Repair channels and blocking illegal channels in our province government debt funds safe and effecti

Our province according to combining guidance, repair channels and blocking illegal channels "ideas, starting from the construction of the system, the government debt management system management, performance supervision, comprehensive evaluation management system, deepen the reform of government debt management. In recent years, the construction of the core area of the Haedong removed to build the city of Xining Railway Station renovation, energy-saving renovation of existing building, school standardization construction project performance evaluation work involving debt, government debt of 6 billion 389 million yuan of funds, effectively regulate debt financing, project management, improve operation safety, the debt fund use benefit.

for precise control of debt risk, according to the evaluation index system of domestic and international common debt risk in our province, making the debt ratio, debt ratio, debt dependency monitoring index, each half of the levels of government debt scale tracking monitoring and risk warning, strictly from the tight control of high risk of debt; improve government debt notification system, summarize and analyze the statistics of the province’s government debt growth changes, provide a basis for decision-making leadership. On this basis, the implementation of the balance of quota management, strictly control the size of the debt will be issued at a higher level of debt limits; government debt will be included in the comprehensive management system of performance appraisal and evaluation results as an important basis for the state (county) leadership annual performance evaluation, financial departments according to the evaluation results for the following year budget and cash rewards.  
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Qinghai Grand Theatre in 2013 new year new year Haoxiliantai

in the new year at the end of the concert, Qinghai Grand Theatre, opera, ballet, children’s drama and a series of "play" together staged a month at home and abroad 4, 8 series of classical repertoire wonderful performances, as New Year gifts dedicated to the broad masses of the people.

according to the Qinghai Grand Theater of the person in charge, in December 30th, the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in 2013 New Year’s concert started the new year the first series. Has been established for over 60 years, one of the world famous symphony orchestra in Czech brought together a large number of classical and jazz musicians of the world’s most famous film Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra will carry multiple tracks on the first audience for having heard it many times at the theatre stage. The orchestra played by J Mei Natalie, Dvorak as the representative of the national works will be sent to the audience of the most sincere wishes for the new year. read more

The number of tourists visiting the summer highs

Reception of domestic and foreign tourists 5 million 763 thousand and 500 passengers, total tourism income of 5 billion 94 million yuan. In the first half of this year, the city’s tourism heat up again.

"white clouds floating in the blue sky, white clouds below the horse to run……" Cool summer is famous, the fairyland scenery attracts tens of thousands of tourists to enter the Qinghai, as the capital city of Xining has become a tourist destination. Reporters learned from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, in the first half of this year, the city received a total of 5 million 763 thousand and 500 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 12.61%, total tourism income of $5 billion 94 million, an increase of 25.23%. Among them, the reception overnight tourists 2 million 189 thousand passengers, an increase of 15.45%; a day tour of tourists, an increase of 10.94% passengers inbound tourists of 6663 passengers, an increase of 10.35%.   read more

Xining industry and Commerce in Yuanshan residents seized 4000 bags of counterfeit salt

January 17th, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers in Xining City Park Garden Hill Lane No. 35 residential rental room discovered a large number of counterfeit edible salt. The 2 is the fake accumulation in the cement floor of the salt spoon into the plastic packing bag.

, the reporter saw in the fake scene, has not finished packing industrial salt and preservatives piled up in the corner of a house, for a male and a female sub salt told reporters: they are husband and wife, was a man surnamed Ma hired, every day is to help Ma packaging raw salt, other things they are I do not know. On the other side of the corner number ten accumulation (each 50 kg) have packed raw salt, each packing bag and 50 pouch, the color was black in addition to salt, iodized salt washing powder the sale of counterfeit salt and pouch packaging packaging from almost Nanbian authenticity. After law enforcement officers on-site inventory, packed with a total of 4000 counterfeit salt pouch. read more

Water into the city Xining clear water through the city Sanchuan dream round

"to" 12th Five-Year "at the end of six, Xining Sanchuan bank will melt the characteristic landscape, ecology and economy as a whole, the building height of scattered, can reflect the ecological corridor has become one of the most beautiful Xining unique natural and cultural landscape." In January 20th, Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee responsible person told reporters that this year Xining will unswervingly push forward the Nanchuan River, Beichuan River and the Xichuan River comprehensive management, so that the water into the city "project to a new level. read more

Provincial Highway 302 to Fort Qilian road opened to traffic

10 1, after nearly a year of intense construction, a total length of 72.755 km, with a total investment of $1 billion 20 million to open the highway to the Qilian provincial highway. It was opened to traffic, the development of comprehensive transportation system in western province of coordination, has very important significance to Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tourism Resources development.

Bauer Qi highway is located in Qilian County in Haibei Prefecture, is horizontal layout scheme of Qinghai highway network planning six vertical and nine horizontal, twenty in part, but also the original highway 304 line upgrade renovation project. The starting point of the line in the town of Qilian, with the national highway 227 and the proposed Zhangye to Henan Expressway convergence; the end of the Qilian County, with the provincial highway 204 line and the planning of the highway to the convergence. Among them, the main line of 67.098 km, the city’s municipal road section of 2.8285 km, the design speed of 60 km per hour. read more

Xining recruit teachers quota increased by 9

June 22nd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Personnel Bureau, this year for the society to recruit teachers in Xining city and places increased by 9, and to ensure fair, Xining city also specially formulated measures to further improve the recruitment of each link.

it is understood that the New South Hua experimental school increased 9 places, to participate in the open recruitment of the total number increased from the original 83 people set to 92 people, involving 25 schools, 26 professional. It is reported that the recruitment principle of recruitment, recruitment, examination subjects and methods, performance calculation methods are the same as last year. In order to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of candidates this year, Xining city has also introduced five new measures: one is in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the plan, making the audit organization, division of labor, work flow and other aspects detailed and clear; the two is by the employing units and personnel departments jointly review the candidates qualifications, the relaxation of some the three is to determine the specific standards; three review of education, teacher qualification certificate, identity card, which is based on the registration trial, before the interview, to be hired before the trial, to review the original classification before the expiry of the assessment, to ensure the authenticity of the certificate; four is to increase the two months of follow-up period of assessment the personnel to be hired, through the examination and elimination of examination of the ability but lack of actual work ability; five is the education department to sign letters of responsibility assessment interviews with the employer, to ensure the fair interview assessment Of. read more

Qinghai birth population quality improved significantly

Investment 7 billion 500 million, which lasted for about 9 years, in order to protect the ecological environment of Sanjiang Province, our province has implemented a series of effective protection measures, black soil beach management, returning farmland to forest, soil and water conservation, desertification control…… After 9 years of arduous ecological construction of the people of Qinghai, the ecological environment in the source area of Sanjiang has been improved.

in "61" the international children’s Day is approaching, May 21st, the Provincial Health Planning Commission to the provincial capital of the news media to inform the health status of children in the province in 2014. Among them, the province through the implementation of related projects, reduce birth defects, neonatal phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, hospital monitoring the incidence of birth defects from 2010 to 2014 99.52/ million, 77.80/ million people; monitoring the incidence of birth defects by 88.43/ million in 2010, dropped to 81.26/ million in 2014. The quality of the birth population has been significantly improved. read more

The city’s primary and secondary schools my Chinese dream start

In April 10th, primary and secondary schools in Xining city China my dream "activities started in 54 primary school, aims at combining our ideological and moral construction of minors," Chinese dream "as a powerful driving force to stimulate the city’s primary and secondary students aspiring to serve the motherland the dreams of youth, to guide each child to establish a correct outlook on life and values and the ideal of life. It is reported that the city since last April launched "China dream · my youth dream" theme education activities over the past year, the majority of the city’s primary and secondary school students through the viewing histories, pictures, reading, writing and to participate in various activities, have a profound understanding of the relationship between "Chinese dream and reality, historical heritage the age and the connotation of" Chinese dream "has a thorough understanding, and can consciously personal ideals and dreams together, the national personal value and social value together. The reporter learned through interviews, at present, our school for children "China dream" education is rich and colorful, 54 primary school children All flowers bloom together., and dream of the impressive results, sumikawa primary school children fly kites flying through personal ideals, the tiger Taiwan primary school children will own "Chinese dream" written into the composition the children in the village primary school, the international classic reading to feel the greatness of the backbone of the Chinese nation…… Schools around the "Chinese dream" for the children to carry out the ideal of life education, is the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.   read more

The focus of the 2015 Lake Race more than 3500 police officers to escort Xining criterium

Five meters a person, the first step of the ten. In July 5th the "Lake Race" on stage, the audience in addition to all players, see the most is estimated along the officers on the. "The game" Xining criterium on the same day, Xining city has dispatched more than 3500 police officers, to protect the safety work, escort for the event.

the "Lake Race" scale, personnel, security lines long, arduous task. Xining criterium as tournament opener, security is the priority among priorities. In order to ensure the opener was successfully held in our province public security departments in accordance with the safety guarantee smoothly, smooth road overall objectives, early start, an hour ahead of traffic control, "hard and soft" isolation together, and part of the implementation of the road pavement control, both to protect the people travel, also ensure the order of events.

, "Lake Race" period, our province will be dispatched more than 30000 police officers, for the entire event escort. From the beginning of June, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the total lead, all localities to actively implement measures to come up with solutions, primarily, security risk assessment plan, emergency plan clear responsibility task, the event route also repeated through field investigation, and according to the actual deployment of police. At the same time, held a three provincial police coordination, three linkage, for the lake race to provide a safe and effective order of the game. read more

Xining Economic Commission 38 activities brilliant

With the deepening of chuangxianzhengyou activities, to celebrate the three

with chuangxianzhengyou activity continued to deepen, to celebrate the women’s Day is coming, we create a grand festival atmosphere, fully show the women’s style, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) held in March 7th 38 to celebrate International Women’s Day series of activities, the Commission and the relevant enterprises of women representatives of nearly 100 people participated in the event. read more

The new tourism law the implementation of the provincial swim province tour price double down

in October 1st, after the implementation of the new "tourism law", the province tour price subdued, outbound travel out of the province, but prices rose sharply. More than a month later, although the outbound travel offer is still flat before and after the eleven holiday, but the province tour prices have been lower, the province received the offer is also more than the same period during the holiday season and the decline of around eleven.

at present, travel out of the province, Hainan, Yunnan, Xiamen, Chongqing, the four lines of the heat, due to the off-season fare, the fare, price factors, these few lines offer lower than most of the season, taking Kunming as an example, summer travel offer for 4000 yuan, more high-end "four fly lines offer has dropped to 3000 yuan. Hainan travel prices also fell from eleven yuan during the holiday period of more than 4000 yuan to about $3500. The industry believes that the biggest reason for the price drop is room, ticket prices dropped considerably, but due to the implementation of the new "tourism law" after the tourist shopping service leads to strictly control costs, so this winter travel out of the province during the summer of eleven and although the price than the holiday is low, but compared with the same period last year, the actual increase in. read more

Since October 1st the implementation of the new regulations Xining urban construction vehicles are

reporter from the Xining City Administration Bureau, Xining will standardize the construction waste transportation market, in October 1st this year, all engaged in construction waste transport vehicles must be closed without modification, the closed vehicle is not allowed in Xining city transport construction waste.

everywhere scattered construction waste not only affect the appearance, but also increased the intensity of the sanitation workers. Xining regulations, engaged in the construction of garbage disposal units should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the Xining municipal administrative law enforcement bureau for the issuance of construction waste disposal permit. Units and operators that have not obtained the permit for transport of construction waste shall not engage in the construction waste disposal. Made of construction waste transport and disposal of qualified enterprises, by joining the way, will apply for individual vehicles in the transport of construction waste into the enterprise unified management, implementation and modification of closed join vehicle. read more

The province’s economic protection of wolfberry forest insurance amount increased to 1000 yuan

recently, the provincial forestry department, the Provincial Department of Finance and Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Qinghai on the basis of full investigation, considering the cost and risk of demand of Chinese wolfberry, in 2016 the province’s implementation of the forest comprehensive insurance scheme, the insurance amount of Chinese wolfberry forest from 800 yuan to 1000 yuan, the amount of risk protection to improve the original 1.25 times, Chinese wolfberry forest growers further meet the demand for the risk protection. read more

Students around the lake race August passion start

July 30th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Sports Bureau, in 2015 the fifth session of the China sports lottery cup around the Qinghai Lake College Road Cycling Race, will be held from August 8th to 10. At that time, there will be 107 college athletes participating in the competition of passion and speed in the 18 universities.
"the purpose is to make students around the race around the matches of the architecture is more abundant, in order to attract more groups to participate in cycling." The competition sports bureau province responsible person summed up the previous students around the race said that at present, students around the race held indeed attracted a large number of college students from across the country to participate, at the same time, many sponsors also entered the University team, which also shows that the students around the race are advancing to the brand competition, slowly on the a virtuous cycle.
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Qinghai provincial Trade Union Congress held in Xining Suning presided over and spoke

held in July 17th in Qinghai Province trade union representatives meeting, elected the province to attend the sixteen representatives of China’s trade unions, the top 20. Provincial Standing Committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Su Ning presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

China Federation of trade unions will be held in Beijing in the second half of sixteen, which is an important meeting held in the new historical starting point of China’s trade unions, but also a major event in the political life of hundreds of millions of workers. Su Ning I hope to attend the conference Fellow Deputies know highly, the courage to play, to perform their duties, to open the meeting, conscientiously fulfill the glorious duty of trade unions China sixteen representatives, demonstrating our province million workers era style and new style, not to live up to the trust, not to live up to the provincial Party Committee on behalf of all employees and the general trust. read more

Unswervingly take the road of innovation driven development

has just concluded the twelve session of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, thoroughly implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the deployment of our province technology innovation work, considered the "Qinghai province implementation of the" national innovation driven development strategy to "plan" outline, considered and adopted the "CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee the work rules", the arrangements for the deployment of the current focus of the work. Now, in front of us, an important task is to seriously study and implement the spirit of the plenary session, and earnestly put the idea of the provincial Party committee to make a major decision, the power of cohesion to the provincial Party committee’s major deployment. read more

The twelve round of the provincial Party committee’s ninth round of inspections mobilization will re

7 14, 2009, the provincial Party committee held a round of inspections mobilization meeting will be held in ninth. Provincial Party committee, commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial inspection team leader Dorje Geltan speech. Provincial Standing Committee, organization minister, deputy head of the provincial inspection team leader Hu Changsheng presided over.

Dorje Geltan pointed out, to firmly establish the "Four Consciousness", a firm political direction, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to the value orientation, focusing closely, deepen political inspection, tries to find the weakening, the leadership of the party construction of the party, lack of comprehensive strictly ineffective, better play the role of sword weapon inspection. read more

Qinghai province people’s report involving terrorism involving violence clues incentives Amendment

6 month 29 days, reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau held on violent terrorist activities to report the implementation of reward informed news briefing, according to the "Qinghai province masses involved in terrorism related violence clues incentives (Amendment)", our province will of the masses and are using the public security organs involved in terrorism related violence clues, grade according to the evaluation of its role and effect, masses involved in terrorism related violence clues highest award 500 thousand yuan (especially for important clues from the reward amount limit), the incentives to implement since June 20th. read more