Berry rides hot streak on the way to opening night Dakota Tour checkers

first_imgHis first tour win in the Stock Cars came while he was substituting for Curt Lund up in Estevan two years ago, but this time Thornton had his own car and was able to hold off five-time tour champion Elijah Zevenbergen to claim the checkers.  A pair of 12 machines battled for second after Berry cleared O’Brien. Aukland, son of famed late model pilot Rick Aukland, took his 12A machine around the high side behind Berry as O’Brien’s 12J stuck on the low line. This gave O’Brien the lead on a track where he has had past success. Misfortune struck a few more past tour champions as three-time and defending champion Hunter Marriott, dropped out early in the running. 2015 tour champion Ricky Thornton Jr. also found his way back to the pit area during a caution, paving way for a potential new face as champion in the Modifieds by the end of the week. Tom Berry Jr. made another visit to victory lane, following is Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour IMCA Modified feature win on opening night at Jamestown Speedway. (Photo by Mike Spieker, Speedway Shots) Fifteen U.S. states and two Canadian provinces were represented among the 75-car Modified field and 22-car Stock Car field. 2014 tour champion Jeff Taylor and 2014 Jamestown winner Justin O’Brien led the 29-car field to green. Jeff Taylor’s car did not fire correctly following an early restart and he fell back and retired from the field.  By Jackson Braun  Berry’s eighth IMCA Modified victory of the season was by far the biggest, as the opening circuit of the 30th annual Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Modified Tour at Jamestown Speedway ended up in his hands, along with a $2,400 check and Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot berth.  Racing was phenomenal throughout the pack as drivers settled into positions and jockeyed two and three wide to climb up the field. When the dust settled, Berry took the win in a convincing fashion over Aukland, O’Brien, Shawn Strand, and Mike Hansen.  Berry made the most of the restart, as his positioning in the outside lane gave him an opportunity to pull alongside O’Brien.  JAMESTOWN, N.D. (July 6) – Tom Berry Jr. has been on fire in North Dakota this season, grabbing five wins in June and seven total victories in weekly races and special events this year.  Stock Cars – 1. Ricky Thornton Jr., Adel, Iowa; 2. Elijah Zevenbergen, Ocheyedan, Iowa; 3. Dalton Flory, Williston; 4. Scott Gartner, Jamestown; 5. Matt Speckman, Sleepy Eye, Minn.; 6. Joe Flory, Williston; 7. Austin Daae, Estevan, Sask.; 8. Keith Mattox, Ray; 9. Hunter Fears, Riverdale; 10. Aden Clark, Surrey; 11. Justin Bachmeier, Williston; 12. Tim Compson, Valley City; 13. Chase Davidson, Macoun, Sask.; 14. Joe Schrodt, Coleharbor; 15. Randy Schultz, Swift Current, Sask.; 16. Mike Hagen, Williston; 17. Jeremy Swanson, Estevan, Sask.; 18. Jordan Zillmer, Cleveland; 19. Michael Swallers, Minot; 20. A.J. Zimmerman, Cleveland, Minn.; 21. Chris Hortness, Estevan, Sask. Modifieds – 1. Tom Berry, Newburg; 2. Matt Aukland, Glyndon, Minn.; 3. Justin O’Brien, West Union, Iowa; 4. Shawn Strand, Mandan; 5. Mike Hansen, Dickinson; 6. Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla.; 7. Tanner Black, Otis, Kan.; 8. Travis Hagen, McGregor; 9. Joel Rust, Grundy Center, Iowa; 10. Lucas Schott, Chatfield, Minn.; 11. Robert Hellebust, Minot; 12. Allen Kent, West Fargo; 13. Billy Kendall, Baxter, Minn.; 14. Casey Arneson, Fargo; 15. Kody Scholpp, Estevan, Sask.; 16. Brad Hartigan, Dickinson; 17. Jason Wolla, Ray; 18. Spencer Wilson, Minot; 19. Travis Olheiser, Dickinson; 20. Jarrett Carter, Lisbon; 21. Marcus Tomlinson, Turtle Lake; 22. Tyler Hall, Fertile, Minn.; 23. Jason Grimes, Jamestown; 24. Marlyn Seidler, Underwood; 25. Jacob Bleess, Chatfield, Minn.; 26. Ricky Thornton Jr., Adel, Iowa; 27. Hunter Marriott, Brookfield, Mo.; 28. Jeff Taylor, Cave City, Ark.; 29. Dylan Goplen, Fargo.  Local racers Matt Aukland and Jarrett Carter showed some muscle early on, battling for second as Berry lurked behind them. Berry drove in low and picked off Carter; Joel Rust was piloting his machine around the top side of the speedway around Berry for third when a caution reset the field.  Feature Results 2014 champion Dalton Flory finished third while Scott Gartner grabbed a solid fourth place finish and Matt Speckman rounded out the top five. Although unlucky in the Modified division, Ricky Thornton Jr. had more success in the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars. last_img read more

The Business of Building a ‘Building Business’ — Part 2

first_imgCheck the qualifications of any job applicantsKnowing what qualifications your bookkeeper should have and what role he or she should play in your organization is critical. A bookkeeper should be certified in the use of QuickBooks, or should be able to pass a QuickBooks exam. Moreover, a bookkeeper should be interviewed or recommended by your accountant, and should be able to pass a basic accounting exam. A candidate with experience in residential construction will have greater familiarity with your books than one who has a background in another industry, so that should be given due consideration.This professional can be a part-time or full-time employee, depending on the volume of work you have. In some cases you may be able to work out a creative arrangement with a professional bookkeeper to whom you can subcontract the work. Be cautious of this arrangement, however, as you, your estimators, superintendents, and office staff will all need lots of “face time” with your bookkeeper. Thus, make sure they have a physical presence in your office at least a couple of times a week. In my last blog, I recommended that we builders should try to build our office team much like we build our construction team. We should move as quickly as possible from doing all the work ourselves to hiring specialty employees and professional partners. (In the field we call them trade contractors). The benefits of doing this include:Greater specialization will lead to a higher quality of work, since no one individual is great at selling, estimating, website design, bookkeeping, legal work, and insurance administration.Having professional partners doing some of the administrative work gives us greater flexibility and cost savings in adjusting our staff size when business is slow.Having employees and professional partners doing administrative work instead of doing all of it ourselves enables us to accomplish a higher quantity of work. First, hire a bookkeeperI recommend that the first office chore that you outsource to a specialized employee or professional service is bookkeeping. Why? Because managing your money is the foundation of everything else you do. No matter how good you are at estimating, sales, marketing, or construction cost control, if you do not know how to manage your costs and profits, you will not enjoy the financial security your company needs to weather the ups and downs of this crazy industry.Once you have the tools in place to manage the financial aspects of your business, you can lay out a road map for securing the other important administrative specialists on your team. Note: putting bookkeeping ahead of others does not preclude you from hiring other specialists simultaneously; it is only recommended.Unless you have a particular talent, need, preference, or relationship with a given professional affecting who you hire first, I believe you should start with addressing your accounting needs first.center_img Meet with your bookkeeper regularlyAs the owner, you should sit down with your bookkeeper and accountant at least quarterly to review the agreed-upon financial reports. You should have formal meetings with your bookkeeper alone at least weekly.Once you have a rhythm, including timely reporting of your job costs, profitability, debt analysis, and cash flow forecasting, look at the balance of your administrative needs to determine the office duties that should hire out next. Whether these duties involve design, estimating, sales, or marketing will be determined by what you can afford, what you need, and what you no longer want to do yourself.last_img read more