Hage’s Million Dollar Estate Case Goes Back to Lower Court

first_imgThe Supreme Court of Liberia has granted the petition to overturn a ruling to exclude some properties and to audit millions of United States dollars collected from the estate of the Late Milad R. Hage, instructing the Monthly and Probate Court of Montserrado County to retry the matter.Initially, the lower court denied a motion to “Exclude Movants Properties from the Estate of the Late Milad R. Hage and to Order Audit of Mr. Bassam H. Jawhary Relating to the Estate” filed by Hage’s widow Oumou Sirleaf Hage, a Liberian and children against Jawhary, a Lebanese national.  However, reserving the lower court decision, the Supreme Court said there were several irregularities, errors, negligence and glaring misconduct committed in the interpretation of the Decedent Estate Law by the lower court.In their judgment, the High Court further declared that “Oumou Sirleaf Hage, widow of late Milad Hage, and her children’s lawyers were negligent and careless and did not adequately and effectively represent their interest.”“Accordingly,” the Highest Court added, “We believe that in order to serve the interest of transparent justice, equity demands that we remand this case to the trial court for further proceedings so that all of the parties are guaranteed full access to due process of law.”“Notwithstanding,” the High Court maintained in the judgment though “Oumou’s lawyers’ failure to comply with the requirements of the stature to have the case heard on regular appeal, was due solely to the negligent conduct of her lawyers. Such failure under the circumstances of the case should not deprive her of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Liberia.”The Supreme Court went ahead to instruct the Clerk of Court to order Judge Holder to resume jurisdiction over the matter by saying “Ordered  Jawhary to submit to the court a comprehensive inventory of the Hage Estates assets, as well as liabilities as required by the Decedent Estate Law.”Also, in the instruction, the Court mandated Mr.Jahwary to furnish a detailed statement on the status of the loan facility Hage has with the Ecobank and also audit Ecobank for the period in which proceeds of the estate were collected by the bank.Before Hage’s death, the deceased obtained a loan (loans) from Ecobank in Monrovia, and pledged properties as collateral to secure and guarantee the rental proceeds from the properties at Red Light to the bank to retire the loans.The High Court, among others, ordered Judge Holder to  “Ensure that Bassam Jawhary establishes an account in the name of the Hage Estate if  such account is not already established, into which all monies belonging to the Estate is deposited for the operation of this account shall be with the approval of the court.”It further stated, “Investigate the allegations of malpractices alleged to have been committed by Bassam Jawhary in his handling of the properties of the Hage Estate,  including the Estate funds.”According to the order, Judge Holder is to revoke Jawhary’s letter of Testamentary in the event that the investigation conducted pursuant to the above revealed that he has engaged in misconduct and mismanagement of the affairs of the Estate.“Determine whether or not the lease agreement executed by and between Oumou Sirleaf Hage and Milad R. Hage has expired in accordance with its terms and conditions, and in the event that said lease agreement is determined to have expired, return all properties covered by the lease agreement,” the order  further instructed.It also added, “Determine whether or not the properties covered by the lease agreement including properties owned by the  children of Milad Hage and Oumou Hage, and if so render void the lease agreement by and between her and Milad Hage, in so far as it covers and relates to the properties owned by said children.”The instruction went on to say, “Determine whether or not the conduct of Jawhary,  as relates to Oumou Sirleaf Hage, constitutes a disavowal of the Last  Will and Testament of Milad R. Hage, and if so, revoke his testamentary and remove him from his position as executor of the estate.”“Determine whether or not the disharmony between Jawhary and Oumou and the children necessitate an immediate closure of the Hage estate,” adding, “Given that this has been pending for a long time without final determination, the Monthly and Probate Court of  Montserrado County is  mandated to give it first priority handling.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Region 1 RDC says situation could lead to ‘crisis level’

first_imgInflux of Venezuelans…as Chairman calls emergency meeting with stakeholdersAs the number of Venezuelans coming here continues to increase, the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region One (Barima-Waini) called an emergency meeting involving all stakeholders to discuss ways in which they could address the plethora of issues they face.Regional Chairman Brethnol Ashley told Guyana Times that the meeting was held on Tuesday and involved the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, the Officer in Charge of the Police in the region, and other officials. They looked at ways of addressing the rise in criminal activities and possible health risks.Ashley had previously expressed worry over the fact that the region lacks resources to cater for the individuals who are seeking refuge there. The Chairman stressed on the lack of human resources, adding that shortages of drugs and other medical supplies continue to plague the region due to the increase in persons coming into the region.“The Government hasn’t intervened in the way we would want them to… that is to ensure that homesteads are constructed for the migrants, among other things,” Ashley stated, adding that the situation on the ground is larger than what has been reported and the region’s capacity to respond is limited.He said, “While it might seem as something not to worry about, it is something that concerns us because the large numbers of migrants that are here, currently pose a security and health threat. The regional office plans to visit some of the areas in which they are located.”According to Ashley, the RDC has received more complaints of these migrants getting involved in certain illegal activities and break and entering into business places. But the Regional Chairman said if that is not enough, citizens in the region have complained of being harmed and harassed by some migrants.But what the Regional Chairman is also worried about is the fact that these migrants pose a major health risk to residents in the region, asserting that sanitation and hygiene are very important. At present, the region is being affected by a dry spell, with most communities not being able to access potable water.“We worry that if these migrants are not placed in an environment where they are proper sanitary facilities and water, it could be a recipe disaster and possible health issues… I would want to say that if this is not addressed soon, it could become a crisis,” he told Guyana Times.Region One Chairman Brethnol AshleyBased on the discussions held between the officials of the RDC and the other stakeholders, several visits will be made to the villages and communities where these migrants are staying. Once an assessment is done, a report will be sent to Central Government with not only concerns but recommendations.On Wednesday, the Department of Public Information reported that 140 Venezuelan migrants arrived in Georgetown on the same day on the MV Barima, which departed from Kumaka. Citizenship Minister Winston Felix informed the DPI that the migrants were documented, immunised and taken to the Guyana Police Force’s Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown.It was also reported that of the total number of migrants, about 70 of them had connections, whether relatives, friends or acquaintances, in the city; into whose care those persons have since been released. An additional 66 who do not have any connection on the coast, remain at Eve Leary where they are being provided with meals.“We are seeking to source… long-term arrangements for them in terms of accommodation… but so far we are in control of the situation. We have assistance from the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and IOM (International Organisation for Migration) and we are managing the situation with their support,” Minister Felix said.Additionally, Spanish-speaking Guyanese are on hand to translate the needs of the Venezuelan migrants as well as their concerns to the relevant authorities.last_img read more