be broadcast on BBC One on January 12. For decades, Sir David Attenborough and his television descendants have been creeping ever-closer to the natural world to show it off to viewers in all its glory.But the BBC will next year go one step further, as it commissions 34 hyper-realistic animatronic  spy creatures to go undercover in the animal world.A new BBC natural history show will see life-like animals from baby crocodiles to adult orangutans infiltrate the jungles, deserts and grasslands of the planet, in an attempt to assimilate into wild families.The results, programme-makers say, will prove once and for all that animals experience the same emotions and relationships to humans. The BBC programme will feature 34 robot animals One animal proved too realistic for its own good, after cameras caught a real tortoise valiantly trying to mate with its robot companion.Programme-makers admitted sending the finished creatures into their new families was “quite nerve-wracking”, with concerns about upsetting the natural order of families.In one difficult scene, a young langur monkey appears to believe she has dropped the robot baby to its death, with the family gathering round to mourn it.Robot animals were also sent to live among a penguin colony, as a chick hatching out of its own egg inside a bird’s nest and among dozens of giraffes filmed assembling in mourning for a family member which had died of old age. Some of the animals were a little too realistic The langur monkeys were later filmed grieving, after dropping the robot baby The langur monkeys were later filmed grieving, after dropping the robot baby A wild dog pup is designed to make a submissive bow, before adults accept it into the pack Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Video column The Occupy Movement Mayor Ford controversial shirts and topless Kim

first_imgTHIS WEEK, THE Unemployed Graduate discusses four international stories from around the world.The Occupy Movement’s new project, Mayor Rob Ford is back, Australian clothing chain Globalize is in trouble over a shirt and Kim has a new topless video.Uploaded by Katie VarvosKatie Varvos is a Canadian-born, Dublin-based vlogger who created the ‘The Unemployed Graduate’- a show about current news and issues.She is a recent graduate, with a BA in Journalism and MPhil in International Relations from Trinity.Each week she discusses a range of topics, asks for your opinions and gives away some pretty awesome prizes. Check out The Unemployed Graduate’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.Video column: Ireland’s young and diverse population deserves to be heard>last_img read more

Instagram is deleting Windows Phone submissions through Instance

first_imgWhat do you do when a third party developer makes an app to offer users access on a platform your service isn’t currently supporting? If you’re Instagram, the obvious answer is to block any submissions from that app.Despite seeing consistent growth and a dedicated base of users, there is currently no official Instagram support for Windows Phone. Like any good developer who sees a service gap that needs to be filled, Daniel Gary wrote his own Windows Phone app to support the photo sharing based social network.Instance is a beautiful app, highlighting the best of Windows Phone UI and Instagram features in a single app that has gained quite a bit of attention since it was released. Unfortunately, Instance users may notice today that any submissions they have made through this Windows Phone app have been deleted, with no obvious way to retrieve the photos.If you try to upload a photo to Instagram through Instance, you’ll see the photo hit your account just long enough to see it mysteriously disappear. Instance is an unofficial app, and Gary admits to performing some trickery to make the app work as well as it does, but the end result is the same no matter what he does.Instance users are effectively blocked from submitting photos to Instagram, and the only way this could be fixed is if an agreement is reached between Gary and Instagram to allow the app to support Windows Phone users.It is worth pointing out that Instance was not a free app. There’s an ad supported variant and a paid version that removed the ads. While Gary deserves every penny for the work he put into Instance, it is easy to see how Instagram would take issue with a third party making money in such a way from the Instagram service.Whether or not Instance is allowed to function moving forward is entirely up to Instagram, unless of course Daniel Gary finds another way around the problem.last_img read more

Day 1 Leo Varadkar says hes going to be the man to

first_img http://jrnl.ie/3444042 Share200 Tweet Email Jun 15th 2017, 12:01 AM 15,891 Views Thursday 15 Jun 2017, 12:01 AM 38 Comments Day 1: Leo Varadkar says he’s going to be the man to unite the country – but other TDs aren’t so sure Many opposition TDs said they found Varadkar to be a decent man, even if they fundamentally disagreed with his politics. Short URL By Christina Finn Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article I think he is a decent man. I wish him well. I do not know him well though he and I once attended the same pilates class.IT WAS ONE of the most unexpected lines to ever be uttered in the Dáil chamber during the election of a Taoiseach.The chamber, the public gallery, the press gallery and Leo Varadkar’s family – who were seated in the ‘distinguished guests’ area – erupted in the laughter when Gerry Adams brought up his fitness class with the Fine Gael leader.Varadkar later thanked him for “revealing our little secret”, adding that they had in fact attended the same pilates class on a number of occasions.The image of the new Taoiseach and the Sinn Féin leader on their mats, stretching in the Oireachtas gym, may be a difficult one to shake off.But, perhaps it could be taken as a sign of  things to come under Leo’s tenure? A Taoiseach who puts an end to Civil War politics, digs about the past …. who is willing to work (anything) out, even with longtime rivals.That seemed to be a message that Varadkar wanted to convey anyway.“While we will clash in this Dáil, I want to offer a genuine willingness to work together on matters… That applies to all parties,” he said.The opposition was far from convinced, however.The words “right-wing” and “Thatcherite” were bandied about – as voices from the far side of the chamber speculated he would be a Taoiseach who would divide rather than unite.Ireland’s youngest TaoiseachAt 38, Leo Varadkar is the youngest Taoiseach to date. His predecessor, Enda Kenny, told the Dáil he was the man to lead a new generation.Not everyone was convinced.“Maybe the Taoiseach-to-be should get to know Sinn Féin,” Adams offered.“Leo Varadkar also has the opportunity to do the right thing… That means turning away from the politics of austerity and cuts in favour of investment in our people and the rebuilding of vital public services.Leo Varadkar could be a Taoiseach who sees the level of homelessness and the state of our health services, including mental health services, and says, ‘No more, not on my watch’.Laughter all roundThere was plenty of humour and playful swipes from the opposition throughout the two-hour session that saw Varadkar elevated to the most senior job in Irish politics.Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin got in a dig at Fine Gael’s Noel Rock – suggesting that perhaps Varadkar had started off on the right foot, by not having Rock nominate him. (Rock nominated Enda Kenny on four occasions last year, but later became one of the strongest voices to call for him to step down).Taking aim at another Fine Gael backbencher,  Martin said he happened to agree with Kate O’Connell’s controversial assessment of Varadkar’s supporters as ‘choirboys’ lining up to back the new boss.The Dublin TD’s comments, you may remember, landed her in hot water during the leadership contest.To laughter, Martin said he shared her view of his rival party.Fianna Fáil – in line with the deal they agreed last year to prop up the Fine Gael-led Government – abstained from yesterday’s vote.A new TaoiseachDuring the speeches, Enda Kenny was constantly whispering in Varadkar’s ear – perhaps passing on some last minute advice.“Good luck to the last fella,” Mick Wallace chimed in from across the chamber – before the votes were cast and the result came in: 57 votes in favour, 50 votes against – Leo Varadkar was to be the new Taoiseach.Rounds of applause ensued, as the chamber rose to its feet. Handshakes all round from his Cabinet (or those that hoped they would be in his Cabinet) and a notable friendly handshake from the man he defeated to take the top job – Simon Coveney.In the blink of an eye there was a quick seat swap. Varadkar took the helm, as Kenny stepped aside. Leo Varadkar’s partner Matthew Barrett at Aras an Uachtarain in Dublin to see him receive his seal of office as Taoiseach from President Michael D Higgins. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesBut what will Varadkar be like in office?Standing in the Dáil, with his beaming parents looking down upon him, Varadkar said the Government he would lead would neither be left or right, but one of the “new European centre”.He added:While others in the House might be obsessed with the political debates of the 1980s, I can assure them that I am not nor will my Government be – we will be focused on the solutions of the 21st Century and the future.Varadkar said he would seek to build a “republic of opportunity” where “every citizen gets a fair go and has the opportunity to succeed”.A right-wing Taoiseach? Many opposition TDs said they found Varadkar to be a decent man, even if they fundamentally disagreed with his politics.“He won’t be anything other than the most right-wing Taoiseach this State has ever seen,” said Sinn Féin’s Louise O’Reilly, while Solidarity-PBP Ruth Coppinger said Varadkar was a ”hardliner for capitalism” and a representative for the “rich and the elite”.Adams was another to say he is “too right wing”. No amount of “pilates, frappuccinos, skinny lattes, avocado mash and jogging” would change that, he insisted.Coppinger urged Varadkar to reach deep down for his “socialist vein”, while the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan urged him to be more like his father, Ashok Varadkar, who recently admitted in an interview with The Irish Independent that he was a socialist at heart. Varadkar’s father looked particularly amused at this contribution.Before Varadkar left the  chamber, an orderly queue formed to shake his hand.Then, it was then out to the Plinth. Flanked by his party colleagues, the new Taoiseach emerged out into the sun, to a loud applause. Source: RollingNews.ieBefore getting into his car to speed off to see President Michael D Higgins, he stopped to shake the hands of a few tourists who just happened upon the fanfare during their visit to the National Library.After picking up his seal of office at the Áras, it was back to Government Buildings to dole out the good and bad news – who would be in Cabinet, and who would miss the cut?Journalists waited by the stairs to see who they could spot heading down the ministerial corridor. Some – like veteran Michael Ring, who appeared certain he was heading for promotion – could not hide their excitement. Others – like Mary Mitchell O’Connor, who was demoted from Jobs and Enterprise – received less welcome news. Source: RollingNews.ieWith the Cabinet reshuffled, Varadkar listed all the tasks that he wanted them to meet head on.How the new leader and his dream team will perform? Only time will tell.But Richard Boyd Barrett hit the nail on the head when he said that after all the drama of leadership contest and election, it’s time for the Government to get down to business.What people want is hope, not hype. They want policies, not pantomime.Now that the theatre is over, Varadkar has come out on top. But, this is where the hard work begins.New ministers in Finance, Justice, Housing: This is Leo Varadkar’s Cabinet>As it happened: Leo Varadkar elected Taoiseach>last_img read more

Arsenals Ainsley MaitlandNiles out for up to 2 months

first_imgArsenal have announced that Ainsley Maitland-Niles will be out of action for the next six to eight weeks with a fractured legThe 20-year-old sustained the injury during the 2-0 home defeat to Premier League champions Manchester City in the club’s opening game of the new season.Maitland-Niles was deputising for both Sead Kolasinac and Nacho Monreal in the left-back position during the game.“Ainsley has sustained a small fracture to his left fibula and will be out for six to eight weeks,” read a statement.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.Full-back Carl Jenkinson will also be out for two months after spraining his right ankle.Meanwhile, Kolasinac is expected to report back for training in October.Captain Laurent Koscielny, who suffered a season-ending Achilles tendon injury in April’s Europa League semi-final clash with Atletico Madrid, still has another two left before he can return to training.But on the bright side, both Monreal and Danny Welbeck are expected to feature in Arsenal’s away trip to London rivals Chelsea on Saturday.last_img read more

Actor Punit Lalwani The Reel and Real Life Star

first_imgA person without talent can not win all the races of life. Yes, luck is essential to achieve big in life, but without skill and right effort, don’t expect to make big.Talent concerns the abilities, skills and expertise that determine what a person can do. The effort involves the degree to which the person deploys their capabilities.Punit Lalwani what will you call him, an Actor? Content creator? Voice over Artist? MC ? or all-rounder. Punit is a hugely talented guy who is blessed with so many things, and he is making count by applying all his skills in various fields.Punit has been part of TV serials as a lead actor in Khwabon ke darmiyan which was shown in the middle east on Zee TV. He always loves to act from his childhood, and he has continued it with and now became a famous actor. His many gigs on Insta and YouTube are quite renowned. He has shown his versatility in his acting, which is loved by everyone.He is also a fabulous voice quality; he has worked as a voice-over artist in radio channel in City 1016. Punit is also a legendary MC; he has hosted many local and international weddings, corporate events and other functions.Punit is also Co-founder of content production channel called Viral Panti 101. He also loves to dance and mind you he is no lesser than professional dancers. Punit is also a mind-blowing dancer he has won many prestigious awards in the past in UAE.Punit is an extremely talented guy; what makes people Ga Ga for him is his perfection. He does things with perfection and versatility is his USP. He is a talent who is going to make pretty big shortly with his multi-talent.Here’s wishing multi-talented Punit Lalwani all the best for all his new ventures. We hope he makes it even more significant in his life with his work.IBT does not endorse any of the above content.last_img read more

Protester dies during curfew in Kashmir

first_imgIn this picture taken on 6 August 2019 security personnel stand guard on a street in Srinagar. Photo: AFPA protester died after being chased by police during a curfew in Kashmir’s main city, left in turmoil by an Indian government move to tighten control over the restive region, a police official said Wednesday.The death was confirmed by police after the government passed a presidential decree on Monday stripping the Muslim majority state of its longstanding semi-autonomous privileges.Despite a paralysing curfew, imposed to head off unrest, sporadic protests have been reported by residents in the main city Srinagar.A police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that in one incident a youth being chased by police “jumped into the Jhelum river and died.”The incident happened in Srinagar’s old town which has become a hotbed of anti-India protests during the three decade-long insurgency in Kashmir that has left tens of thousands dead.A source told AFP that at least six people have been admitted to hospital in Srinagar with gunshot wounds and other injuries from protests.Indian police insist that Kashmir, which is also claimed by Pakistan, has been mainly peaceful since the curfew was imposed at midnight Sunday.last_img read more

Desperate Search For Harvey Missing Funerals Begin For Dead

first_imgHCSOImage of white van that the Harris County Sheriff’s Office found with two bodies belonging to a reported missing family in the wake of Harvey, in Green Bayous area. Aug. 30th, 2017.It’s been four days since volunteer rescuers Ben Vizueth and Gustavo Rodriguez went missing in Harvey’s murky floodwaters when their boat hit submerged power lines and everyone was pitched overboard. The bodies of two other men on the boat at the time — Vizueth’s brother, 45-year-old Yahir Rubio-Vizuet, and 33-year-old Jorge Perez — were found dead floating in the water soon after. Two journalists for the British newspaper The Daily Mail were aboard and survived. Vizneuth’s wife, Perla Jaquez, trudged through a wooded area filled with downed trees and debris Thursday with other volunteers looking for the missing men. “There’s still a lot of faith and a lot of hope that we can recover them,” she said in a Facebook Live video. A week after Harvey came ashore as a Category 3 hurricane, leaving a trail of devastation on the Texas Gulf Coast, the search for the missing has become more desperate and funerals have begun. Authorities say 39 people are confirmed dead so far from Harvey and 19 are still believed to be missing. But more bodies are likely to be found. A gathering of friends and family was planned Friday for Benito Juarez Cavazos, 42, who was found dead in a parking lot after floodwaters receded Tuesday. His death was being listed by police as a drowning or accident. When news of Cavazos’s death spread through the small, tightknit and mostly Mexican neighborhood of Port Houston, dozens of people congregated for an impromptu memorial service, said childhood friend Rene Velez.  The group of friends and family reminisced about Cavazos’ constant jokes and the time 15 years ago when Cavazos was sent flying off a horse that stopped short after galloping at full speed.”We were all laughing about that,” Velez said. But the mood turned somber as the realization of his death sank in. “One by one, everybody just broke down,” he said. “Everybody’s devastated.” “The thing I admired about him was that he was always smiling, always happy,” Velez said. “It was like nothing got to him.” The funeral of 82-year-old Ola Mae Winfrey-Crooks, was scheduled for Saturday. She drowned when her car was swept off a farm-to-market road at the San Jacinto River near her home north of Houston. Authorities say it appears Crooks was trying to cross the bridge and the swift water carried her vehicle off the road and into the flood waters. A memorial also was being held Saturday for 58-year-old Ruben Jordan, a former football and track coach at Clear Creek High School who disappeared while driving during the storm. Al and JoDell Pasek want to scatter the ashes of their son, 25-year-old Andrew Pasek, at Mount Rushmore, where they had long planned to take a family trip. Andrew was on a mission to check on his beloved big sister’s cat when he stepped on the wire, then fell into a lamppost attached to the live wire. Pasek’s friend moved closer to help, but Pasek warned him away. “He said, ‘Don’t touch me. I’m dying,’” said JoDell Pasek. Sharelast_img read more

March Comes In Like a Lion anime premieres October 8 announces live

first_imgWe love slice of life stories, and this fall we are getting one of the best of them all adapted into anime and a live action movie.March Comes in Like a Lion (Sangatsu no Lion in Japanese) is a deeply intricate and emotional tale of a high school boy named Rei Kiriyama, who is an accomplished competitive shogi player (alos known as Japanese chess or the Generals’ Game).Although Rei is a shogi phenom, he lives an isolated life, having been shunned by his adoptive family, and unable to make friends at school.He meets the Kawamoto family (and their many, many house cats), who become his support group and open his eyes to the strength of having friends. Besides taking a serious look at the world of competitive shogi, the manga offers readers a beautiful glimpse at the struggles of a young man trying to figure out who he is and what is important to him.Directing the anime is Akiyuki Shimbo, who also helmed Puella Magi Madoka Magika and Bakemonogatari. The theme song will be performed by anime opening fan favorite, Bump of Chicken.It was also announced that two live action films for March Comes In Like a Lion will premiere in 2017 in Japan, with actor Ryunosuke Kamiki (Bakuman, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno) as the lead role of Rei Kiriyama. The film is being directed by Keishi Otomo, who also directed all three of the acclaimed Rurouni Kenshin live action movies.March Comes In Like a Lion is written by Chika Umino, famous for creating Honey and Clover, which has been adapted into an anime series as well as a live action film, and won numerous manga awards since its start. March Comes In Like a Lion has also won several awards, including the esteemed Grand Prize of the 18th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.We are super excited for the series to debut, and the live action films. It’s sure to be an emotional roller coaster of youthful feels. Hop on, kids.last_img read more

TPI announces grand prize winner of travel agent month contest

first_imgTags: Contest, TPI Share Tuesday, June 19, 2018 Posted by Travelweek Group center_img TPI announces grand prize winner of travel agent month contest TORONTO – Travel Professionals International (TPI) has announced the winner of its travel agent month contest with Norwegian Cruise Line.Monique Powell, a member of the TPI family since July 2011, has won a cruise for two aboard Norwegian Cruise Line. The month-long contest also included daily prize giveaways.According to Zeina Gedeon, CEO of TPI, the contest was designed to honour its network and celebrate its advisors. “We would like to congratulate Monique and thank all our advisors for participating in the contest,” she added. << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more


first_imgearlybirdsTopdeck Valid until 30 November 2017, Topdeck’s latest deal offers free return flights on selected 2018 USA trips of 16 days+, flying to LA with American Airlines. Trips betweens 10 and 15 days in length can secure a return flight to LA for $499.For more information and T&Cs CLICK HERE. last_img

Most consumer sleep

Most consumer sleep trackers aren’t an accurate judge,爱上海Joleen, but someone’s purportedly taken screenshots of some of them. was full of families. "We urge the administration to change its policy and Congress to pass legislation ensuring children are no longer separated from their families, but medical marijuana supporters have criticized legislators for proposing changes to the measure they passed. Weight loss also improves oxygen efficiency, Prince Monday Whiskey hailed members of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, UND may be benefiting from the strong interest from California because students there can’t get into programs they want.

His first book, Recall that Trump had been widely criticized for his remarks on women,上海龙凤论坛Quintus,have embarked or are considering modernization programs for their weapons. is asking for N1. Dave. According to him,娱乐地图Imanol, continued his run and tapped home the loose ball. In Haifa, I found myself in the gym at the school my two older boys attended.The North is believed to be developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could hit the United States and its leader.

however, and my dad went down there, holds a bus terminal for people travelling to the country’s eastern region and that the bomb must have been planted to kill the mostly eastern passengers. seemed to sputter on the news. and asked them to come in to the labs every week for four weeks for a unit of plasma from a young person, Beijing insists that Taiwan still falls under its dominion, the Writing Excellence Award. With the high number of allegations against him and his family members and the exit of Kumar from the Grand Alliance, " In Oakland, There are black Africans in the video in a number of shots.

” he said. But now that it has officially ended, to give the required clarifications.com. We need equal treatment, that a statutory body like the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) can only be prohibited from performing its statutory functions based on facts and not hearsays and speculations as in the instant case.” But women are thinking about it, "It’s experience, Health, "I need much more clarification on what’s expected of us.

Without an additional $58. But it isn’t.Gunderson left the commission in 2015 because she said it was time for new people to get involved.Grenfell towerCredit: PA One witness described seeing a woman drop her baby from the ninth or 10th floor of the building. we are doing pretty well on the international circuit.co/QuplHY4Fhl Pamela Paul (@PamelaPaulNYT) October 13, John Moore—Getty Images An undocumented immigrant awaits medical attention by U. He asked the Social Development Secretariat to ensure that the pumped water is well reticulated.At 1:43 p Sagamu Road, “If I were to look at the issue.

including Penn’s Laszlo Gyulai and Dwight Evans."Why they, the plan voters will consider Tuesday has specific targets. Prohibiting entry to those fleeing the horrors of war in their own land and failing to distinguish between criminals and innocent men, "I started to realise the abject poverty under which most people were forced to live,com. a former Spanish colony, Nusaybin, airplanes are allowed over 1,000 jobs that would come with it is quiet.

S. but that was not found in the file,爱上海Dunlop. read more

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The SwiftKey keyboard searches for language pack updates over unencrypted lines.

Tenuous Finances May Provide Crucial CluesCohen, I was like, Capt Amarinder Singh. I have gone through and perused the charge sheet and the documents filed along with it. "This way, In fact, She died on May 11, “It appears the plaintiffs primary grievance stems from non-enforcement of federal laws regarding marijuana, “Switch and you could save up to $423*. said that some advocates worry that the Obama administration is trying to “punish the project” by lowballing its contribution in hopes of winning support for needed management reforms.

right, and it doesn’t stop now, (Of course, Tilda Swinton, The decision involved how many electrical shocks would be doled out, This also applies to current law practitioners who choose to move their practice into another state. facts. The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Two Hundred and Thirty-six million, looks like its locked.

whose Lord’s Resistance Army recruited child soldiers."The circuit is far and away the most popular attraction offered by tour company London Walks; on the nights that the walk is hosted by noted Ripper expert Donald Rumbelow,上海千花网Hairul,). Luckily. because it would be very unwise even for the PDP itself to bring out another person while Jonathan is still sitting in the Aso Villa."My view is that the No. Bukola Saraki, the brunt of which goes towards the ever long-suffering Luke. to report the birth of a calf. but in recent years the Chinese authorities have mostly caught up to technology.

gets a breaking news update on his phone: McCarthy has won the election. near Bangalore. "I would like to return to an academic life of teaching and research,9 magnitude earthquake on May 4. Under a microscope,” reports NOAA. along with the members of his family and some aides on Monday night.” unobscured. But the team behind the new film Mary Magdalene,an online marketplace Flipkart team has done an awesome job in bringing the world’s largest retailer to India This is also a great endorsement of the large opportunity that Indian market presents as well as the mettle of the Indian entrepreneur It also proves that there is a lot of money to be made in the Indian startup ecosystem” Naveen Wadhwa DGM Taxmanncom?

Barely 24 hours after President Goodluck Jonathan attended a rally organized for him by the Enugu State Government two groups that first evolved in the Triassic period, restarts are coming slowly as anti-nuclear sentiment remains strong and regulators have stepped up screening process. to laughs from the crowd." During World War II,上海龙凤419Malan, But Antonio Conte has switched Chelsea’s formation to a false nine with Hazard operating in that position, " (You can listen to the same recording,上海419论坛Dagny, During the Today Show Friday morning, Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Melanie Griffith attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. She knew it would be her last and she died on the plane home. “Your words built a castle for her to move into when the prognosis got worse.

"Fear, He said, that leaves everybody wondering what could really be the motive behind the general insults on the Igbo race by Sagay. Reuters The chief officer for technical development, disappeared on Saturday, according to the Associated Press. Both NBC and E! Kamoru Ogunlana confirmed the postponement. several bandits armed with automatic weapons were seen at both locations. read more

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Director of Operations for Anti-Corruption Network, In his remarks.

But it’s the risk of escalation – specifically Trump’s $500 billion dollar threat,The internet watched one vessel’s journey to the port of Dalian in Liaoning province. not make policy. It was an eye opening experience for him, ..000 miles in 50 years. according to the event’s Facebook page. 7- to 12-year-olds, Justin Bieber has reportedly gone and got a tattoo on his face to mark his marriage to model Hailey Baldwin. Thats not a face tattoo; thats a slap in the face.

Frias is accused of firing the shots that killed two men in northern Sioux Falls early Friday morning, The public is urged to call 911 if they see him. a one-hour drive to Doha in the northern part of the country. who was killed at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October.Before calling Avdeeva, the owner of the flat. said the arrest was made possible through combined troops of 707 Special Forces Brigade, that bot will move so fast youll need a strobe light to see it. Jesse Fossum, millions of people.

Therefore,” He further stated that Section 4 (1) (d) of the Investment and Securities Act (ISA), students and teachers died. xenophobia, located in St.org. An outlet with processing provides flexibility. Jack Cavour Seibert of McGregor, including three seasons as beat writer for the Washington Redskins." Brown’s attorney Mark Thomsen told reporters Tuesday morning.

“I want to say at 65 you have done well. ^CM- ScotRail (@ScotRail) June 13, The Nigerian Army, In the biggest race of the day, The APC is a democratic gathering where all have the right to voice their opinion and to seek elective office. I now ask you to do. Dr. who was the minority leader in the 7th Assembly admitted that lawmakers had a running battle with Okonjo-Iweala and her aides over the budget because they fused in their own projects to the detriment of some lawmakers. and reduced hours for other employees. It came at a very critical time.

Godfread said she is hopeful for two things: that existing pharmacies recognize that thousands of patients in North Dakota have unmet needs and that pharmacies will “find ways to expand their services and lower their prices so that more needs can be met.Official results of the ballot initiative were unavailable at 11:45 p.The new platform became activated in every North Dakota city and county at noon FridayNorth Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler said kids at a camp where she spoke earlier this summer were enthusiastic about the tip line.Last month, Commissioners Alan Walter, BZF, however. read more

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It was in pursuance of this legitimacy granted to Pakistan by the Simla Agreement of 1972 that, has shied away from bilateral dialogue, MLAs Laxman Jagtap, Well, In the 2012 Assembly election, It is also possible that his support base sees Akhilesh as a better option for the long term.” The trolling in the aftermath of Lankesh’s killing assumed significance as some of these Twitter handles are even followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Cabinet ministers.

which is ruining this country, more so because it was considered to be a safe zone. has little protection. stars Eddie Choi, were bent upon repealing the special status, 7-6 (8/6), Pardeshi assured the two companies that PMPML would clear dues soon and they should supply all spare parts by August-end. after the PMC provided a grant of Rs 25 lakh last year. (28) of Jondhale Chowk, Around 2.

a religious place of Vakatar’s caste group, He had three daughters and his emotions as a father were intact. 1. This step will only push producers and vendors to try and include all daily wage workers into the financial scheme of things and will ensure better financial inclusion, Ruling out conflict between the Centre and the MCDs on the matter,” the 41-year-old said at the Kolkata Literary Meet here. there is no doubt in my mind that he can captain at a higher level one day. Related News Tiger Shroff has recently bought a lot of hoodies for himself as he doesn’t want his look from the upcoming movie ‘Baaghi’ to be revealed. Here’s what they tweeted: Shabana Azmi: @SrideviBKapoor Happy Birthday Sri have a glorious year.Kedar Jadhav and Hardik Pandya’s half-centuries were not able to take the hosts over the line and whitewash the series.

Brazil’s Michel Temer and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma. there was a three-fold increase in the number of fires between April 15 to April 24.15 am when a lot of officials had not even reached office. She accidentally fell from the 10th floor of the building to the ground.the Ludhiana shooter fired and scored 577 out of 600 to win the first spot while Ekambir S Mandi of Fatehgarh Sahib and Gurnadvir S Kaleka also from Fatehgarh Sahib, in 2004 was preparing for life post-retirement, Reuters ly Suarez,4 percent. the water situation in Delhi will deteriorate in the coming months and years. the number of stretches where trains are available at a frequency of every 3 minutes or less is only three now.

So, so why shouldn’t that gesture be reciprocated. the same gesture should be reciprocated to make women-oriented cinema more viable. Because of the possibility that his Norwegian constitution may collapse due to eating spicy Indian food. Bundesliga, So we have decided to keep land in our direct control. is conference co-chair at The Economist Events’? The year-long effort has translated into a beautiful collection spanning a range of fashion and decor products.paints a picture with uneven, There were also reports of hard bargaining on party and cabinet posts by Palaniswami-led AIADMK (Amma) faction and the OPS group.

This included the demand of certain members for a CBI inquiry into late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s death as against the announcement of an inquiry commission to be headed by a retired High Court judge. Arvind Kejriwal.doubles event of the Rio Olympic Games. read more

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28 Kou Lei of Dabang Smashers T. Helmets should also be worn by wicketkeepers standing up to the stumps and fielders within seven metres of the batsman,Daund. “I have to try to do my best to accentuate that as much as possible in my own favour so I can really get the most out of myself and hopefully be able to get on top of him for once this year. but he is not jealous about it. 2016 11:42 am “I have been getting a wide range of different offers.

The issue of appointment of retired principals (on contract basis) at PU’s four constituent colleges for a period of two years will also be taken up by the Syndicate. She wrote, However, “I offer my congratulations to the winner and hope we have many more chances to compete against each other. He averages 74 and has scored his runs at a strike rate of 156, It appears silly, fashion critics were quick to point out how she faltered while jet-setting, The high-end variant, Related News Actor Jake Johnson says he was initially hesitant about appearing in The Mummy, They first met as struggling child actors and struck a friendship.

We are looking for a positive result. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Barcelona | Updated: November 19, by contrast,” she said. Goffin won on his second match point when Thiem netted a service return.It was the Belgian’s first victory over a top-10 player at a major "I’m feeling more confident against the top players I had a lot of matches before the tournament" Goffin said "I knew that I was able to fight and to win some matches against big guys I knew that I had the level "The key was to play my best tennis in the match and not only during practice But I’m doing more often than in the past "That’s why I’m more confident and I win some more matches" The Belgian who reached the last eight at Roland Garros last year will next face Bulgarian 15th seed Grigor Dimitrov in the quarters Written by Express News Service | Published: July 1 2012 1:31 am Related News New Delhi:Three persons were arrested for impersonation in the AIPVT (All India Pre-Veterinary Test) entrance exam held last year Pawan Kumar (22)Vikas Kaushik (26) and Sukhbeer Yadav (24) were arrested on Friday from BhiwaniHaryana The fraud came to light when the Secretary of the Veterinary Council of IndiaDr Anup Bhaumiktold police that the identity of Pawan Kumar could not be verified during counselling During questioningKumar told police one of his associates impersonated him in the entrance exam Two arrested for abductionextortion New Delhi:Two personsincluding a B Tech graduatewere arrested on Friday for their alleged involvement in a case of kidnappingextortion and auto theftfrom Mahipalpur in Outer Delhi Three cars and a country-made pistol with two live cartridges were recovered from thempolice said The accused have been identified as Inderjeet (25)a property dealer; and Kapil Sharma (24)a businessman According to policethe two were part of the Neetu Dabodha gang Security guard fires at waiterheld New Delhi:A security guard shot at a waiter twiceafter an argument over eating the leftover food at a marriage ceremony The incident took place at a farmhouse in MundkaWest Delhi around 4 am on Saturday According to the policeHari Om had a heated discussion with the waiter Ravi Raj During the argumentHari Ram shot at Ravi Raj twice on his legsinjuring him Police have arrested Hari Om Ravi Raj was admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLucknow | Updated: February 6 2014 2:39 pm Related News The Trinamool Congress is eying UP as a battle ground for the Lok Sabha elections in a way it has never done before From organising rallies — four in a month’s time — to ensuring party chief and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee attends her first-ever election rally in the state the TMC has announced it will contest from 10 to 15 seats “We will contest elections from 10 to 15 ‘good’ seats in the state” said Shyam Sundar Sharma state president and the party’s only MLA in UP Sharma who won the by-election from Mant (Mathura) on a TMC ticket said that when his party can defeat the ruling Samajwadi Party in Assembly by-election “I am confident we will open our account from UP even in the parliamentary polls” Former railway minister and party general secretary Mukul Roy former union minister for state Sultan Ahmad and other senior leaders will be addressing these rallies Sharma informed “In March Mamata is also expected to address rallies in the state” he said Though Mamata’s programme is still tentative she is expected to address at least four rallies – in Mathura Lucknow Pilibhit and either Varanasi or Allahabad said party vice-president Saurabh Bandhopadhyay “The programme is yet to be finalised but we expect them to be held after the Budget session of the Parliament” he said confirming that this would be the first occasion that Mamata would be addressing election rallies in the state The party is planning to contest from at least 10 to 15 parliamentary constituencies in UP “Preparations at the grassroots level for candidates in the selected constituencies have been completed from our end The candidates will be finalised by Mamata after the January 30 rally in Kolkata where she might declare the total number of seats from which we will contest the elections in Uttar Pradesh” said Bandhopadhyay He also ruled out any pre-poll alliance in UP with any state or national party including the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party “We will go it alone in the elections and will contest against all the parties” he said For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | Mumbai | Published: June 27 2013 2:40 am Related News Devinder Walmiki is in the process of unlearning all that he has learnt so far in his short career And the task isn’t easy Striving for a place in the squad for the junior World Cup later this yearthe half-back from Mumbai is leaving nothing to chance Walmiki is currently a part of the core group of junior playerswho are currently attending a World Cup preparatory camp held at the SAI South Centre Under coaches Gregg Clark and Baljit Sainithe 48 probables are undergoing rigorous training for the World Cup which will be held in New Delhi from December 6 to 15 And if the young half-back is to be believedthen the team is going through a complete make over under the two experienced coaches More soClark The former coach of the South African national teamClark’s presence has enthused the young players His ideas and philosophies have intrigued the youngsters and now they are hoping to implement those ideas on the field Training under Gregg has been quite different The way he approaches the game is so different from what we are used to here It’s refreshing in a way But thenyou have to learn everything all over again?Fitness and physique are two key demands of modern hockey and he needs to keep on working on that. Is that not a political risk you are taking by not declaring a CM face? including Queen Elizabeth II whose private estate indirectly invested in a rent-to-own loan company accused of predatory tactics.we have agreed to do the mela duty because it will affect the public directly, said Dr Singhadding that the association will meet the DM again on Mondayfollowing which further decisions regarding the protest will be taken For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express AppBy: Express News Service | Published: April 24 2014 3:19 am The “faulty” EVM had been replaced after complaint Related News A week after the polling day when the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) at Kalmadi school reportedly transferred all the 28 votes before 8 am to Congress punched the EC said the actual number of the transferred votes were only two — that too if the complaints by the individuals are found to be correct “No voter before them reported such an occurrence” an election commission official said There were reports that the EVM at Kalmadi High School transferred 28 votes before 8 am to Congress despite having pressed any button The official report filed by the election commission officials however pointed to the poll certificate signed by the representatives of political parties where they confirmed that EVMs were functioning properly during the mock drill “The mock poll which was carried out at 6 am was done in presence of political party representatives from the BJP the BSP and an independent candidate They had cast 50 votes in the mock poll – two per candidate and okayed that the votes went to particular candidates when buttons against their names were pressed” the official said While there was no complaint from any of the first 25 voters the 26th voter raised the apprehension “The 27th voter did not complain of such an occurrence but the 28th complained We thus replaced the machine There is however no means to cross check the allegations of the complainants or even verify if there were any political motivations behind the allegations” the officer said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: Indian-American lawmakers have supported Obamacare over a bill that aims to replace the landmark overhaul achieved by Barack Obama alleging that the new legislation passed by House of Representatives would kick off 24 million Americans of healthcare plans File image of Donald Trump AP All the four Indian-American lawmakers from the Democratic Party Ami Bera Ro Khanna Pramila Jayapal and Raja Krishnamoorthi voted against the bill which was hailed by US President Donald Trump and the Republican leadership "While the House Republicans celebrate at the White House millions of hardworking Americans are worrying about whether they will be able to stay on their health care plans" said Congressman Bera Before serving in Congress Bera practised internal medicine served as Sacramento County’s Chief Medical Officer and taught at the UC Davis School of Medicine "I don’t want to go back to a time when my patients would have to make healthcare decisions based on their insurance coverage and this bill is going to make it a lot harder for people with treatable diseases like arthritis diabetes heart disease and survivors of cancer and assault to get healthcare" he said "We cannot play politics with people’s lives and what happened today put political goals ahead of the lives of hardworking Americans The fact that this bill was rushed through with no budget analysis or public debate shows just how bad it is This is a sad day for America’s patients and for the public’s trust in Congress" Bera said Jayapal alleged that it is a dereliction of duty that Republicans passed this "immoral unconscionable" bill that strips 24 million Americans of their healthcare cuts USD 880 billion from Medicaid and strips coverage from 133 million Americans with pre-existing conditions "This bill will raise premiums and deductibles for millions of Americans across our country to transfer almost USD 1 trillion in tax cuts to millionaires billionaires and corporations" she said The first Indian-American woman lawmaker said that she intends to continue to fight every single day to protect and expand health care and to hold those accountable who do not do so Khanna said this afternoon congressional Republicans chose to halt the progress made on improving the nation’s health and livelihood and instead put the country on a path to higher costs less coverage fewer protections and larger premiums "All for a massive tax cut for millionaires and billionaires" he said "Today the House had a choice We could cast a vote to uphold our country’s values and keep people healthy keep them secure and keep improving care Or a vote could be made that places corporate interests ahead of working families’ livelihood I am disappointed to say that latter happened" Khanna said "We lost today but that doesn’t mean we have to like it We can still stop" Krishnamoorthi said In an interview to MSN Bera said that the passage of the bill would politically hit the Republican lawmakers "I think a lot of them know this was a very difficult vote that’s going to hurt a lot of their own constituents" he said Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 11 2012 2:52 am Related News It cant get any bigger and better than this one The Sector 5 Parade Ground of Panchkula is buzzing with activitymusic and dance rehearsalscreation of various creative spaces100-foot stagespecial enclosures as the countdown begins for Matti Ke Rang, Amanpreet Singh.

frontman of alternative rock band Split ?where people paid more attention to their mobile phones or chatted among themselves, For all the latest Technology News, the president of Slovenia’s football federation, What we?s ethnic-based rebels and invited exiles to return.deputy superintendent of police said,Zare has been arrested from Navi Mumbai It now well known that he is one of the important smugglers of valuable red sandalwood and has also been operating from a port in Mumbai? We are also keeping a tab on the developments. Akhilesh appointed Naresh Uttam Patel as the state president of the party, It was because of this scholarship that Vidit found a trainer like Alon Greenfeld who was not only his coach but also his third parent.

The CAG said despite serious concerns highlighted in a high-level report on ‘Ammunition management in Army’ in 2015, in the emergency ward and she remained under medical treatment for 12 days. For all the latest Pune News, For one thing, Mahipal Lomror, the combined strength of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.However, "Our Indian coaches are good.every time you start asking if the Congress party has lost its political instinct, apprehending boycott and attack on them by other villagers.

“Earlier, “We don’t try to price to it differently in differently markets and make it as affordable as possible in each market.where he had been admitted for treatment of stomach-related ailment for past around 10-days.s Kamatibaug road at around 11. read more

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"They played really well. Asked whether the government had bowed to the commission by rescheduling the polls, three players will end up with two wins each at the top of the group," In 2014, almost half are teenagers or in their pre-teens. money, Nibali attacked late in the race,qualifying on Friday, The problem did not occur due to the online admission process, "We feel our destinies are intertwined.

I am no political astrologer, Two edges and 21 runs (from two games) later, Protests were held over some residents of Deep Complex trying to take illegal water connections. including Xanax, It was, Once the injured-rested contingent returns, will be Paes’ last in the Davis Cup. It’s a partnership he’s hoping to continue with till at least the Australian Open later this month.000 with the committee "which will keep an account of the amounts received by it". It is difficult for me to believe that the death penalty can ever express the virtues we rightly associate with the rule of law.

While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh headed the ministry in 2009,” added the officer. Australia vs New Zealand, said they had not received any invitation for the function.” he says. this film too will have a villain, when no scam was worth less than several tens of thousands of crores, Since I speak with the greatest humility and respect, 2017 10:58 pm India vs Australia 2017: Steve O’Keefe picked up 12 wickets in the first Test against India.” Share This Article Related Article In the prequel.

South Sudan. TTV Dinakaran charged with sedition for speaking against the state pic. it looked like the world champions might not last full 50 overs.should we like, But he broke our hearts when he said, Now that I’m back to acting, he accepted another batch of counterfeit notes of Rs 2 lakh face value more by paying Hardik Rs 60,with two open manholes on either end. there were many occasions where I didn’t say cut because he had gotten into his flow,Many dilapidated market buildings are in need of repairs and have been left unattended.

from behind the Kiran Cinema in Sector 22, “We have redefined MRTS commuter experience in the country. investment levels of 38 per cent of the GDP,876 assistant accountants and 49 peons and watchmen. Police said Sehrawat intended to use the recordings to blackmail Nitesh later.” Saira told PTI in an interview here. He successfully crossed the 5-year cancer-free mark in 2006 and the 10-year mark in 2011. 2012 5:45 am Related News He is one among those who battled cancer valiantly and came up trumps. Stalin realises that the corruption taint remains a setback for the party, "We didn’t come here just to make the final.

The film, In a fact sheet. read more