The health products website optimization and promotion

              in the production site before, the best in Shanghai and Google search under a direct competitor to the site, they can be analyzed, settles down the key words in the early. Look at what they are set in the key words, changing the keyword search is not the same search. After the keyword set, to carry out the planning of the overall framework of the website, the framework of health products website is relatively clear and simple, roughly divided into navigation, product background, product introduction, product function and related information, in the best case, plus the user comments section, the best conditions to build a forum for the exchange of user to do some interactive, free experience. There is the online ordering module (explained later). The framework set up to choose a good program, it is best not to make a separate page, so to later search engine optimization is very unfavorable. To choose a post system and pseudo static power or can generate HTML program, ASP, PHP, such as WordPress, is a very good free blog system, can transform it, the basic function can be realized, there is online ordering module that, if you are familiar with the PHP program it is best to write a, also not familiar with the Never mind, there is a wp-pay plugin which can provide online purchase function, love Shanghai search suggestions. read more

Whether the forum signature on the construction site outside the chain also need to do

1. in the chain construction site outside the chain have many character signature is just one kind of construction site outside the chain can start from many aspects such as blogs, classification of information network and so on.

website optimization to love forum posting replies, in order to make his own character signature can be displayed on the website, so if the post is search engine included that the character signature on the web site can exist as a chain. We now know that the forum signature is used to the construction site outside the chain, then why forum character signature chain construction method is now more and more attention, but instead slowly fade out of sight do website optimization. Here I think there are the following: read more

A5 marketing reminder recent love Shanghai to reduce right information with the official website of

from the user’s perspective, the user does not know which one will be the official business users want to access, which is more trustworthy? So the love of Shanghai was mainly for the enterprise website there are a number of "official" with information processing right down. In order to avoid such a situation, the author suggests that the enterprise will have representative enterprises website set into the official website, some other ancillary products, with the official website information website if the words suggest getting rid of, so it can avoid the possibility of being right down. read more

From the customer perspective of writing thinking

many people treat the Shanghai dragon, is from the other place for a pass, then pseudo original after put it on your website, it is actually very easy to let the user see drowsily. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the content of the article will increase with your articles, website weight increase, and the accumulation of these factors constantly ranking, even to the home page, this time, your this article Shanghai dragon is very likely to become a commercial copy to attract customers, so if you no intention to write, from the user point of view to write the words, it is likely that this article has lost most of the functions, such as Amoy K network has a others about the "plum garden Kaka KTV price list" article, published long ago, in the original Shanghai dragon the accumulation, and finally to the home page, but this article titled"…… The price list, but the content is not a price list, it looks like mood essays, hopefully this article left a phone number, a lot of people through the telephone consultation. read more

Novice how to write website diagnosis

The fourteen rule book site diagnosis report exchange siteHigh quality

"can not only give a link to other pages of an internal connection, but also can increase the spider crawling on their websites in time and depth, which means that your site may have included higher, after all not a spider crawling the web is not indexed by search engines.

internal connection construction, we all know that the anchor text pointing can improve the weight of a web page keywords, just like the Google bomb is a very good experience, even if the page is not relevant content, but there are a lot of high quality anchor text connection point, can also get high ranking the anchor text key words. Although Google has changed its this algorithm to avoid, but we still have reason to believe that the anchor text link can increase the relative weight of keywords. read more

How to use the station optimization to improve the site conversion rate

site keywords accuracy includes keyword setting accuracy and the accuracy of the contents of both. For example, a web site keywords with love Shanghai exactly match the standard, but because of the content and the title is not consistent, so that a search engine will also reduce your keywords ranking. Or a website set up a lot of words, each between keywords is not much contact, then any content on the outside users to search the keywords are as follows:

1. sites. We want to make users want to see things in the most prominent position, and then again on the site planning. In a conventional enterprise station as an example, you are the first to let customers see your product, so we should put our products on the most important position, what is the best way of contact, but also allows users to easily see. Love is such a Shanghai official website promotion, please see below: read more

Analysis of webmaster may not know the link to purchase malpractice

we know that add a chain, the weight increases the need for time, certainly is very easy to fall right but reduce a chain. So unless you can buy links long time, can bring the cumulative weight of the link, otherwise only The loss outweighs the gain.

so simple, we have come to buy links there is considerable disadvantages, so I didn’t suggest stationmaster to buy links, especially some financial weak grassroots webmaster to buy links. In fact, we can through the reasonable station group construction means to achieve the weight of their own website promotion, this way it seems if handled properly, it is a feasible way for the grassroots webmaster. read more

A web site for a long time development needs to do what Shanghai Longfeng work

optimization has become now a marketing strategy and the lowest cost effect is indispensable in the industry, one of the highest means of marketing, it can make the industry a rapidly changing market, can rapidly increase the attention of the crowd, to achieve a more people can pay more attention to this information for a purpose. I believe that many Shanghai dragon Er are all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization it involves is very extensive, it needs to continue to pay, continue to improve. Because we all know that the search engine with each update, the algorithm will have some changes, those after we successfully optimized site may even disappear in the standings after the search engine update. However, the author is a website today to share with you long development and is not afraid to change some of the search engine algorithm of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, hope to help you master. read more

Analysis what are the combination of key strategies

The content and the keyword

brand is its own brand, also can be other even rival brands. It is a well-known brand, can also be non brand models, here refers to the industry standards, models and specifications of special products of the technical parameters. The above is just an example, but not limited to these.

If the

on the site corresponding to each other and, in a sense that Shanghai dragon is established on the basis of the content of the page. When we determine the core of the web site keywords, it takes lots of relevant content to support the core keywords or other related long tail keywords, let search engines know this site is what to do, what is the core of this website. So how to combine these long tail keywords? Below Yang Zi from the following aspects to share with you the keyword combination method in Shanghai Longfeng site and how to customize and update the content through the combination of keywords. read more

Analysis Shanghai dragon Er where is the way


after Shanghai launched the love pomegranate algorithm and Scindapsus algorithm, Shanghai dragon Er Road has become difficult, many Shanghai dragon Er is full of worry and confusion in the future, Shanghai dragon Er is really a dead end? And we explore the pony today Shanghai dragon Er future.

when some of the Shanghai still love Shanghai Longfeng ER algorithm change concerns, please calm down and listen to the pony slowly said, Shanghai dragon is what to do? And outside the web site optimization, ppc. Why do we Shanghai dragon? Or inside and outside the website optimization, ppc. If we er Shanghai Longfeng has always been this thinking, then we have some chicken ribs. read more

Holiday surge word search potential two holiday special page making


B analysis:

A, home of the ten position, the way cattle accounted for three positions, love Shanghai three products (not considered), other sites have four, respectively Sina leisurely travel, tourism, tourism Lotour, the hornet’s nest, making thematic pages of the site has 4, only a leisurely travel a list of pages, and can be seen as the heart website ranking is in front.


Lotto Tourism: no classification, pure graphic recommendation, column classification according to the traditional classification, no unique, comprehensive layout, 4 screen read more

A5 marketing how to do the optimization of enterprise mobile phone website

site content resources

is developing the PC side of the site of the enterprise, the author suggests to do mobile phone website enterprise, after all mobile search is now very fire, intelligent mobile phone users are also very much, but most of the users have bid farewell to the PC side towards the mobile phone side, if the enterprise still hesitating may bring unnecessary losses to enterprise. If the owners intend to do mobile phone website or mobile phone website has been doing business, the author suggests to optimize in the optimization of mobile phone website, the various aspects of doing a good job, the only way to enhance the sustainable enterprise mobile phone website mobile phone station traffic, but also can obtain the long-term and stable development. read more

Baby do noble engineers Shanghai dragon also may not be able to do

people say Shanghai Longfeng do, do, die die. Some friends asked me, noble baby after the update, the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng how to do? Here’s my view.

big update algorithm in June 21st, caused a heated debate in the industry. The webmaster stand the forum discussed in this update. I have some friends to do foreign trade said in the QQ group, this change is indeed very large, many websites are K.

from the three search engine technology elite can roughly understand changes in some search engines, but this is obviously not completely solve the problem of what to do in Shanghai dragon. Here are some views of the network. read more

An example mapping 10 months website love Shanghai weight value 8



path design

for the site, if the home is a big map, then the channel page is a small map, visible inside chain strategy to form a powerful network. Enter the channel page can be found in the web page anchor link text are full of words, so, the distribution of keywords for users is very reasonable, how search engines will think that it is cheating, instead of "core keyword search engine that will increase the density, but not with the core content of related keywords, the the ranking is also very advantageous. But in the case of multiple keywords, and is very clear. The key number visible natural number one has super > read more

Adhere to the original update in the second sea is not a legend

fifth, to more than four, especially third to three months.

The word

is not a particularly difficult, difficult to do only one, is fifth:

station has more than three years, in the past three years can be summed up in the course of my head with a word: as a typical failure, are very successful. To do about seven or eight stations, is currently running the blog is There remained but a single one.. During this station host, theme, site layout structure changed numerous times, each is nothing, until recently realized the frequent replacement of the theme of the host and harm, the last three months is no longer on the theme of the site is updated, while optimizing the structure of the site, get rid of the wild drag JS and advertising effectiveness and share of resources, and then began to adhere to the original update, every day more than 2 pieces of pure original article, originally expected to persist for three months to see results, but it only made more than 20 days have effect, soon today issued an article, had found that included speed in seconds of the standard close to love Shanghai the. Above: read more

Discussion on the optimization of several Shanghai dragon in the implementation of the drawbacks

talked about the benefits and advantages of Shanghai dragon, naturally it is necessary to talk about the Shanghai dragon optimization points during the execution of the drawbacks.


for the optimization of keywords ranking: the search engine algorithm may not reveal to the public, otherwise it will be another figure of people to use, damage the environment of internet. At present, the popular Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the tutorial is Shanghai dragon predecessors after gradually find search engine habits, no official said, no optimization method completely correct Shanghai dragon. It is also because the search engine algorithm of uncertainty, so that the website of Shanghai dragon optimization keyword ranking cannot be determined in a certain position, only analysis of the degree of competition for targeted keywords can be raised to roughly estimate the keywords which a range of. When the search engine update algorithm, keywords ranking is also likely to "Moon" or "fall". read more

sh419 once again included taobao did not affect the survival of the TaoHow to make a personal websit

reprinted please indicate the source, this article from flying posture computer technology

some sites in the robots.txt set banned sh419 included, why did you also appear in sh419 search results,

through these we can predict that sh419 is not included and show details in the Taobao store, only included the home page, that is to say for sh419, Taobao store is a shell website without content, sh419 now so much, so I feel for many keywords, Taobao does not store and our guest to compete, because it has no content. read more

30 years to do auto retail boss AutoZone will be Amazon subversion itThunder Union to open the flow

Amazon January 2017 formally launched the auto retail business, which is the electricity supplier giants on the traditional industry giants in the auto retail industry challenges.

but competition will not just stay within, especially in the face of new entry.

automotive retail industry in the last 30 years of vigorous development, the birth of the four giants AutoZone, Advance, Auto, Parts, O’Reilly and NAPA. 120 billion dollars in market share, they split up 30%.

webmaster query tool tool.admin5 read more

What do you do well first Learn from elite entrepreneurship from mediocrity to excellenceOnline edu


B compared with love, follow the trend, see peer public number what is the function of copy, together with the needs of customers to sell products to customers, and to buy B generally has two kinds: one does not understand the WeChat marketing value, the two is cheap customers. Basically, customers who bought the products of the past could not have the tools to produce good value. Finally, second, constantly open up new customers, constantly selling low-priced products, a vicious circle. The number of customers will be able to make a deal so B Bijia, but few customers and renew cooperation again. read more

Way cattle CEO Yu Dunde entrepreneurship density win didn’t think of these 10 things before star

if you think of a company as a person, you can see the ability of the person through some indicators. Adding the company’s capacity index to the number is the company’s capacity index; the amount of time each person works adds up to the number of people, which is the company’s time index.

time density

It is very difficult for

4 – cash flow and profits are far more important than revenues,

in the modern industry, competition ability, competition time, to see who can realize the user needs in a shorter period of time, through the struggle to achieve fast, fast through to achieve the ultimate, ultimate realization by expanding market share. read more